“God, it’s post, and why is it me?”

Maybe someday people will say: “We are to fast, and we don’t even know when a post begins”. It is human nature not to appreciate what he has… why we fast during advent, is he God, how to set yourself to fasting is not in vain? Thinking the priest Sergei Kruglov.

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Priest Sergei Kruglov

Our post may be of no use to God, do not need newly-born Infant Christ, but we need it me personally. Post – such a measure of austerity, which is necessary to me. And necessary in General, any person in the world. The post may not be called Christmas or Great, it can be not a Church, but any person understands that austerity at least in the form of diet, in refraining from something, abstinence (food, drink, entertainment, anything) need to survive.

Post in religion in General and Christianity in particular, has applied the instrumental goal is the refinement of the flesh. When a person thins the flesh, he become more affordable some spiritual region.

Why the Lord Himself in the wilderness for forty days fasting? He called Satan to a fight, listened to his temptation, defeated him and sent back. Since the Lord became man, flesh Him, to do some spiritual work, too, was a necessary post.

Exactly the same is essential to every Christian post, the post as from time to time – a deletion in the desert, which, in the biblical sense, is the removal of a person from the hustle and bustle of the world and a meeting place with God.

Why post regularly occurs on the calendar four times a year is another question. It seems to me that the answer is only in the merciful dispensation of the Church.

Many people find it difficult to conduct regular ascetic life, to control it ourselves, and much easier when it all happens in an orderly manner.

Stress: not forcibly, but orderly, in the end, to accede to the fact that organized – a personal choice.

People of the older generations that survived in the Church in different times, sometimes saying simply: it may come a time when the Church life is broken, when again closed down do to the churches when believers will once again be running from place to place, and then very many people will be difficult. They will say: “We are to fast, and we don’t even know the calendar when a post starts” and sadly to remember: “When we opposed this post, he is tired of us, now would love to return everything as before”. It is human nature not to appreciate what he has…

So post in particular, advent is a very good thing. Just normal people who have some measure of freedom and understanding, must recognize that in everything, even in good, there is a downside, adverse effects, and should always be a measure to avoid them.

It’s the same with fasting: if you overreact, you start to post who do not have small children or Pets, yourself to give any incorrect installation by putting the post in the forefront as the most important and the only Christian work, just can achieve the opposite effect, to hurt yourself by fasting.

What is the danger of placing a wrong emphasis during lent for me personally? When you begin to fast from something to give, instantly to dwell on it. Provide installation: do not think about a white bull. And begin not to think – a day not night, I think do not think, cease to sleep, cease to function normally, not something that about some of the Christian life, just about life, it is difficult to think, its all about the white bull.

Therefore, if fasting is the struggle with the passions, as we say, they must be fought properly and not like a fairy tale about Brer Rabbit, who fought with a resin Scarecrow and the more it gets, the more it stuck.

During lent, and in life in General, still more attention should be paid to Christ, not to the sins and fight against them.

The struggle with the passions is needed, but in this necessary measure, because the enemy long ago learned to exploit our immensity.

And in order not to focus on your own passions, you need to lead the kind of life that she was happy. When, for example, the artist paints a picture, his eyes lit up, he does not notice anything, lives his inspiration, he becomes more solid than the rest of ordinary time, his senses and mind, soul and body come together and live a common goal – a creative process, a work. If someone tries to stop him doing, he’ll just ask to close the door. That’s inspired should be and post.

Another thing is that inspiration is the gift of God and need for God to ask a question where to take this inspiration and get your individual answer.

And who else to ask? The priest, perhaps, who himself is but a man, which is so often looking for answers to their own questions?

We have Christ is the Lord, that to Him should go: “Lord, it is post and why is it me? The post is long accepted by the Church, fasted, many generations of Christians, and obviously all this is not just so, but what about me? Help me to understand this.” If a person really wants to know, the Lord will give him an answer. Well, if you really do not want to know, then ask me no reason. Just don’t post.

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