His Holiness Patriarch Kirill celebrated the funeral of Nikolay Karachentsov


October 29, 2018 at the Church of the Resurrection in Uspensky Vrazhek in Bryusov pereulok Moscow his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill celebrated the funeral service for actor Nikolai Petrovich Karachentsov is an Orthodox Christian, people’s artist of the RSFSR, laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation, reports patriarhiei. N. P. Karachentsov died on October 26, the day before her 74th birthday.

Civil farewell ceremony was held in the building of the theatre “Lenkom”. After the ceremony the coffin with the body of the actor was transported to the Church in Bryusov lane.

Before beginning the rite of burial service, his Holiness Patriarch Kirill addressed with the word to the participants of the memorial services:

“Dear Lyudmila Andreevna! Dear brothers and sisters!

We bid farewell to the last journey of man, which is loved by thousands and thousands. Nikolai Petrovich was very bright life. About this lately, and a lot of good has been said by people more enlightened in the theatre than I, and because I’m not going to characterize it as an artist, as an artist, as a human, multi-faceted talent which is so clearly revealed in the Russian scene.

I would like to say about the last years of the life of Nikolai Petrovich. We know that as a result of a severe accident he was in very limited conditions of the manifestation of all that was the essence of his life. He could not Express himself as an actor, as an artist. In General, his life was very limited. And the seal of sorrow and suffering in a special way laid down in these last years of his life. It’s hard to say what would happen to Nikolai Petrovich, if not Lyudmila Andreevna and those loved ones who shared these recent years which gave the possibility to Nikolay Petrovich to get in touch with the world to which he belonged.

Not just a life ends in the grave. If it were so, then all our existence has become meaningless. When some are arguing that there is no afterlife, talking about the need to live for the next generations, we should raise the question: why? Why life should be given some kind of next generation? This means that the next generation is certainly more elevated, more enlightened spiritually, stronger than the previous generation? Yes, absolutely not. The meaning of human life is found only in the immortality of the human soul, because every human person is precious in the sight of God. Everyone has a special place in God’s world. And his life does not end with the coffin, she continues. And if the soul is immortal, free, and designed to develop here, in earthly life, passes into eternal life, it means that personality development continues beyond the grave. We are here a short time on earth to eternity, we lived a different life, keeping their talents and abilities, developing all that is in us, but in the rays of God’s glory and God’s truth. That’s why memorial services in the Church committed by priests in bright robes, as in the day of Christ’s Resurrection. Because we don’t believe in the power of death. If it’s the power to believe, life becomes meaningless.

Now, performing the burial service, let us pray all together that the Lord took the soul of His servant Nicholas in Their eternal Heavenly Abode, to open before him the door of eternal life to reassure those of relatives today who are experiencing separation from near and dear for them man.

In our memory of Nikolay Petrovich will remain as a great actor with outstanding talent and ability and as human beings, with faith held in the heart of the hardest years of testing at the end of his mortal career. Eternal memory to him. Amen.”

At the Liturgy concelebrating were: Protopresbyter Volodymyr Diakov, Secretary of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia for the city of Moscow; Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, rector of the Church, Vice-Chairman of the Department for external Church relations; Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov, a senior priest of the Alekseevsky Stavropegial convent in Moscow; Archpriest Andrew Maruschak, cleric of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow; hieromonk Mitrofan (matisyn), the caretaker of the Patriarchal and Synodal residence in the Danilov monastery; hieromonk Nektarios (Sokolov), monk of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra; and Moscow clerics.

Chants of the rite of burial service was performed by the choir of the Church of the Resurrection in Uspensky Vrazhek (Regent — honored artist Rybakov).

In the temple prayed for the widow of Nikolai Petrovich Lyudmila Andreevna Porgina, the son of Andrey Karachentsov, grandchildren, relatives, colleagues in creative activity — Inna Churikova, Dmitry Pevtsov, Dmitry Kharatyan, Irina Muravyova and others, friends and admirers of the deceased.

Burial N.P. Karachentsov was held on Troekurov cemetery.

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