Groups of “supporters of Thomas” continue to hold their shares in the dioceses of the UOC


19 November 2018 small group of provocateurs with posters about “Tomos” gathered outside the offices of Berdyansk and Zaporozhye dioceses. Reported Information-enlightenment Department of the UOC with a link to the Facebook page of Archbishop of Berdyansk and the Primorsky Eurema and head of the office of the Zaporozhye diocese Archpriest Gennady yellin.

Participants in provocative actions, holding placards, shouting slogans containing incitement to religious hatred.

“Talked (protesters – ed.) explained everything to them and go,” wrote Archbishop Evrem pride of Berdyansk diocese.


In Zaporozhye, respectively, after the completion of his “action” provocateurs left the posters on the fence of the building of the Zaporozhye diocese.

Earlier in the same scenario such provocations, “the supporters of Thomas” took place in Zhytomyr and Kryvyi Rih dioceses.

Judging by the fact that all the provocations of supporters of the autocephaly of the held in different regions of Ukraine the same scenario, political observers believe that these actions directed at a single center. Participation in these actions are more than a dozen people, far from religion that, when communication is unable to explain what is Tomos, or what is the Church’s autocephaly.

We will remind that on 18 November 2018, some time after Sunday services, close to Transfiguration Cathedral in Zhitomir gathered about a dozen so-called activists, with two posters in support of “Thomas”. As of November 17 in Krivoy Rog, a group of provocateurs with placards stormed the residence of the Metropolitan of Krivoy Rog and Nikopol Ephraim.

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