He published a book of Bishop Panteleimon “Hospital priest”


The Synodal Department for charity has released a new book, “Hospital chaplain.” The author is Chairman of the Synodal Department for charity and head of the Moscow Commission on hospital service of the Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon. In the new book he has compiled his years of experience of service in hospitals. Also the book contains personal observations and thoughts of Bishop Panteleimon that can make the hospital a priest for the grieving, and detailed recommendations for the priests, their assistants and volunteers about how to start the service in the hospital, according Diakoniai.

“This book is good or bad it is for me a kind of culmination of many years of my life dedicated to the hospital – said Bishop Panteleimon. – Once work as a nurse in the hospital helped my coming to God. In my youth, when I became disillusioned and lost faith, lost the meaning of life, I thought that helping at the hospital for sick children is necessary and good. To work in a children’s hospital I didn’t get it sent in the adult, and there I worked as a nurse in the admissions Department for almost three years.<…> Now I understand that the idea to go to work in the hospital was from God. He called me to Himself through complicity in the pain of others.”


The book reflects the Christian view of suffering and its meaning, explains why suffering and compassion are inextricably linked for Christians. Bishop Panteleimon explains why the priest in the modern hospital, and what exactly is his Ministry. In the individual chapters contain recommendations on how to organize a home Church in the hospital, how to prepare a person for participation in the Sacraments, how to interact with hospital staff. One Chapter is devoted to the peculiarities of service in hospitals in children’s hospital. In the Appendix to the book are published articles and interviews with experienced hospital priests of Moscow. The book also includes some materials on the portal for priests “Pastor”.


“Although the cover is only one of my name, this book is a unified work of many people whose names I gratefully cite in the introduction, says the Rev. – I would love this book to help her readers to correctly treat suffering and attracted to care for patients more people.”

The book is published by the Synodal Department for charity. It can be downloaded free on the website of the Synodal Department. The first edition is limited and intended for free distribution among the priests and their assistants in hospitals. To purchase hard copy books will be available after the release of its second edition in the publisher “Nike” in 2019.

Bishop Panteleimon since 1990 has been rector of the Church of Prince Dimitry at the First city hospital of Moscow.

The Commission on hospital service of the Diocesan Council of Moscow was founded in 2018 with the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. It was created to organize the work of the diocese of Moscow in medical institutions. The Commission is chaired by the Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Panteleimon. The Commission organized the first training of hospital assistants of the priests. They have successfully completed 102, which will be distributed in medical institutions of Moscow as volunteers.

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