Holy mountain observed phenomenon Svetoteknika image of the virgin


The phenomenon Svetoteknika image of the Mother of God prayer observed on 3 September, the brethren of the Athonite monastery of St. Panteleimon – according to the portal “Russian Athos.”

As is known, on August 21 / September 3, 1903 in Russian on Athos St. Panteleimon monastery occurred the miraculous appearance of the blessed virgin Mary: during the distribution of alms at the Holy Gates of the monastery Panteleimonova the photo was taken, which was subsequently captured image of the Mother of God, receiving alms from the hands of the old monk among the poor brethren.


Holy mountain believe that this is the miracle of the apparition of the blessed virgin in time of almsgiving is an action the plans of the Mother of God about His Lot pursuant to the data It promises, and is a continuous chain of such miraculous events were in different time of the history of the Holy Mountain.


In 2013, the decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, the feast Svetoteknika image of the Mother of God (21 August / 3 September) was introduced in Mesyatseslov the Russian Orthodox Church. One of the first temples in honour of the appearance Svetoteknika image of the virgin outside of Athos was opened in the same year in Kiev. The veneration of this miraculous event spread out in different dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church. It is particularly revered by the Orthodox believers in Estonia, in Kohtla-Jarve, where there was a secondary phenomenon svetoteknika image of the Mother of God, similar to God not made with hands.

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