“Got drunk and put up a fight” – how is the New year in an orphanage

How is the main family celebration in an orphanage? Tell foster children.

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Svetlana Stroganova, adopted daughter Pauline

The theme of Christmas gifts to orphanages already considered from various sides – there are “pros” and “cons”, but I decided to put another question: you know, as noted by the children in the orphanage New year?

The family clearly is, or a joint trip to visit, or just a night in front of the TV, and in the morning presents under the tree, but what happens in a government building behind closed doors, where children can’t go out on their own anywhere?

Weeks 2-3 until the New year to the children’s home begins a pilgrimage – go-go kind uncles and aunties, bringing gifts, speeches, pats children on the head, hug, take pictures with them.

And then went home to prepare for its main holiday – to buy products for the Christmas table, decorations for the home, gifts for their children.

While children in orphanages remain. With gifts, some of which are already broken or taken away older, but still with the expectation of a miracle.

Came the police and took away us
Gosh, 19 years to 16 years living in the orphanage

Celebrated in different ways. When I was a kid – it was a holiday. The teachers tried to make us a real holiday.

We woke up Christmas song “sleigh Bells”. This music was a tradition set us up for a magical day. All the rooms were hung with tinsel. On the glass paint was painted snowflakes, and wool educators were doing drifts.

Breakfast, daytime activities, all as normally scheduled. All day we were waiting for will come tonight. In the evening the tables were Laden with salads, sandwiches, sausage.

The boys dressed up in animal costumes and the girls were in dresses. We stood in a circle and played different games, danced. We had sparklers and firecrackers, and the teachers we put gifts under the pillow.

But, of course, at 12 o’clock we were asleep.

But after 14 years, everything changed. All the fun was accompanied with bottles of cheap alcohol and vomit under the bed.

Games was not, and the only dancing at the disco. Windows were decorated with frost. The tables were salads prepared in the morning.

After dinner we all went to their hiding place, which was hidden by the alcohol. Was so drunk that his feet could not keep. Then put up a fight. Even so, that came the police and took away with us.

Chop candies in a dish – a “holiday” table
Pauline, 15 years, 14 years in foster care

When it was in the children’s home is still OK. We did salads, the teachers sat with us at the table. Watching TV.

Then we went to our rooms. The presents under the tree nobody put, we are talking about is not thought. All the gifts we were given already before the holiday.

But sometimes we were sent to a sanatorium in another town, and there was creepy. We were beaten, we were always fighting with the teachers, the conditions there were terrible.

On New year we did a salad of candy because there was nothing else. Chop different candy in the bowl and made himself a “holiday” table. And then sitting in chambers.

Well, even I tried to escape, however do not know where to run, so the more dreamed of as run.

One New year I made a wish to get me into the family. The teacher said that everything will come true. And it came to pass.

Laid out all the stocks of sweets and ate together
Lena, 14 years, with 6 years in an orphanage

Not celebrated. All the celebrations were over 1-2 days before the New year.

With us was a teacher who was not family. We were allowed to watch TV until two in the morning.

Well, we had candy and waffles from the gifts we collected. We have them stacked in the middle on the carpet in front of the TV and ate.

Usually only share this with a friend across the room. And then all together their supplies laid out – here, probably, it was the most unusual in this festival.

I waited all night, but Santa Claus did not come
Andrei, 12 years old, in foster care from the age of 10

I had the biggest disappointment, when we had 4 different Santa Claus.

I was 8 years old, and I’m constantly asked which one is real.

Each sponsor brought his Santa Claus, they were all different, and one teacher told me that it is the actors, and the real comes to new year’s eve and puts the ultimate gift.

She probably just said that because I was molested very much.

They put us to sleep, but I haven’t slept all night. Santa Claus did not come, and when I asked this morning about the gifts, I was told that everything had already been presented before. I then cried a lot, and since I know that Santa Claus is the actor in disguise.

Mom promised to take me on vacation, I waited every year
Alina, 16 years, with 12 years in foster care

I remember a New year which we celebrated with my mom and stepfather. Then it was fun, mom got dressed up, we were preparing a salad together and then danced and watched TV.

And in the morning my mother put under the Christmas tree for me a very beautiful pencil case. I wore it to school.

After 2 years I was taken to the shelter, mom promised to come for the New year and to take me on vacation, but didn’t.

I waited every year, I felt so bad when everyone was watching TV. They showed movies where parents with children somewhere to go.

Even watched “home Alone”. I have to go and cry in my room, saying that just want to sleep.

After 4 years I was taken into the family, of course, there already is a holiday. And in the morning I find the presents under the tree, although already know that this is giving parents, not Santa Claus. But I still like it. I also try to do something and give my parents and brother.


There will not be no morality. And what it might be?

It is clear that New year in a government building is poluprecnik it a substitute. And that a true celebration is possible only with your loved ones – those who loves you, someone who cares about you.

Yes, we in children’s homes there are really kind and caring teachers who have not yet “burned out” at work. But they all have their own family. They are not personal adults for these children. They are still there at work.

And each child wants it to be his personal loved one.

Therefore, thinking about some good deed for the New year, try to help those who make children a real miracle – seeking families. It’s various funds and volunteer organization.

A list of these proven assets can be found on Добро.mail.ru.

The largest of them – “Arithmetic good”, “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans”, “Change a life”, “Children waiting” and others.

And let’s all work together to the chime of bells make a wish, to as many orphaned children following the New year is already met in the family, not in the orphanage!

I think it will be our best with you a Christmas wish.

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