Georgian Patriarch Ilia II said that the decision on the legalization of marijuana “hostile to the nation”


The Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II called “a big mistake” the decision of the constitutional court on the legalization of marijuana. The Patriarch first stated his position on this issue during Sunday sermon August 5, according to “Blagovest-info” with reference to “Novosti-Georgia”.

On July 30 the constitutional court of Georgia abolished the civil penalties for marijuana use — a fine in the amount of 500 lari (over $ 200). After consideration of the claim of the ultra-liberal party “Hirci” the court recognized that Smoking cannabis relates to the field of the free development of the personality, and the state cannot limit this right. In November last year the constitutional court also cancelled criminal punishment for Smoking marijuana.

“In the last days the Georgian public is in an anxious state, this concern is due to the fact that the authorities allowed to take drugs, marijuana. This is a big mistake. We must remember that drug use does not stop at the same level. Over time, human nature asks more hard drugs, and walk on the path of addiction can’t stop myself. Don’t forget that permission for the use of drugs is a manifestation of hostility towards the Georgian nation”, — said Ilia II.

The Patriarch is confident that the constitutional court judges did not agree on the legalization of marijuana, but “the impact was so great that they had to take this decision.”

“We must not forget that legalizing the drugs that we say and trafficking, and drug production. This leads to the fact that of the neighboring countries will come to life fallen out of mainstream youth, and Georgia formed the center of consumption and sale of drugs,” warns the Patriarch of the Georgian

Ilia II also urged the government, the intelligentsia and young people “to take care of their homeland” and to “prevent lawlessness.”

“Remember that those who have tried drugs have already started to fall… do Not ruin our children, do not let this lawlessness. May God grant you strength and wisdom” — with these words in conclusion of the sermon addressed the Primate of the Georgian Orthodox Church to the authorities.

The constitutional court legalized the use of marijuana. According to the court decision, in the case of illegal acquisition and storage of the punishment remains in force. If it’s up to 5 grams of dried marijuana and 10 grams of raw, the law provides for an administrative fine of gel 500. If we are talking about marijuana in large quantities, then the police opened a criminal case. While imprisonment does not apply if the person is kept or acquired to 70 grams of dry and 100 grams of raw marijuana.

Implementation of drugs, including marijuana, is still considered to be in Georgia one of the most serious crimes and punishable by imprisonment.

With the blessing of Metropolitan of Batumi and Lazeti Dimitry (shiolashvili), 6 August at 16:00 in Batumi in front of the constitutional court held a peaceful demonstration, reports Georgia online. According to information released by the diocese on Facebook, there will be a prayer service will be voiced call to the authorities to take action in connection with the decision of the constitutional court on the legalization of marijuana.

“30 July, the constitutional court took a decision against the state and opened our children the road to hell. This decision is doubly disastrous for the Georgian nation, as under the influence of drugs and drug addicts are people not be able to run the country, teach children, heal the sick, etc.

In addition, the “stoned” cannabis consumers will not be able to be full-fledged parents, which will lead to the degradation and destruction of the nation! We failed to prevent the consumption of our children cannabis when operated a strict law, and will certainly not be able to resist the destruction of the person entering into the life of boys and girls today, we will find ourselves powerless, we lose the opportunity to take any measures to ensure that our children have escaped this poison! We therefore unite in their quest to save our future,” – said in a statement issued Batumi and Lazeti eparchy of the GOC.

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