Hearing the diagnosis “leukemia”, Alex is pissed

Alexei Vorobyov, the architect. In the winter he was diagnosed with “atypical chronic myeloid leukemia”. The only salvation from this type of leukemia is a bone marrow transplant. However, the donor search at the international registry costs a lot of money, which is not Alexei and his elderly parents.

Alexey Vorobyov

  • The doctor replaced the medication on the generic, and Mike was the Guinea pig
  • Elena saves the temples from destruction but cannot save himself from cancer
  • Recently Anya pulled out a tracheostomy and was breathing on her own
  • The heart of the daughter at any time may stop
  • “I was on the hood and fell under the wheels” – before the accident Lida almost defeated cerebral palsy

So what is it after all, Dr.

At first Alex thought it was a heart. And friends and fellow students at the Moscow Institute of architecture thought so, and parents. They all loved him and very frightened for him. He’s not flirting, when he says that love him. First, in his life it’s okay to meet every year course, after – how many? twenty years, to call, to meet, to experience each other, to feel the rear.

Sounds pretentious cinematic, but this is perfectly normal. He has wonderful friends and he loves them too. And the parents… the parents loved it always. And was proud, and he was proud of them and proud. No joke – my mom is 80 years old, father 82, and they ride from the mountains to ski like crazy, is not afraid of anything. And architecture is their family business. When Alex had to choose the Institute after school, on some other University and speech could not be – only the Moscow architectural Institute.

So, this winter when he fainted right in the middle of the sidewalk – the good father had been there, all thought that the heart problem, and was scared. Heart – this is not a joke. And the parents of Alex “cores”. But when the doctor began cautiously to ask Alexei about his health, he realized that he was probably confusing.

– Yes, doctor, it all started in January. I remember the number 25. Pounding in the head. As if around her, in the ears, worn continuously pulsing the Hoop. Both day and night. Lying, standing… Breathing. Pain? No, no pain.

Then I began to notice that tired. Well, as “tired”. I love to walk a lot, even in winter. And then walked 500 meters barely breathe, suffocating. And soon 100 meters could not pass. Friends fuss, of course. I went to the cardiologist because the symptoms pointed to a heart problem. We even agreed that I will go to hospital in two weeks.

I have two of the project was unfinished, it was necessary to finish the case. And then, you know, climbed up the transition from the metro station and collapsed. So what it’s still, doctor, heart?

Upon hearing the diagnosis, Alex was angry

The doctor was sitting and intently staring at Alexis. So, probably, the swimmer looks from the tower down before the big jump: we have to decide, but scary:

– You have leukemia. Perhaps chronic. It is necessary to make many tests, tests. But you have leukemia.

Alex remembers his first reaction. It was funny, especially from the point of view of doctor – Alex got angry. As leukemia? Here is attached!

– And how to fight it, doctor? angrily he asked.

And then Alex got angry even more, because the leukemia he was not just chronic, but the severe – atypical.

Atypical chronic myelogenous leukemia. But how to tell my parents, especially my father? The mother in the view of Alexei was always stronger. They will go crazy!

In his mind, he already exchanged with parents in some places now they do not, and he cared for them, shaking over their health and called several times in a week to check if everything was okay. How to tell them that their son is dying?

Alex with parents

But his parents, he was underestimated. They, of course, was very scared, and he doesn’t know what happened to them after he called them on the phone and told about the leukemia, but the next day things started to happen. His parents accepted the diagnosis as a challenge and excitedly began to look for ways to save son.

Friends also joined.

There is only one way – transplantation

Time worked against Alexei, and urgent tests, tests, medications, blood transfusions – Alexei is greatly decreased hemoglobin – needed money. All of this really was like a war with an insidious enemy, and fear was once, it was necessary to devise a strategy to discuss plan of action. That’s just very quickly it became clear that ways to get rid of atypical leukemia is actually a bit. Or rather – only one. Bone marrow transplantation.

With chronic leukemia, it would be possible to live on the pill for twenty years. Atypical and acute leukemia can not be cured. In the hospital, where Alexey laid to conduct all the tests, with acute and atypical leukemia were several people. Week three dead.

And then it turned out that the search for a donor for transplantation at the international registry costs 23 thousand euros. And that’s all.

Here it became clear that kind of money even anyone who loves Alexis, not to collect. Then Alexey’s family appealed to the charity funds.

To save Alexei, the Fund “Pravmir” came to collect 450 thousand rubles. We can help. Love is so, is manifested in different ways – sometimes to help a complete stranger who really wants to live.

Fund “Pravmir” helps people with cancer adults and children to receive necessary treatment. Help can you by donating any amount or signing up for a monthly recurring donation to 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

Go to the page collection at the Foundation’s website

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