God are you all right? Just Church scandals haunt?

Archimandrite Andrew (Konnos) – some journalists, politicians and others who oppose the Church. His examples are from Greece, but what they’re familiar!

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Archimandrite Andrew (Konnos)

Some people – from those who struggle with the Church, say: “God I’m good. The problem in the Church, not in It!” So – I ask you, my friend, the journalist, or any of your like-minded, – you say that with God all is well? No problem, just a Church scandals haunt? And do you go to Church? You recognize that Christ is above all that happens in it? When was the last time you were in Church? Here is what I would like to know. When?

One friend sent me a link to a website with the results of a poll conducted among the representatives of different political parties. They asked when the last time they were in the Church. So, most of the politicians replied that he did not remember – not counting the annual festive prayer in Parliament on October 28 (“Ochi Day” – a national holiday of Greece – approx. translation.), attendance of which is mandatory. Someone said that they had attended Church in his youth, some fifteen years ago, someone wrote that never in my life did not take communion – in General, the responses were incredible.

And these people govern us, make important decisions, discuss the Affairs of… People who do not know even the smell of incense, uneducated, helpless, living without God, atheists. How can you think that you’re in a good relationship with God if your life is without Him? However, this is what you say and will argue until there is health and strength. Yes, the journalist, which I mentioned in connection with the school history, the young, handsome, strong man, bursting with health. And he said, because he knew now in his power.

I would like to meet him – but not in order to somehow get back at him for those words, but just to sit down and talk together, not build from a clever. Interesting, I saw you ever, my dear journalist, a dying man? Here is what I would like to ask you. Saw you ever, as people die? That’s when you will see that going to say. Like all those who today pursues a hostile, arrogant speech, accusing and osmeivaya.

The rite of burial service has these words: “crying [at this instant] soul and angels eyes raising, praying in vain; for their hands extended, he has no helper”. That is, at the moment of death the soul of man seeks help and finds. And it becomes clear: everything you’ve laughed at in life is true; and the Lord, Whom you despised, not worthy of contempt and adoration and love; that He gives us the power to forgive sins; that the blessed virgin Mary, you were also mocked, insulted and blasphemed, could save you and take you to heaven without the agony, torment and demons that await you now. That’s what you mock is still alive, healthy, and appear on television. And when you die – you really need Their help.

The moment of truth in our lives comes not when we bring about arguments in the television show; the moment of truth is a moment of suffering when a person becomes himself; and the apex of suffering is death. Therefore, at the moment of death we are real.

That’s why, dear journalist, dear squirt in his powerlessness imagine themselves omnipotent, that’s why I would like to be there with you in your hour of death, to read you the prayer if you want – as you want, because there is no person who would not want to repent before death, because now he reveals the Truth.

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You ask: “Why is Christ silent?” Because He is humble. Amazing! All this time, while we are in talks, debates, Christ says nothing, and is silent. I’m not saying that in the moment is exactly what I’m going to say – but imagine yourself in the place of Christ. You blaspheme, accuse, condemn, removed from the wall Your icon though this icon You’re not doing anything bad, on the contrary, it blesses children, helping them to learn, read correctly, to write correctly, to keep the peace of the soul… And while we, the pundits, criticized and debated, He is silent, saying to Himself, “I am still crucified, I suffer. Wait patiently for when you will call Me.”

I hope the Lord will enlighten us and the school teachers, most of whom are misguided atheists, and teach us to talk with children about God. Here, however, it may be objected: “Sir priest, now other laws. I am a Buddhist and I’m not going to talk to kids about Christ.”

One day after class in the Sunday school at the Church of St. Paraskevi in Athens, the children approached the teacher and spoke about how a teacher in a secondary school, the Hindu, hypnotizes them during class.

– Guys, – he said in response to a teacher – the next time the teacher starts to tell you something strange, not listen and repeat to yourself: “Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of our God, have mercy on us! Come to us! Protect us!”

The children did so. The teacher immediately asked:

– Guys, guys, what’s happening? Some of you bothers me!

The disciples rejoiced: prayer to take effect, and continued to pray. The teacher paled, then blushed, and then began to get angry. Soon all this learned parents of the children sued, and fired her from the school. But that was before.

Now this teacher was not fired, on his side – law, which speaks of religious freedom and tolerance. Therefore, they say, in the near future in our Greek schools instead of God’s Law will be taught religious studies. But that’s not what the subject will be taught; and not even the fact that the rights of believers, the rights of the Church and priests are infringed. Gentlemen, we’ll take death! Here is what to think about – how to defeat death? Any discussion? This is talking about Christ? In order to impose It to someone? “Well, finally you made a Christian!”

However, all men need Christ. When we repent?

When we realize that saying and doing nothing nonsense? And those who are fighting with the Church and we have Christ… When we, as Christians, let us not impose on Christ, and to show It by their behavior, which, unfortunately, is that quite different?..

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Let people see that we – the priests, the theologians, the Church laity are not perfect, but strive for perfection. Christ needs all of us, and therefore we will show His people the importance or violence, but as ordinary sinners.

How to win the ashes? How to overcome temptation, loneliness, disease, suffering and pain? How? Who will help us in this? “Plato!” – I’ll tell you, brother is a journalist. But Plato, my dear, loved Christ, though they did not know Him. When ancient people discovered Christ, they loved Him and he changed, turned from paganism to Christianity. And we? We Christians are willing to change their faith and become atheists, to turn to pagan philosophers… Yes, my dear, we all need the great enlightenment.

May God grant us repentance, humility and enlightenment. And forgive me – because I have no right to judge anyone but yourself for doing or not doing. Have mercy on us, o Lord, enlighten and forgive. Don’t let anyone of us to die, either now or in the future age. Let us be with You and forgive all the stupid things we do. Forgive as forgiven children of their pranks. What else to expect from us, Lord? We do what is wrong. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us all!

Translation Yelizaveta Terentyeva for the portal “Orthodoxy and the world”

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