Here’s the middle – but the bowl of soup

Artemy Lebedev, I think, really knows nothing about the charitable activities of the ROC. I think, and not want to know. I think (or I hope) that he Artemy and his family is in order and they will never need anybody’s help and no one’s mercy. But I think it’s very important the issue that Lebedev raised, well, or “surge”, as you like.

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Frankly, I could not read more than 400 comments by your Postica Topics in the “Live journal”, but obliquely viewed.

Tatiana Krasnova, photo by Anna Danilova

You know what saddens me? There is really nothing new.

Painfully familiar this diapazoni from “your father kittens drowned in the bucket” to “our father kittens with an eye dropper fed”, a pair of ubermenshey, a pair of conspiracy theorists, well, through one questions: “what about you has done for the salvation of the Fatherland, the designer sucks?”

First, it is not “sucks”, and a very good designer, and secondly…

You know, lately the Orthodox Church in Russia has made in the field of charity and social service quite a lot.

Actually, an awful lot – if we measure not by numbers, but real people.

There shelters for mothers and for the homeless, and humanitarian assistance centres, and the famous “Hangar of salvation”…

But here is my question: why is it so little know society?

It would be nice to think that it’s because good things are happening in secret, not for show, so that no one knew and once again praised.

Good idea. Only here to make trouble, insult and a movie we all strive to ban why-that loudly, and with this…

For the umpteenth time I hear this text: “we Must help so that this one does not know!” Somehow I read it as follows: “do you Want to help – go ahead, if you have nothing more to do, but I about it knew nothing, and that to me is getting on my nerves”.

I’m sorry that and I for the umpteenth time about the same, but let’s help out loud!

No, not to write their autobiographies in gold on marble, not to glorify themselves and not to tie each other halo screws, and more loudly to tell you that there’s such a shelter, which will help the clueless fifteen-year-old mother, who didn’t have the abortion, and gave birth, and now knocks, and look to pass the baby to the orphanage, and we will not let such horror happen and help! And have help, go to us soon!

Or here, for example, in winter, the homeless fed and clothed – Oh Yes we are, well done us, come to us, good man, who came to the Church for salvation with service to the neighbor, get up with us next, here’s the middle, here, a bowl of soup…

See, the Church in Russia is already huge. And information, sorry, the field is still visible, as can be seen all over Moscow, in every residential district of the Golden dome of the new temples. So maybe you should try and make the charitable work of the Church was not secret and modest?

Let the ruble to sacrifice secretly, and that’s about it all to sound at all intersections? So people go to Church just to serve each other (and we have no other way to serve God, only this, truth, honest!).

The people to know that the temple will give them not a ruler to measure the righteousness, not the flamethrower to burn the contamination, not the mandate “of the righteous”, not a license to destroy the sin in their neighbors, but these wonderful tools of recovery: a diaper, a rag, a bowl of soup…

And if we’re still “Parisa” – consciously or unconsciously – so let’s really promote good things and not nonsense…

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