Because of the civil war in Syria, millions of people left their homes. Many of them fled to the neighbouring country Lebanon. Some of them, with the support of the CBN and the organization “Heart for Lebanon”, take help to build a new life.

When the Syrian civil war came to the city of HOMS, thousands of people had to flee. Boy Naji and his family fled to a refugee camp in southern Lebanon.

“There were so many planes and bombs that I thought we would die. We came here hoping that it would be better, but living here is very hard,” says aunt Naji. She also said that the boy’s father died from chronic heart disease soon after arrival in Lebanon. Later his mother left him with his brothers and sisters.

“Naji suffered a lot. He became embittered and depressed. We brought him into the Lebanese public school, but there it was yelling of the teacher. They beat him and the other refugee children, so he didn’t want to walk in it,” she says.

When employees of the organization “Heart for Lebanon”, which is supported by CBN came to the camp Naji, they invited the boy to the Hope center. Here he teaches English, Arabic and mathematics.

“I am very glad that now I go to school. Teachers treated me well. I found many friends here. I have like a huge family,” says Naji.

In school we are showing “Superbook” in Arabic, so that children relax and learn about Jesus Christ.

“I love Jesus because He came down from heaven and forgive my sins. Every time I want to do something bad, I remember Jesus, and He tells me not to do it. He is always with me,” says the boy.

“Since Naji began to attend center “Hope”, he became more cheerful and obedient. I’m so glad he can go to school, where is safe,” — says aunt Naji.

The woman told us about how she and other refugees have to walk for water at the other end of the camp. And then CBN and “the Heart of Lebanon” has established a delivery system of fresh water directly to their tents. In addition, this organization provides food to the family of Naji and thousands of other refugees. All they receive every month the rice, beans, canned meat and cleaning products and other household goods. This is sufficient to keep a family of six people.

“We love the “Heart for Lebanon” and CBN. You have done so much for us! We have enough food for the whole family, and drinking water. Thank you so much!” — thanks aunt Naji.

For Naji was a surprise — a brand new bike!

“I thought I was dreaming! I hadn’t even thought about the bike. He’s so beautiful. I want to thank you for your kind heart. All that I have received from the “Heart for Lebanon” and CBN. I love you so much!” — shares the joy boy.

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