“God is not necessary, that we died during lent”

Measure the post individually, or Charter one for all? What is said in the Typikon about social networks, how and why limit yourself to what to do pupils and students, and how to be, if the fish is allergic meet the priests.

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  • Advent: between hunger and gluttony
  • Advent: a plan of action
  • Advent – the path to great joy
  • Advent: turn off the tap of sorrow
  • Post – it closed the door behind me. Post – it I am on the road

We need to look at the extent of post sensibly
Archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko:

It seems to me that the guards rules are significant for anyone who is a parishioner of a particular Church, a member of the community of this Church. At the head of the community is the priest, and such issues should probably coordinate with him. In one ward, such traditions and the other other.

In addition, the measure of the fasting individual. For small children the most relaxed post, except that in the meat cutlet to restrict, and then on Wednesdays and Fridays. Young boys and girls also do not have very strict fasting, because during puberty when the body is formed to put young people on a strict fast was wrong. We have to look sensibly at things. Elderly sick person why a strict fast? He needs some diet nutritious food. If you’re young and healthy, energetic and feel stamina and enthusiasm, then you must fast more severely.

Archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko

A measure of austerity everyone has to choose for himself, and it is desirable to obtain the blessing of the priest, that it wasn’t some samochine.

Someone easy to give up meat, but it’s hard from the sweet, so on Wednesdays and Fridays you can even reinforce the post in this sense.

Bring all possible victim – very well, then, will receive a special holiday joy. Sick – suck it up and eat the meat in lent as a medicine, and in order that you had the strength to celebrate the holiday. Here in the acquisition of humility and your inspection work and the reward, because the Lord resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Charter – a material for creativity
Archpriest Theodore Borodin:

Adult Christians (it’s not only about age but also about the experience of Church life) must set ourselves specific targets for the post of two types – to create something virtuous, good, and hard to deal with some sin – “Uklonite from evil and do good” (PS. 33:15). For example, I see that in me, as in most modern Christians, there is no meekness. We are practically unfamiliar with this virtue, do not understand it and do not appreciate. We sing: “blessed are the meek” (Matt. 5:5) at every Liturgy, but what it means to be meek does not understand and are afraid. Let’s try a post to read the instructions of the saints of this virtue and try to somehow instill a bit of it in.

As for food, fasting is a tool, and everyone should pick it up so really it was a time of creative tension.

Archpriest Theodore Borodin

The Charter is a great experience of thousands of people who have gone this way successfully. So ignore the Charter and say that everything will be as I want – madness.

The Statute is a material for creativity. In the Charter, for example, says nothing about social networks. The Apostle Paul says: “All things are lawful for me, but nothing should possess me” (1 Cor. 6:12). Try the modern teenager, and adult, to take away the access to social networks, to take away the screens and you will see often the real withdrawal, aggression.

So it is clear what is needed and restraint – Wednesday, Friday stricter, at the end of the post even stricter.

There’s no General advice. Here I’ve got a godson who come from a family where trying to adhere strictly to the Charter. But his whole life allergic to fish, and he is a young student who is learning and who needs a lot of energy. So, it turns out, fasting in advent is the Charter Great? He would not survive.

When I was in Seminary, I was surprised that during Great lent, except on Wednesday and Fridays the first and last weeks, on the tables of the seminarians were always fish. To my surprise I was told that it’s a blessing the Patriarch Alexis I, who said that he needed a well-trained future priests, and if the seminarians will think only about food, what kind of study it?

God is not necessary, that we died during lent
The Priest IBAS, Instead (Senchukov):

The Typicon was not invented only to only the monks followed him, he did for everyone. Another conversation that the Typicon is not just a sample, that is ideal, but there are very few perfect Christians, so we are in different situations from the Typicon retreat. For example, we practically do not serve according to the Typicon. In the book “Explanatory Typicon” of Skaballanovich have memories, as at the Kiev theological Academy, the monks served as the perfect vigil and Vespers with Liturgy was held for 17 hours. In reality, even at the Athonite metochion of the service takes less than 12 hours.

Similarly, we post don’t always follow the Typicon. And so far as we do not observe depends on our possibilities, and our piety, and our health. We can’t say that for the laity some other post. Exactly the same, just. God is not necessary, that we died during lent.

Dietary restrictions necessary, including to ensure that we gave more time to prayer. That is why the fish’s lean meat. It would seem that the difference. And the difference is only one – the fish has no elastin protein, so it digests much faster, less blood goes to the digestive process, more blood comes to the heart and the head. And because it is digested faster, consequently, more time is left for prayer. Just ancient people about elastin did not know they actually saw it all.

According to the Charter, Wednesday and Friday we have a strict fast is observed, that is, no wine and oil. There is still a strict fast on Monday, but in our culture it is considered to be either purely monastic or vowed. And not even in all monasteries observed the post on Monday.

The Priest IBAS, Instead (Senchukov)

Anyway, perhaps this is the soft post. But you always have to understand why you want the job, why you’re doing yourself relief if you do. Because if it’s just from the food excesses of food debauchery is one thing. If the disease is completely different.

Because if you’re sick, then you post and do completely different. The chaplain can bless your health and dairy products are. Just don’t make gortanova and eat exactly what you need – cheese, for example.

If you currently installed any kind of indulgence of the post, because of their infirmity, weakness, so you have nowhere to retreat. That is, if you yourself found that eating oil every day, it is not necessary to come up with some additional concessions to fish.

In other cases, perhaps, after all, we must strive to keep post if not for the Constitution, then at least close to it.

We must remember that the blessing of Patriarch Alexy II we are all learners, i.e. pupils and students, have a relief – in any post there are dairy products.

Again, in some churches adopted, for example, the diocesan saints equated to the temple, and in the days of their memories are allowed to fish.

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