Held a meeting of his Holiness Patriarch Kirill meets with President of the Republic of Moldova I. N. Dodon


31 October 2018, at the Patriarchal residence in Peredelkino near Moscow was held a meeting of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril with the President of the Republic of Moldova I. N. Dodon reports patriarhiei.

In attention to the active support of Church and community initiatives of the Moldovan Orthodox Church, his Holiness Patriarch Kirill awarded I. N. Dodon the order of the Reverend Sergiy Radonejskiy of the II degree.

Thanking the head of state works for the benefit of the Church, his Holiness noted: “most of all I am glad that the Orthodox Church in Moldova is spiritually stabilizing factor in society.”

“The role of the Church as a factor which stabilizes spiritual lives, smooths out the many contradictions that ensures the unity of society — and in Moldova, the highest percentage of Orthodox people in the former Soviet Union — such a peacekeeping mission of the Church is very important,” stressed his Holiness Patriarch Kirill.

“You are well aware of the role of the Church, support to the best of Your possibilities and Your official status, so my first word of gratitude,” said his Holiness.

I. N. He in turn thanked the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church and noted that the peoples of Russia and Moldova shared spiritual values and a unified Church. Orthodox Church of Moldova is part of the Moscow Patriarchate. “Okay, and I’m sure this will continue. And the majority of citizens of Moldova consider it to be so,” said the head of state, Recalling that 98% of inhabitants of Moldova are Orthodox believers.

The President spoke about cooperation with the Metropolitan of Chisinau and all Moldova Vladimir, a joint visit various social events and their involvement in worship services, led by the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Moldova. “We carried out together in September, the world Congress of families in Chisinau, where there were representatives more than 40 countries. And this collaboration strengthens us,” the President added.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill noted the importance of joint efforts aimed at improving the welfare of the people and the development of public life. “Pray and to work together in order to improve well-being — both material and spiritual — of the Moldovan people, to have peace, unanimity, and to those phenomena that cause tension in the minds and hearts of the people died. But this should all work — the state and the Church,” continued his Holiness.

“The quality of people’s lives, and the quality of people’s lives need to involve both spiritual and material components, is what must concern ourselves with the rulers, especially if it is the Orthodox people, and, of course, the Church is its direct purpose”, — concluded the Primate of the Russian Church.

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