“God, let me survive! I want to live!” and the plane without a nose and wings continued to fly

The story of “”Technical” miracles” from the book of the Archpriest Konstantin Parkhomenko “About miracles in the Bible and in our lives. Evidence of God’s love”, published in publishing house “Nike”.

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The Priest Konstantin Parkhomenko

We sit in the kitchen, and I coffee my parishioner and good friend Vladislav Sergeyevich Abramov. He is the head of the company, dealing with inventions, including by order of the military-industrial complex. We’re talking about the sunken submarine “Kursk”.

Vladislav Sergeyevich said, in his deep conviction that the death of the submariners were not in vain. Because of their deaths will be invented, commissioned fixtures, appliances, etc., which in the future will save large number of lives. And he began to talk about similar examples from his biography. I immediately took the recorder… And that these records are transcribed.

— I want to share with you a few amazing cases from my very interesting and eventful life. I am 60 years old. Twelve of them will of fate, I was involved with our valiant army. He was the author and developer of several inventions that were installed on our vehicles.

So I had in combat experience, to experiment with the technique to which I was directly involved. I talked with pilots, technicians and know the psychology, the specificity of these people really respect their work. But there were cases when my technical knowledge has me stumped. And here are three interesting stories I want to tell you.

The young pilot made his first night training flights over the Black sea, over Tuapse. And hit the storm front is so strong and powerful that lightning was partially destroyed fuselage: the nose and fragments of wings. The plane lost control. The engine stalled, no electronic device was not working. The pilot on the emergency radio contact with the command post and got the okay for a bailout.

But after a few seconds he said that continues. When the plane landed, technicians saw that it had no nose, half of the wings and keel.

From a technical point of view, this was the first case when a fighter managed to land in such a difficult situation. After a comprehensive study has been created reliable system of lightning protection, and our fighter jets, and civilian aircraft all-weather steel.

But was this the case of technical and other aspect. Interestingly, the pilot who made this technical feat was to be put in the brig and put under arrest for failure to comply with flight assignments. And what it was? When he reported that the plane was in poor condition, he gave the order to eject over the Black sea, and he continued flying over Georgian territory over towns that are located in there very tightly. The plane could at any moment collapse. That’s why the pilot had to be punished.

During the work of the Commission I talked to him and asked: “Explain, please, how and what happened in the moment when you saw the storm front?” To which he said: “the Storm front was not. For no reason at all around me lightning flashed. When clear of cloud visibility a million to a million around me rumbled lightning.” It is clear that there was a kind of the abnormal phenomenon from those that science is still researching, is a high — energy static electricity, nearly equivalent to the storm front.

“When I saw off the nose and wings,’ continued the pilot, I realized that I had an accident. Involuntarily I turned to God with the words: “God, let me survive! I want to live!“

Then an amazing thing happened. The plane was not working, no power plant and he was flying. He was controllable, the engine worked. No device not shown, but noise and by the fact that the plane stayed in the air, could judge that it works. I with God’s help landed”.

It was in 1973, when all the pilots were Communists. All our generation has carried the traces of atheism, and deep — but with the knowledge of the faith. When disaster struck, people turned to God, and God, rather, it has advised and given the opportunity to land and stay alive.

When he with the command post received an order to eject, all this happened in an extreme situation. There was such light, lightning, electrostatic glow! Was it a manifestation of something Divine, can’t say I am a technical person and can only state what happened.

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When he passed out the whole power plant, he managed to convey that the plane is falling apart, and then he was the communications emergency radio and he didn’t hear the order which was handed to him. The most amazing thing is when he deciphered “a black box”, I realized that it was the order of the earth, but to the headset, this order is not reached because the communications system was damaged by lightning. To accuse him of insubordination, the Commission considered it inappropriate. He was acquitted.

The young Lieutenant, who in 23 years has made this almost a feat in 33 years became the General. A simple private pilot with a modest intellect, nothing allocated, after exposure has changed dramatically.

Sorry, I could not continue acquaintance with him, because the regiment was transferred to another part. But I know that ten years later he became the commander of the Transcaucasian military district.

Here is another case. It happened in Ukraine, Starokonstantinov. Was 1976. Tested a modified MiG-23 at night. Pilots practiced combat operations in target tracking by radar devices. To night flights were made a young pilot, just trained at the gym.

Under the terms of the task he had to capture a moving target (training aircraft counterparts) and to accompany him along a certain trajectory, while pressing the locking shot-method and produced the missile. (Clearly, it was a simulation start-up.) The pilot took aim, accompanied her, but at some point lost consciousness, and three minutes with his squad. Then he came to himself again and took aim. He saw her, although the purpose was not. It is then fixed. There is such a thing as memory is full when an object is before the eyes, although he is no longer in front of you. This often happens with those who work in confined spaces.

Pilot while accompanied by a goal, broke out of the cloud and at a height of five kilometers, suddenly saw with horror that goal in front of him on the radar there, and underneath the lights of the city. It was 12 midnight.

At that moment the pilot, as he told me, he exclaimed: “God! What will die are those people?” The speed and trajectory of the flight the pilot realized that the airplane will fall to the ground in the centre or on the outskirts of the city. He’s at the right angle was going to land, and deploy it already failed.

And here with the words “God, save these people!” he even said, “God, save me!” in seconds the pilot made a few manipulations, which are still studied in military schools as an example of combat support and output of angle of attack missile (now called “anti-missile maneuver”). He pulled on the control stick — but at this speed and at this angle of attack the plane did not obey and continued to plummet. To reset the speed was impossible, and the pilot turned on the afterburner. So he managed to stop the fall literally at the height of 50 meters above the city. The people were saved. Divine Providence not only gave the pilot to do the right action, but also sent a plane to target the airport.

It was the first night landing of an aircraft on afterburner. The landing speed in this mode is ten times higher than permissible. Of course, all the chassis was broken, but the plane landed at the airport. Upon inspection I saw that the whole lining was like a washing machine, a mount torn off. This pointed to the overload, forty times higher than permissible. What force helped the pilot to save his life and many people and land the plane?

Thanks to this unique experience became possible in the MiG-29, MiG-27 to make such a figure as “Cobra”, when the plane crashes, stops — many saw this beauty at an Airshow. And it all started with the case when the young pilot turned to God and God told him in a matter of seconds to do what in other circumstances would be impossible. From the point of view of the science of aerodynamics it was unthinkable, and therefore such instructions did not exist…

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…It happened in 1990. Antonov an-124 held the training “box”, 600 for 600 kilometres, turns. He had to make a flyby and landing. After some time the plane disappeared from radar. Long time crew could not contact, a search team ready to go… But after about thirty minutes the communication is resumed.

The pilots said there was some strange flash, we need to understand on earth.

When we began to explore the plane, we found several interesting physical phenomena. One thing is clear: the plane was caught in a powerful electrostatic field. I wouldn’t have to look for some supernatural explanation, if not a change that happened later with one of the pilots.

It was my neighbor, I knew him for years and treated well. Normal oak man-pilot, jarred by the words “art”, “painting”… And as for the poetry, except flight priblatnennyi songs, he knew nothing. Some time after the incident I began to notice that this man began to change, read poetry. In his apartment I saw a picture in a very interesting delicate blue and white; against this background, the apparent images whether angels, whether some incorporeal creatures. Clearly, this was a reflection of his inner state.

I do not leave my companion, please tell me more… Vladislav Sergeevich looks at his watch and gives in: “Okay, sir…”

— And now I want to tell the case of my friend, almost a sister, with whom we have side by side lived a long life. It is also associated with aviation. My friend, Valeriy Polyakov, graduated from the Gatchina flying school and worked as a flight engineer on Il-18. This plane has four engines but can fly on one. And once the flight crew with the flight attendants had to work on one engine.

It was a training flight; first flying on four, and then shut off the engines. It so happened that in the cab sat two crew, two first pilot, and they gave conflicting command and executed it. Three engines were turned off, and the fourth, too, at some point turned off.

And the plane began to fall.

Il-18 has an interesting feature, it’s already proven when a plane crashes, you survive, if you have time to hide in the tail. It is so durable that the blow falls off and flies off to the side. And now four people running the wrong command, rushed to save his life. In place of the flight was a friend of mine who had just graduated from flight school. He spent his entire life, from the cradle, painted the planes, made the glider wanted to fly, but the condition could be the only technician. When the plane began to fall, my friend prayed. His mother was a believer and childhood with people who knew the most simple prayers.

So he knew what the word of God. And read a short prayer for the salvation of souls: “Lord, if my body dies, let my soul remain”. He’s already mentally said goodbye with her mother, and at this point, according to him, through him like a current passed. He sat down in the pilot’s seat, turned on one, second, third, jumped to the place the flight and made a manipulation, which is not once did. As a result, he failed in a falling plane to include the fourth engine. And on this engine it leveled and landed the plane.

In fact, my friend-a technician performed function and the first and second pilots, simultaneously. And for that he was suspended from flying. He was nearly put on trial. But leave the flying field he wanted — he became a garbage man.

It took six months. At Ilyushin was a meeting. Talked about the fact that we need a plane that could fly on one engine.

But Ilyushin said, “can’t my plane fly on one engine”. But there was one person from our village to the airport, who said that six months ago was such an incident, but the accident was avoided, so few people know about it. Ilyushin flying to Leningrad, and calls to his Valera Polyakov. Sent all documents on this flight, called Valera. Ilyushin says:

Show me how you saved the plane!

Valera showed what kind of manipulation he did. Chief designer asks:

— Why did you do that?

And he says:

I don’t know, but my hand hit it on the switch and turned off the switch.

But this is never said!

— Yes, I prayed, and God helped.

I don’t know about God, but you saved the day and saved the plane.

From that moment Valery Polyakov became a senior test engineer Ilyushin. Twelve years ago, he was escorted into retirement. Now he works in the firm “Boeing”, is also a senior test engineer.

As he says Valera, he always gets on the plane with a prayer and comes out with prayer, knowing what a feat — to get closer to God. “How many years I fly and everytime get this grace!”


A miracle can happen. And may not happen. What is the reason? To comprehend the Lord’s purpose for us is impossible, and for me personally, the most powerful answer to this question are the words of Christ spoken to the disciples, “You now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you; and in that day ye shall ask Me nothing” (Jn. 16: 22, 23).

I’ve thought over these words. How much will be revealed to us when we find ourselves in another world, how obvious will the events of our fate; each of the strings will bundle for which it is fastened to the embroidery pattern of our lives.

The Miracles Of Christ! They are dizzying and beautiful! But even more amazing is that Christ is with us today — “I am with you all days, even to the end of the age” (Matt. 28: 20)! And if He is with us, then in our life there is a place of miracle.

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