Historical Park “Russia — My story” opens after extensive renovation


24 December 2018 flagship historical Park in Moscow, opened after a six-month renovation that has completely changed the interior and the composition exhibits the 57th pavilion of VDNKH. Guests of the Park waiting for new exhibitions, exclusive halls: “Historical Instagram” the quest for the Moscow Kremlin and multimedia tree of the Romanov portraits with live, interactive adventure game “Rook” game room “Nobles and peasants” and new design of public areas, modern projection equipment and a new exhibition “Russia-My story. 1945-2016”.

At the beginning of its fourth year of operation historical Park has prepared many interesting and unusual innovations that will help all visitors discover the wonderful world of Russian history. One of the major innovations was the zone that combines a quest, an interactive attraction and educational space. These new halls are located on the expositions of the rurikids and the Romanovs on an area of over 500 square meters.

Interactive-adventure “Boat” is essentially a historical attraction dedicated to the famous route “from the Varangians to the Greeks” — literally stuffed with electronics, in order to convey a sense of complicity in the trip that did merchants in ancient times. These waves a six-point storm the sound of thunder and flash of lightning, the management of these paddles or the real brunt of a wooden ship, carrying on the ropes on land provided by dozens of sensors and complex audio-visual script, and most importantly, by the hands of visitors.

Historical instagram and multimedia tree of the Romanovs — the neighboring facilities where implemented an old dream Park visitors, “Russia — My story” — to learn more about the glorious era. Thus, in the first of them are animated by animating the portraits of the monarchs, where in addition to exploring the activities of each need to answer a series of questions in an interactive mode, passing on the route chosen: “Educators”, “Warlords”, “Reformers” and others. And in the second hall of the exhibition of the famous historical paintings are presented in the form of social network with the ability to deliver real like the story or the beautiful execution.


“Hall of a thousand secrets” — the so-called new quest is already integrated in the exhibition Rurik, who will talk about the ancient history of the Moscow Kremlin — from wood to brick. Made in the form of the labyrinth of the Kremlin wall, the quest-the Kremlin will conduct the visitor through a variety of events that left a mark in the history of the main Russian fortress. Who knows, maybe sticking out of the wall axe or quietly extended brick keep secrets and information left by the builders for posterity and so we need to move forward through the historical quest. To try yourself in the role of ancient masters, to test your strength and agility with a saw and a winch in the hands, learn the history of the construction of the Kremlin buildings and just walk at different times of the day to the old city and surrounded by unusual sounds of street life — a real adventure for inquiring minds.

Perhaps the most interactive and involving game hall is the “Nobles and peasants”, where his “voice”, the action and the job has virtually every subject. To find out how different the life of a peasant and the boyar families, which products are included in the diet of both, to properly set the table for dinner, to find a pair of objects and make them “talk” — here is a list of tasks a games room, where, of course, there are secrets.

All the historical attractions, quests, game areas are represented in the entourage of the inner space of the pavilion, where among these innovations appeared the promised fourth exhibition of the project “Russia — My story. 1945-2016” telling the story of our time.

For the past five years “Russia — My story” to the project received a large number of suggestions for improving the exhibits from visitors and experts. In the current reconstruction, in addition to tasks to make visiting the Park even more interesting, we have tried to accommodate the wishes of our audience. Therefore, in addition to exciting work on the creation of a bright new interactives and quests, was conducted by global research produced a new archive of photographs and videos, collected some interesting facts, emphasizing topics relevant to themselves and connected with the life of every family”, — said the Director of the Moscow historical Park “Russia — My story” Ivan Esin.

Read more about the design of youth recreation and updates regarding content, can be found on the project website myhistorypark.ru.

The reconstruction is carried out by the Fund for Humanitarian Projects under the auspices of the Patriarchal Council for culture with the support of the Moscow Government, the sponsorship of JSC Norilsk Nickel.

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