Great meeting with the pastors will be held in Moscow

From 19 to 21 February, the Church “Word of life” in Moscow will hold a lot of pastor’s meeting (GSV).

“Big meeting with the pastors is an event designed not just to replace, and greatly improve and surpass what we previously called EACV (conference of faith).

For over 25 years we’ve seen EACV in Moscow for pastors and heads of ministries. This conference will go down in history as the most significant event in the development of the Pastoral Partnership in the Russian-speaking world.

We feel that it is time to rise to a higher level of development of a Pastoral Partnership and cooperation”, — tell the organizers.

During the meeting, the pastors will discuss a number of topical issues: the turnover of staff in Ministry, Church meetings, how to go right, etc.

Participation is open to pastors and their wives.

Registration on the website


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