“Girl in a sandalik”: why the story of the Orthodox monastery orphanage slavery is fake

In social networks actively repost the entry Ania Dorn Orthodox-monastery orphan slavery: according to the author, recently her friends found emaciated girl tortured in some kind of “Orthodox monastery” shelter. Can you believe this post and what are the traits of fake it has understand.

On 6 September, the author has promised to publicly tell the story of “o “Orthodox monastery” guardianship (orphan slavery in the 21st century) – from the fact that you no journalist will tell you – and not because they are bad, but because the invincible, untouchable system just for such a material in a powder will erase”. We published this story, to not be afraid, and invite you to think about.

“Barents, Karelia, Solovki and Valaam”

1. “[promised yesterday, the story of the Orthodox monastery orphanage slavery in the 21st century]

Over the past two months with the Barents sea, has returned three of me friendly private car travel-expedition”.

There is not a specific indication of the source of information: three of the expedition with an unknown composition, the author of the post even says “my friends” – that is, it is not known how close acquaintance with the participants of the incident. There is no indication of the time of the incident, only the “last two months”.

2. “And where the Barents, there Karelia, Solovki, Valaam, Petrozavodsk with the surroundings, of course.”

Immediately eroded a specific scene. The panel further found emaciated, tortured child, but where – is unknown – in Karelia, Solovki or Balaam?

3. “And, in fact, all three talk about the dominance of the local monasteries (prohibitions, levies, crazy prices on everything they reached the priest’s legs, dissent with the local population due to screwing all the local businesses, etc.)”.

A blurred negative. First, I wonder what went for a tour group to Solovki and Valaam, so if you hate monasteries. Well, let’s say, a nature show. No specifics on what crazy prices, bans which whom they oppress. So well to understand the problems of the local population…

“In a long white dress and one sandal”

4. But one group of travelers brought the story out of the ordinary…”

Again it is unclear what this group, what stands out from the other three, what does the author of the text.

5. “…later tonight guys (well, as “guys” – over 45 of them) picked up on the road the girl looks about 12 in long white cotton dress, a headscarf and one sandals. The child was scared, was afraid to sit in the car (although it was not only men, but women – absolutely civilized form) and tell them what happened to him”.

Manipulation – why the child should not have to be afraid of strangers on the road who persistently invited him to the jeep as it needs to determine that women “civilized”? And white dress – not the most practical clothes for slave labor, which is described below. Thin and cotton – probably an allusion to the fact that the girl was supposed to be in a parka and wool hat. But 2 months ago was the beginning of July.

6. “But since the male half of the crew no one on the confluence of vital circumstances has the unique professional skills of the negotiators, davulcu still managed to pack in the jeep and talk.

It turned out that she is an orphan, she’s 16, not 12, and is exhausted orphanage child had a few years ago the “luck” to fall into the hands of the Orthodox monastic guardians. As it became clear from her story, taking the last of children 10-12 years old, from boarding schools and orphanages, as individuals, 5-8-10 pieces. The documents are processed through the courts (how? – I don’t know, somehow – despite the fact that they are “guardians lone”, and try to get custody, at least on one child alone)”.

Tortured girl level 3 class (it says below) were so well aware of the fact that the mysterious “they,” “guardians lone” (which, incidentally, means this phrase? not couples? Such adoption in Russia is allowed, and stories enough) and how they draw up the documents (“in court”)?

“Beat their sticks – this is a direct quote”

7. “At school, these children don’t learn: the knowledge of this 16-year-old girls meet the level of about 3rd grade. They are trained at home teachers that come to make examinations, out of the room, and jobs for children wrote “mother” (with “mother”-that, rightly so, if she ask to come? – what the hell kind of insult to the Shrine and Holy feelings). In the presence of any small-town official commissions frightened children lie, that they all perfectly. And in fact, is “perfectly” as follows…”

Here begins almost verbatim retelling of the scandal with the adoptive parents in Moseytsevo. In particular, the level of knowledge of children the author and left “at the level 3 class” – and it is unclear who this level were evaluated. A group of tourists in the car? The situation with the “exams” that says “mother” and commissions, all of which lie entirely copied from the history Moseytsevo.

8. Raise them either at the crack of dawn is rotten in the garden and yard, or to clean a fish, standing in the lake, and before three o’clock in the night they bow to the God. They are beaten for any fault sticks “up sticks” (“their sticks”! – this is a direct quote: every child has a personal weapon of execution, signed by his name); judging by their appearance, girls they do not finish feeding (receiving for each of them from the state 15,000 per month), and all the products of slave labor are sold very faithful at exorbitant prices.

Signed stick and executions – are all taken from a scandal in Moseytsevo, it is also the only quote in the text. As well as job descriptions (all as one, in white dresses stand in the lake) and bows until 3am, and marketing the products of slave labor. Where the girl knows the amount you get guardians and at what price they sell the products? “At exorbitant prices” – a comparison that is, at the level of knowledge 3 class child is familiar with the concept of cost and is able to assess how many are the products of their production, and how much more expensive they sell.

9. “Hygiene is good: washing and Laundry once a week, and if soiled before that time, again beating.

Children periodically run away, but they return – and for every attempt to escape, they receive 20 strokes of the cane on the backs.

With the medical care of these orphans too, everything is fine: the girl in 16 years (sorry for the bluntness of presentation, but somehow I don’t feel ethical reverence) there has never been monthly, but no one took her to a specialized doctor.”

How a group of tourists found that the girl has no period? But if they have never been, it is unlikely that the child would come to mind suddenly to talk about that night, in the car, strangers. Such hygienic and intimate details of the health of girls also described the scandal with the shelter in Moseytsevo.

“Without an apartment in priest’s wife”

10. “And the divine happens to these children at the time of their full age of majority – when the state allocates to them an apartment or room. They are in the presence of operons officially receive housing, painted in some statements, and then “voluntarily” convey it to the property of the Church. Their documents are on hand, of course, not receive – they do not give their passport (and on the practice of seizure and retention of documents I have heard before from another friend of mine who quite harshly scratched from convent 28-year-old “servant of God”, there subjected to beatings and humiliation, but with adults the situation is much more legally-resolvable)”.

How this information about the insidious scheme was received on the road from 16-year-old child with 12-year-old and education level 3 class?

Supernumerary case about cruel treatment of orphans in the orphanage they have organized in Moseytsevo

11. “And then them Shine only half the road: the monastery permanently or (for girls), if you’re lucky, in the priests ‘ wives.

Happiness that at least they don’t rape sexually (of course, I was asked, and in such a situation it was possible to avoid this issue?)”.

Priest’s wives also do not give the documents? How, then register the marriage? And the author is so naive that he believes that this alleged “evil priest”, tenacious, prosperous, rowing shovel money, desperately need happiness in the form of uneducated exhausted wife girls with no signs of ripening?

That is, in the assumptions we are right on the road on a dark night, a group of tourists, his life scared to death a girl in a jeep, instead of having to take her to the police, gave her uniform questioning, including about the intimate areas of her life?

Next, the girl said that she wasn’t raped, and after this nightmare believed her word without checking – in a certain orphanage where beaten, not fed, take the apartment and give forcibly in marriage, done without sexual violence? Some gullible travelers. Later they, apparently, haven’t even taken the examination for reliably determining this fact – it was clear on a white dress.

12. “…when the guys rode a few km from the place where they found the girl, they – for the first time in the nearly four – week expedition stopped on the road, the guards with the unambiguous question: “Who do you have in the car?” – however, after opening the pension certificate of the driver lying in documentsize together with the rights and other autonomically, somewhat effaced, and yet not daring to contact the person who can prove they do not regional teeth, satisfied with the answer: “My wife and I!”.

This is an allusion to what? That the girl the police were looking for at the request of the guardians? That police tied to this unknown monastery orphanage? That the author has the familiar “cones”, which, however, somehow did not dare to contact the local police and the “Church mafia”, and chose to hide the child in the car?

Pay attention to the fact that on the trail of an underage girl is lost completely. Where she reported about it in law enforcement, even different region, to the Prosecutor, whether she was examined by a doctor, do the treatment, what is it now who’s screwing her? The author is unknown, to find a homeless child and to conceal his location against the law? Or its regional friends are able to circumvent this unfortunate circumstance?

“Please break down for me system”

13. “…despite the fact that I promised myself not to get involved more in Russia in any of the stories “the rescue of drowning”, I’m going probably on Sunday, have a chat over a Cup of coffee tete-a-tete with one right, major-General, if he is not on a business trip (this and three more of the same – who I still can talk directly, honestly and without disgust to their existing titles – what I call the “last of the Mohicans”, but they are not Almighty)”.

Second time in the last 8 years and this year I’m ready to ask the human system to break the system for me (and again for orphans – apparently, my sense of justice is the cornerstone) – even if in a small way…don’t know what will come of this. I think that this time, unlike the previous one, globally – nothing. But, maybe, the life of even one child or more…”

Further, the author continues to “Flex muscles” and familiarity with the various generals and their past achievements in terms of saving people from the system, but not very clear in whose hands now saving the girl. After all, the author witnessed the incident is, the generals should contact the people who allegedly rescued the child on the road – where they are, what happened? Described the facts of the crime, why hide them?

14.“…damn. If you knew what a terrible, quiet, and cold-blooded fury I’m already the second day after listening. I do not remember when I last time as was torn (already small shakes)… to Go into even a very local fight with the clergy at present is insane.

But if not to go, then how to live with what you know, but even with some specific features (at least to be some reason listened to), nothing has tried to do – except that you are not affected?.. You could then sleep? – Do you know? I do not know.”

And yet I’m afraid. I’m afraid for the first time in a frankly hopeless situation to hear that it is impossible to do nothing. It was bound to happen – and I always understood – but even with all the sanity I can not say that internally ready for this: I have not used and do not know how to lose “drowning”, if it is at all useful to save them…”

It is unclear what exactly you are trying to do author for the sake of the child, in addition to thinking about the hopeless situation and waved their important acquaintances, the effectiveness of which is not hopeful.

As for “fighting the Church” – because, while no obvious evidence of the involvement of the Church to describe the situation there (recall that does not describe the time, place, circumstances of the incident, no name of the monastery, names of people who found the girl, as the girl herself did not mention any specific names of participants in torture, whether there was it priests or just people who call themselves Orthodox – although that is, instead of enumerating the documents that in 18 years, allegedly signed by the students, she just might call), no medical reports about the child’s condition is not clear, with whom to fight. The author, tell us!

15. “Gonna sound weird, but in practice, to claw someone to death is easier than a similar system – there’s at least clear what, how and with whom to do: just push and categorically believe in the goal and the means, and “coming with you” also believe in them and in you, and still it is the will of the Universe worked.

And here – the goal is, but the possibilities…and mechanism of action from beginning to end – an objective (de jure) is not present, unlike the technologies of self “the dark side” in such a situation. I do not see that the armor gaps, I see…well, sit head scratching, brain is melted…

…but, you know, if you – still or already Orthodox believers (and I’m still insulted by your reverent Christian feelings as much as jivopisnaya story insulted my human), consider at leisure what the difference between “slaves of God” and “his children”. Suddenly will understand.”

We understand and are willing to provide the author and the real witnesses for further clarification of the situation, and to help with treatment in law enforcement and the requirement of the internal investigation, if there is the slightest probability of that the story happened really.

But remember that material that is:

– a reliable source

– indications of place, time, specific names of participants of events

– contact and more information

– indicates that the problem is not dealt the authorities for unclear reasons

– does not contain any quotations which it would be possible to clarify the speaker

– containing baseless accusations

– contains grisly details

– insignificant details, causing pity (white dress, one sandalik)

– the author of the material is not credible (see the search for “Who is Anna Dorn”)

collected all the signs of a FAKE and can not be considered reliable.

Be careful and cautious.


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