Horoscope: people not canned

If astronomy is a science studying the stars and heavenly space, astrology, watching the stars, trying to predict the future and therefore belongs to the sphere of the occult Sciences. Play an important role in horoscope and zodiac signs. Astrology predicts the future, watching the constellations, but such a prediction is not based on divine truth.


Hardly any illustrated magazine, weekly magazine or newspaper will do without in order not to print the horoscope. It is said that once an astrologer who worked in one big newspaper, have not had time to draw up a horoscope, and the room was already ready for printing. With no time, the editor decided to use a different horoscope, which have already been published in the newspaper six years ago. The editor thought that it will fall a lot of letters of complaint, but to his surprise, it received no letters. It dawned on me: “why should we pay an astrologer? Because you can just reprint the old horoscope.” No sooner said than done. Only six months later, some readers complained that they read a horoscope’ve met before. But the rest of the readers — and there were hundreds of thousands — they didn’t noticed and continued to blindly believe in horoscopes.

Pagan roots

The basics of “astrological calendar” was founded the Chaldean and Babylonian priests about five thousand years ago, and it has no Christian roots or background.

At that time, the observation of the sky was carried out without the known art technical equipment. It was widely believed that the heaven like a vaulted canopy, in which all the stars located with respect to each other in the form of a carpet. Today we know that it is not so: the stars are not located in one plane, but also to each other, because space has depth. Today astronomers estimate the depth of space several billion light years. What we see in the sky is an illusion, as the stars are in different planes.

Arbitrary division

The zodiac describes the orbit at which the Sun passes during the year. This circle is divided into twelve parts, but this division is purely arbitrary, and there is no evidence that there should be exactly twelve.
The Chaldeans have established a link between these parts of the solar orbit and the religious symbols of the Babylonian gods. They found some constellation where the stars are connected by imaginary lines, formed to any shape, for example, the lion, and then called this part of the sky “constellation of Lion”. Thus, the signs of the zodiac represent only imaginary characters.

Amazing interpretation of the character

Astrologers claim that “people born under the sign of Aries, is often a serious and decisive, but at the same time, irritable and inconsistent. Because of its hasty and usually ill-considered decisions and actions, they are themselves the cause of their own ills and failures.”

Maybe now you are asking yourself: “Who is it knows me too well?” However, more surprising is that any description is so common that suitable for every person. Does everyone at one time to be “serious and decisive”? And “irritable and inconsistent”? This description absolutely does not prove anything.

Who is right?

Dear reader, from astrology you don’t know anything, they did not know before. The trouble is that it refers to the set of tools used by the devil, and in this case we are dealing with things that God clearly prohibits.
Oddly enough, in their work, astrologers use different methods. Some believe that the basis for the horoscope is the time of your birth. You need to name not only the day and the hour, but minute, and best of all even second. It is assumed that the constellation that appeared on the Eastern part of the sky at the moment of your birth determines your life. Others do the calculations on the constellation, which at the moment of birth is in the sky vertically; still others believe that the determining factor is the time of conception. Would know him. The question arises: which method is correct?

The point of view of God

Now let’s see what he says about astrologers Scripture: “You are tired a lot of your advice; let them are observers of the heavens, stargazers, and prognosticators on the new moon, and save you from what shall befall you. Here they are as stubble: the fire had burned them, did not spare their soul from the flame; nothing was left of the coal to warm, nor fire to sit before it” (Isaiah 47:13, 14).

According to the Bible, astrology is an abomination.

Fatal horoscope

Astrology is not only a betrayal of God; those who are fond of it, fall into heavy dependence on it. One businessman told me: “I think a lot about astrology. She’s just amazing! Don’t know what I would do without her!” He then reported that at the beginning of year has made your horoscope. It said that the second week of August will be for him unhappy. This man assured me, “Very well, what I know about it. All week I’m not going to get out of the house. I’m behind the wheel will not sit down, because I don’t want to get into an accident”.

This man became the slave of his horoscope and fell into dependence on a piece of paper. At the end of the conversation he said, “I even know when I die, only my wife doesn’t want to believe it”.

I’m happy that you don’t know the date of his death. I thank God that He revealed to me that. I’m happy to abandon this insight. I want to consciously live each day that God gave me, under His leadership. May God help me to live knowing that my life could end any day. My life is in God’s hands, and it soothes me.

One woman, with the head lost in astrology and predictions, did not want to accept that there’s something wrong. She thought it was harmless fun until, until God revealed to her the truth: “For thus saith the Lord, let not man deceive you by the prophets who are among you, and your diviners; do not listen to your dreams which you dream; they prophesy falsely unto you in My name; I have not sent them, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 29:8, 9).

After reading this passage, the woman confessed: “I didn’t know that God calls liars and soothsayers. I didn’t know that in his eyes the prophecy is a sin”.

Dear reader, you should not flirt with sin and walk in God forbidden area. If He warned, He has a reason for it, believe me!

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