Holocaust memorial Museum accused the “Islamic state” not only terrorism, but also genocide. As reported in a new report, ISIS is trying to destroy all of the Yazidis in Northern Iraq. In addition, this army of terrorists have kidnapped or murdered thousands of members of other religious minorities, including Christians. The report also describes the fate of hundreds of thousands of Yezidis, Christians and other people who still remain in camps for the displaced after they fled from ISIS in 2014.

“In our eyes for three months, the region was almost completely denuded of religious and ethnic minorities. According to our data, more than eight hundred thousand members of religious minorities were driven from the region,” says Cameron Hudson of the Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA).

“These communities are still in danger. Hundreds of thousands of people still live in Iraqi Kurdistan in terrible conditions. Currently, they can not return home because Islamic state continues to hold their land,” says Naomi Killer, an employee of the us Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA).

In the report of the “Islamic state” called the first terrorist organization that committed the genocide, and indicates that a large number of displaced persons in dire need of humanitarian assistance as winter approaches.

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