Happy holiday, dear teachers!

5 October — teacher’s Day

The teacher is a difficult but important and respectable profession. To the question “What inspires you in your profession?” teachers of the Christian schools and educational centers from different Russian cities.

Elena Matveeva,
teacher of Russian language and literature,
Christian school, p. zaokskiy, Tula region.

When a cloudy morning, waking up with a bad mood, go to school and see the happy faces of children, it is inspiring.

And inspire graduates and their parents, when they give thanks for the lessons, which they found useful in their life.

Inspire together with children and colleagues, prayer and activities.

Of course, our work is difficult in the sense that we do not immediately see the fruits of their labors. Maybe the Lord is doing that we are not proud. But the particles that we get, give strength to go further.

Vera Romanova,
primary school teacher,
Christian school, Abakan

More than just inspire me fixed on me the eyes of the children I see waiting for something interesting, unusual, kindness, love, understanding. And every time you want to meet those expectations! This desire does not pass with age, but rather enhanced. Over time more and more understand how much you can give to children.

All this helps to overcome fatigue, frustration, are temporary, and gives strength and desire to re-dedicate ourselves to children.

Anna Koverzneva,
primary school teacher,
educational Christian center, Simferopol

In my profession inspires me to communicate with children. In the primary classes, children are very open. This is beneficial in order to develop their character. They are very sincere to accept the message of God. React emotionally to the biblical story. Nice to see their reaction and hear their sincere and simple prayers. It covers all the difficulties of the profession.

Julia Snigireva,
the head of the Christian center
family education, Arkhangelsk

I am inspired by the world around me and my students. When I see the gleam in his eyes that they understand something, discovered something new, when I saw their challenges and successes, I want to move on.

The world around is so interesting and diverse that, when I’m discovering things for myself, I want to share that with other people, no matter children or adults. Through these discoveries impressed by the greatness of our Creator.

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