“Help, we ourselves are from the Donbas, as I can translate”

“You if go service, Patriarch Kirill said: help those in need. And there is nothing strange here!” Unfortunately, not always those who asks for help, ready to receive it. Sophia steblivs’ka about your experience and about what she will still find someone to help.

A scene from the movie “the adventures of Pinocchio”

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Sophia Steblivs’ka

After the service, during the week, on a fine June day at the exit of the temple in STS I was approached by a woman. Dressed normally. Not brilliance, not rags… Black jacket, albeit somewhat skimpy, but good. Flirty tied scarf. Just over fifty.

– Help than I can. My daughter and themselves from Donbass.

The dialect of the South, with a pretty fricative “g”, with nothing messed up. In the Donbass the aunt and the graves of grandparents, native place, at the heart of scratching. The words “Kramatorsk”, “debaltseve”, “Donetsk”, “Lugansk” – I are not strangers. Not to forget, in August 2014 I took a bus in the dense flow of refugees fainted dead aunt right over the garden flew, something terrible (or rather she could not tell) and then there was a dropping exploding bombs.

My aunt had a gray face, the slumped shoulders and the fear in his eyes. The bus all out. My counterpart looked compared to aunt good.

– What town are you from?

The one out – with a slight hitch, lowering her eyes – where it all began. Slavyansk – have you heard this?

Not just heard, but also visited several times. There you have a sanatorium is delightful, the mud in it is magical. My mother’s leg was treated and took me with him! And city wonderful. And Svyatogorsk Lavra – on the doorstep, and the river Donets! Beauty! Where do you live?

– Yes, there… In the center… conversation home somehow was not glued. Sometimes…

– No cash – say. – Let the phone list.

– No, you better give the phone!

I look at aunt. Two hands. Two legs. Teeth even more. And that our time is almost luck. Aunty tinted, combed handkerchief spravno – peas, ten’ki Jolly – pale blue, lipstick pink, the taste of a provincial past. Looking mischievous, not hunted, power, visible, there.

– Do you want to help me with cleaning – ask. – And that window does not wash.

– Well, you give me the phone. Decide! I, Lyudmila.

– And how old is your baby?

– 29.

– Well?

– Yes, thank God!

29. Years. The girl, as said earlier, on the age! Come, help Windows washed, curtains removed, to wash, to hang, up and down, rolled on the Moscow – ladies two thousand.

Had to part with aunt call.

Is Diana!

– What Diana?

– Lyudmila’s daughter. How much you will be able to transfer money?

I’m confused, although usually his words do not climb. The question of how storewall. Suppose, if I had the money in my purse when leaving the temple, I would give how much? Well, I suppose, as usual 100-200. And if you commit an act of delayed help – that 100 roubles to translate funny. Let it be 500-1000. Maybe even more – need to see how much money is left on the card, to figure out when the salary, remember that “the more I spend, bezbrazhny and become richer” – well, that’s all….

– You know, I haven’t decided yet.

I need to know – the namesake of the Roman goddess persists.

Is – say – how strange, tortured man – how much money he is willing to give.

I have to hang up. Reflective. Feel razdvoenie. On the one hand, people have troubles. Need help. On the other – wash Windows, help me! I got the cash, you tell me – help! In my opinion, true! And then sometimes I don’t what the window – head to wash no time!

Me flying the following text message (I quote literally): “You if go service, Patriarch Kirill said: help those in need. And there is nothing strange here!”

I think I will not answer, such a discourse went. Don’t make me Patriarch to frighten. There are authorities and scarier. And anyway, “don’t raise your tone! Does not go up, I beg of you! Do not repeat the error Terpandre!”, as he wrote donatovich!

The story of my division did not end there. After a couple of days I (!) texted Luciana – card number let’s say. Before my eyes was my aunt coming out of the hot bus, I felt bad, even though Lucy already has it apparently.

Further correspondence text messages, save literally. The replica was flying when, and when in an hour.

– Maria, how many can you translate it?

(Mary – so she called me, but not the essence. I agree to be a Mary. Probably, she has many friends – too many to remember. Juggling – work is not easy, this is not Windows to wash, rag waving.)

– 500 easy.

– Excuse Me, Maria. 500 is for what?!

– 500 – on what you want. And cleaning can give a thousand.

– There is no such price. This is wrong. We are for room only pay 1300 a day.

I’m sorry, what in the world is a lot wrong, but specifically I can give a thousand.

Yeah. Turn 1300. For an apartment.

(Feel hunted Acteon, touched by the wrath of Diana.)

– You want to say that 1300 pay on the day for the room? That is, under forty thousand for the room per month? Good probably room. For the price kopeck piece!

– And you what, thought, is the room in Moscow?

And I have all I need, he thought, and closed the Gestalt.

A day later, Diana again pricked up his arrow:

– So could you pay us the full room amount? 1300?

And most recently, the latest attempt to pull the bow:

– Maria! To help others is our duty! Pay for your room!

I confess, I did not pay Diana her grotto. Either fully or partially.

I’ll find someone to help.

I’ll wash the Windows.

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