The US is not the only country that moved its Embassy in Israel. The decision of the President of trump opens doors to other countries. 25th December 2017 the Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced that his country will move its Embassy to Jerusalem. Today, Guatemala has become the second after the United States, a country that officially did it.

“Guatemala is a blessed country! I believe that we have excellent relations with the Israelis since the founding of the state of Israel, says Jimmy Morales, the President of Guatemala. So decided the President arévalo Bermejo in 1848. Since then, we have a great relationship, and we need to strengthen them. I believe that both Nations would be blessed in doing the right thing.”

At the opening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the President of Guatemala, and described the historical relationship between Israel and Guatemala.

“In many cities in Israel have their “street of Guatemala”. We have them because we remember our friends, and Guatemala — our friend,” said Netanyahu.

“This is a very bold decision. And this is a historic decision, which we’re all very happy. As the President said, this is the right decision, said Sarah Angelina Solis — Ambassador of Guatemala in Israel. —Guatemala was the first country in the world to open an Embassy in Jerusalem in 1956. The first country in the world! So this is just another milestone in our history — the return of the Embassy to Jerusalem.”

Guatemala has long supported Israel. In 1948, she, along with the United States recognized the Jewish state when President Harry Truman did it after David Ben-Gurion read the Declaration of independence of Israel.

“Very few countries have such history. That is, we are very close to the state of Israel. We have a unique friendship,” continues Sarah Angelina Solis.

Israeli leaders, such as Michael Oren, believe that the United States and Guatemala is just the beginning.

“We expect a decision from the Czech Republic, from Hungary, from some countries of Latin America. We eagerly await them and prepare for them in Jerusalem, a very beautiful place,” says Michael Oren, Deputy foreign Minister of Israel on issues of public diplomacy.

“It’s not the end of the process. I think this is only the beginning. I believe that the US administration and President of the trump actually did that they fired the starting pistol. I think now the United States followed by other countries”, — said jürgen bühler, Director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

The mayor of Jerusalem, NIR Barkat, has facilitated the transfer of the Embassy of Guatemala: “They are very friendly, funny and nice people. I am very proud of our partners in Guatemala. So, this is the second transfer of the Embassy.”

“I was struck by the huge number of congratulatory messages which the Embassy has received not only from Israel, but from around the world in many languages: from Africa, from Europe, from Latin America, says Sarah Angelina Solis. — They say: “Congratulations, Guatemala! We support you. Our country should do the same. Our President needs to take the same decision”.

Feature of Guatemala, and that is one of the countries with the highest proportion of Evangelical Christians among the population worldwide, and is one of the reasons why the country’s Embassy transfer to Jerusalem.

“People in Guatemala pray for peace in this region, pray for the integrity of Jerusalem. So they are so happy. They told me: “You should appreciate the fact that this occurred during your term.” I understand what an honor and a privilege. I feel that it is a gift from God. I know that after this decision there will be many blessings. But there is a promise in the Bible, in the Book of Genesis. And I’m sure that now I will pour out many blessings!” says Sarah Angelina Solis.

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