Have Fanara and there was no purpose to legalize the split.

Ruslan Bortnik

The Patriarchate of Constantinople was not planning to aggravate the religious situation in Ukraine.

Aims to legalize the UOC-KP or UAOC have Fanara was not, said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik in an interview with “Vesti”.

“Initially it (the Constantinople Patriarchate – ed.) goal was, in large measure, to meet Patriarch Kirill plucked a pan-Orthodox Council – said Bortnik. – Some steps can be done – the opening of the farmsteads (“embassies”) of Constantinople, or the beginning of the procedural aspects. But autocephaly to say it’s not worth it”.

According to experts, this is connected, primarily, with the position of the head of the UOC-KP Filaret, who in a recent interview spoke about the automatic lifting of anathema in case of granting of the Tomos and the need of transition of the parishes of the UOC under the jurisdiction of the future “newly created” Church.

“This could lead to an exacerbation of religious wars and victims – said Bortnik. – I’m sure the Metropolitan of the UOC have brought these points in Istanbul. Fanar and then realized he could stay guilty”.

Experts have repeatedly stated that the actions of Constantinople could provoke the persecution of the canonical UOC and provoke a full-scale religious conflict.

April 19, the Verkhovna Rada approved “Church initiative” of President Poroshenko on the establishment of a Unified national Church in Ukraine. 268 MPs voted in support of the President’s address to Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew.

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