Introducing our topic “Global monitoring”. We monitor religious freedom in countries around the world, and today we present the facts of oppression of religious freedom in China, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Cuba and the middle East.

One Chinese missionary thrown in jail for seven years because the Bible was transported from China to Myanmar on a makeshift boat. Chinese agents arrested John Cao in March 2017. In recent years, he has made 11 mission trips to Myanmar. This pastor is a permanent resident of the United States and his family lives in North Carolina.

We recently talked to his son, who pleads for his release the father.

“We hope that Chinese authorities will show mercy and release my father immediately and unconditionally. Of course, we understand that the result of the trial, the father was sentenced to seven years in prison. But we hope that in the result the appeals and with some assistance from the government of the United States, Chinese authorities will release him unconditionally at the conclusion of the appeal process,” says Ben Cao.

We ask you to pray for the release of pastor Tsao. The State Department expressed deep concern about his condition and insist that the Chinese authorities released him.

Nearly two thousand Christians Kachin are trapped in the jungles of Myanmar, where fighting between government troops and rebel forces. According to one Baptist leader, these people face shortages of food and water. In addition, they do not have enough medicine for the sick and wounded.

Kachina is a national minority in Myanmar. For decades they struggled with the authorities for their autonomy. About a hundred of thousands of Kachin have been displaced from their homes since then, in 2011, they broke out fighting.

Carried out on Sunday, “the Islamic state” a terrorist attack against Christians in Quetta, Pakistan, shocked the local Christian community. When the congregation left the service, the motorcycles arrived, the militants and opened fire. According to witnesses, they heard the terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar!”. They managed to escape. According to one Christian leader, Pakistan has never been more dangerous for non-Muslims than it is now.

“This country is engulfed in Islamist ideology — says one of the Christian leaders (of Pakistan). — I don’t think that their way of thinking can change, except that only under the influence of some very tough international sanctions. Pray for safety and peace for Christians and other minorities in Pakistan. At the moment I believe that Pakistan has never been more dangerous for non-Muslims than it is now.

And, unfortunately, the violence continues. At Easter, four members of one Christian family were killed by Islamists in the same town Quetta.

The people of India, join mass protests because of the “epidemic” of rape, which one famous person called “a national catastrophe.” The protests started when it became known about the rape and murder of two girls. One was eight and the other about ten. Now celebrities, businessmen and public figures rallied, demanding justice.

Recently about this violent trend we talked with a Christian servant Joseph D Souza. He runs a Ministry that helps women and girls who were victims of sexual violence and the slave trade in India.

“I am ashamed that rapes the hand and generally the rise of violence against women. There is a fundamental problem in the mentality of men in India. It is associated with our culture. This is due to the caste and religious background. The fact that women are considered second-class citizens compared to men. There is blatant inequality and discrimination,” he said.

The arrival of a new leader might mean a change of religious freedom for the growing Church in Cuba. Miguel Diaz-Kanel ‘ was elected Chairman of the Council of State of Cuba, succeeding Raul Castro. In recent years, due to the greater religious freedom, began to grow Cuban house churches, and that island nation began a spiritual revival. Church leaders in Cuba asked Christians to pray and keep a cautious optimism.

Former Congressman Frank wolf believes that the Church should not remain silent about the ongoing global persecution of Christians. He is particularly concerned about the reduction in the number of Christians in the middle East since the war began in Iraq in 2003.

“Before the war in Iraq there were a million and a half Christians. Now only 250 thousand. Why is the Church in the West comes to the aid of Christians who want to go back home and stay?”
he says.

Wolfe encourages the Church to participate actively in providing assistance to the suffering Christians in the Middle East, otherwise, in his opinion, soon they may not stay in the region.

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