Charles malli know what does “from rags to riches.” But being at the pinnacle of success, he sold everything to become a father for the children who live on the streets. His obedience to the call of God was the basis of the new film “malli”.

Look at these family photos the wide and bright smile — this is Charles o’malley. His children who were once orphans, called his Dad mally.

You and the left in childhood?

“Exactly right, meets Charles malli, Director and founder of “the Mully Children’s Family”. — As a little boy I woke up one day and found that I now have one. When I was five or six years. So did my life. I had no food, no housing, nothing that I could count. So I became a street beggar. I remember one day I woke up and no one else”.

His amazing ascent from the slums of Kenya — the subject of a new film “malli”.

The plot is interesting: malli from a beggar became a millionaire.

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to evaluate themselves at this level, but still unable to admit it and say: Yes, the Lord really lifted me up in His mercy, using the small business that I started,” laughs Charles malli.

His father had a monopoly on oil and gas.

Where do you think you have taken this desire to the business, this entrepreneurial spirit that made you think “I can do better, I can take the little that I have in hand, and to increase it?” Where did that come from?

“Looking back, I see God’s grace and His plan. And it’s a good plan. As He told Jeremiah: “I Have a good plan for you.” When I look at my life, I realize that God has always been this good plan. Why? Because He planned for me to be His tool in the future. When God really wants to use you, you will not be able to avoid it even if I tried,” says Charles o’malley.

Being a proud husband and father of eight, mally felt that God was calling him to sell everything. It happened in 1986 after meeting face-to-face with children begging on the street.

“I do not give rest thoughts about the boys on the street. In their faces I saw myself, so that I could not even work. And then I exclaimed: “Why does God want me to return? I will never work for money,” the screen says the actor, who plays the role of malli in the film.

“God came to me thus: “You were like they are,” says malli. — I saw myself in their faces, because he was trying to hide. I have never told anyone about this? I don’t remember ever sharing a testimony about his past. I wanted people always saw me as a big man with money”.

“God said that he needed to sell everything and start to help the poor, particularly abandoned children, sounds in a replica of one of the Actresses. — How to give up what you hold dear? How to decide on what to show love?”

Charles founded the “Mully Children’s Family”, now the largest in Africa organization for the rehabilitation of children. To nurture this family to its present size, he was probably not easy.

“This entire journey has never been easy. But we walked on it, along with my wife. Even friends turned away from us. And in the churches didn’t want to hear about it. Do I feel crazy,” says Charles o’malley.

“We had three kids, then four. They are becoming more and more” — sounds like replica of the actress.

“Welcome. Now it’s your family. All are your brothers and sisters,” says the actor.

More than 13 thousand children Dad’malley became doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers and lawyers.

“I see the entire world and Kenya, the entire African continent transformed through them and through Christ, who strengthens us,” says Charles o’malley.

This transformation began with obedience to God and desire to become a father for orphans.

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