Guardian angels filled the walls of the Temple of Christ the Savior


Over 300 guardian angels filled the walls of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow. This is the result of the annual campaign “angel Wings”, which is held with the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on the eve of mother’s Day, the press service of the NGO “Association of large families of Moscow”. Once a year the children from large families and famous artists write of the guardian angel under the arches of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior the way imagine. Often the angels like a mother, for the angels are the personification of kindness, love, protection and salvation — as well as the mother.

“I’m not the first to open this wonderful holiday that goes across the country. And it is so beautiful! And it’s great that you are involved in wonderful work, but still under the domes of temples. I hope that today your work, spiritual, serious, will bring you closer to the Creator. And it’s the-the main task of today’s celebration for you personally. And the consequences of this holiday will be when people, parents, relatives, see what you have done with prayer and God’s help, will also rejoice and also honor and glorify God. Then you will become like the apostles, a kind of angels, messengers of grace to these people,” – admonished guys Dmitry Roshchin, Archpriest, head of Department on work with public organizations of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media.

For the first time “angel Wings” was organized in 2014. It was attended by more than 300 children from large families. In 2015, the event “Wings of an angel” stepped in the Russian regions and first took place in Sevastopol. In 2016, joined the churches in Astrakhan, Vladimir, and Tomsk. In 2017, the event had a record number of participants and took place in the most remote corners of the Russian Federation. It was attended by over 70 regions and more than 20 000 children.

In 2018, the event is also held in the regions and not only in Temples but also in houses of culture, art schools.

In Moscow drew 300 children from large families. To get into HHS, they competed at the district level with other guys. Some families participated in a few talented guys. The youngest participant of the project has been Cooking Panfilova of these areas, which yesterday was 4 years. Cooking admitted that the image of a guardian angel she drew a mom.


Juliana Sabina of the area, and also painted the mother as the angel. She believes that the mother, as the angel protects her, so it doesn’t happen misfortunes.

“They say that every person at birth is given a guardian angel. But we also know that there mother is the most precious, loving and affectionate. Mother is like a guardian angel protects us from all troubles always come to us and always tells us the kind words. Today, the children confess their love to their mothers, portraying them in paintings”, – stated the Deputy head of the Department of labour and social protection of population of the city of Moscow Ekaterina Berber.


Along with the children painted and professionals – for them it is the only chance of the year to write in the walls of the Temple of Christ the Savior. To draw in HHS in ordinary days is prohibited.

Among the artists were:

  • Astaf’ev, Dmitry Sergeyevich, a teacher at the Academy of fine arts and watercolors Andriaka
  • Bagrov, Sergei Vasilyevich, member of the Union of artists of Russia
  • Kotlyar, Maria Borisovna, a member of the Union of artists of Russia, member of the international hudojestvennogo Fund
  • Luneva Nadezhda, an artist-painter, has painted icons for churches in Moscow and the Moscow region, participated in the restoration of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Ostankino, the author of illustrations to the book “Fannie tales” by K. D. Balmont (Publishing house “Ripol-classic”), a participant of the exhibitions of illustrations in Tartu (Estonia), Madrid (Spain), participant of the exhibition in Central house of artists on Krymsky Val and etc. Works are kept in museums of Pushkinogorie, tot’ma
  • Muravyev, Alexander Mikhailovich, people’s artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of arts, Secretary of the Union of artists of Russia, Chairman of the Committee on aesthetic education.
  • Ponamoreva O. Alexander, member of the Moscow Union of artists, member of the graphics Committee of the Union of artists of Russia

“What luck to draw the angel, to imagine it, to know that he’s protecting you, walks with you always, guarding you from all adversity! Only Holy men, of course, seen of angels, visibly seen. It is difficult to imagine. But if you desire, when you pray, of course, you will succeed. May God grant you happiness in this temple to draw!”, – enthusiastically made Alexander Ants.


“It is significant that in the main Church of the country are you painting the most important, the most important person with you all the time, all the time protects you and keeps. And I want to wish you, dear young friends, to you today all my love, all my heart is invested in this image. I think for moms it is the most important gift” – admonished guys Larisa Kartavtseva, Deputat MHD.

To the Moscow children HHS also joined a few especially talented boys from Odintsovo, Kolomna, and of Michurinsk.

“We always stand in awe of the blessing that is given to us so that we in the Church could write. I want from all the Enterprises of large families of Moscow to say “thank you” to the Temple, those who serve here, the people who work here, because all of us help each year,” said Chairman of the NGO “Association of large families of Moscow” Natalia Karpovich.

All the paintings authors have donated to the Association. In the future some of them will be auctioned. The proceeds will be used to organize greetings from Santa Claus at home for disabled children from large families. Some of the paintings will participate in the exhibitions.

The organizer of the “angel Wings” – ROO “Association of large families of Moscow” with the support of the Department of labor and social protection of population of the city of Moscow.

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