Gave the child a toy, get rid of the one in which he doesn’t play

The last week before the New year – it’s time to clean house. Photographer Tatiana Berestova tells how easy it is to raschlenitel apartment on the eve of the holiday.


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Tatiana Berestova

The last days before the New year – it’s time to part with unnecessary things, restore order in the house and in my head and make room for something new. Raschlenenie is always a way to change and fulfillment of desires.

When you move about in your house I’m Japanese women Marie Condo, which consists of two stages:

  • getting rid of excess;
  • organization of storage of the right things.

Rid of excess

The first step is to divide things in categories (clothes, books, toys, cosmetics, documents, etc.) and consistently restore order in each of these categories.

When raschlenenie it is important to take everything one category from the cabinets and put them in a big pile. Every thing need to hold in your hand and think, does it give joy, will you use it again. If the thing you are not happy, if she’s been lying on a shelf and you don’t wear or don’t use, safely set it aside.

Do not leave items that you do not use, only because of the thought “what if useful,”. Never had to use it before that, so in the future don’t need that. Better to give it to someone who really needs it.

Gather in packs or boxes the things that you put off, and think about where to attach them.

Clothes can:

  • to sell on “Craigslist”;
  • give friends/friends, to those who need;
  • to put it in the garbage, there will be taken;
  • to bring them to shelter or to give to charity;
  • submit for processing.


  • attributed to the library;
  • pass the trash;
  • to Park in the driveway;
  • to give friends/acquaintances;
  • sell/give to “Avito” or “Julia”.

Similarly with other items. Do not have to throw away, there are many options where to put extra stuff.

Important: to take to the cottage – a bad option. In fact, you leave these things to himself, only to change their locations. Of your life they will not go, and hence change do not wait.

Organize proper storage

When the drawers and cabinets will be dismantled, comes the second stage: organization the right storage for the right things. This will help dividers for shelves, containers and boxes. Clothes conveniently stored vertically in drawers. It is easier to maintain order, and she will always be in sight. Store documents in a clear signed files, so you will always be able to quickly find the desired paper.

Bulk foods in the kitchen put in the same jars with lids, vegetable oil pour into a pretty bottle.

For toys storage, use baskets or wooden boxes. Sort games by categories and store them separately. LEGO in a box or container, puzzles and card games in zip packages.

If every item in your home will be your place, you’ll be able to maintain order.

Important: do not accumulate things. As a rule of thumb – one thing came the other one went. Bought new clothes, get rid of the old one. Gave the child a toy, look for one in which he does not play, and give it to another. Regularly discard old, damaged and unusable things.

If you put a little effort and plead your apartment, then in the new year you will receive:

  • clean house, freed from mountains of unnecessary things;
  • clear thoughts, you will become more comfortable and easier;
  • new features – you will see how your life will change, and the desire will be fulfilled.

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