Topic “Global monitoring”: the British authorities refused the family the right to treatment of the child; a U.S. Senator has joined the fight for the release of a prisoner in Turkey, pastor Andrew Branson; around the world have been meeting in memory of one and a half million Armenians killed in the genocide.

A British court refused to allow Alfie Evans, a child suffering from an unknown brain disease, to leave the country for treatment.

On Monday, the hospital disconnected the baby from life support against the wishes of his parents. But then the child has defied all expectations, continuing to breathe on his own. Italian authorities have offered Alfie citizenship and treatment in a hospital in Rome. But Britain denied him the right to travel abroad. 5 days later the baby died.

“This would not have happened in the United States, because the American court requires the parents to educate their children, says Lynne Marie KOhm, Professor of family law, Therefore, by law, parents have an obligation to do what is in the best interests of children. In the UK, such rules do not exist!.

Dr. Kom urges people to pray for the family of baby Alfie.

Senator Tom Tillis from North Carolina has strengthened the struggle for the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson, who remains in a Turkish prison.

Last week, Tillis went to Turkey on the judgment of Branson. Now he returned to the United States and collects legislators to sign a letter to the Turkish government calling for the release of the pastor.

“I specifically went there to look the pastor in the eye, see the eyes of the judges, to look into the eyes of prison guards, and I am convinced that this is a risky thing for any American. Each of you must put yourself in the place of the pastor Brunson and try to convey to people what is happening there,” says Tom Tillis, Republican Senator from North Carolina.

The trial of pastor Brunson will resume in may.

People around the world held a meeting in memory of one and a half million Armenians killed during the genocide, more than a hundred years ago.

April 24 — Day of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian genocide. On this day in 1915 the Ottoman Empire began one of the most massive in the history of the world campaign for the destruction of a particular ethnic group. Armenians, many of whom were Christians, were killed by hunger, were abused, were killed or forced to leave their homeland.
Although Turkey denies this genocide, he was already recognized by 20 countries, including Russia, Germany and Canada.

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