Hospice, children’s playgrounds, auctions and work as a conductor

Russian players became heroes Sunday, after the victory in the match with Spain. “Pravmir” tells how the athletes are not only football, but also charity.

Artem Dzyuba. Photo: Victoria Lamzina of FC “Zenit”

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Sergei was a fan of CSKA for 5 years, Akinfeev caught up with him at training

Goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev twice helped seriously ill patients of the hospice. Last year he was asked to fulfill the dream of Mikhail Seleznev, who had a brain tumor. He wanted to go in training players of CSKA and meet the players.

Photo: Zaal Danelia / childrenshospice.ru

In just two days the meeting was arranged, and 23-year-old Michael, along with his wife and mother arrived at the field “WEB Arena”. Igor Akinfeev met a guy, gave him a ball autographed by the team and offered to look at the training right on the bench.

And in 2015 Akinfeev responded to the dream of another fan who is also a patient of the hospice of Sergei. The guy along with a sister 5 years rooting for CSKA and, of course, wanted to meet with the players of your favorite team. Deputy Director of the Children’s hospice “House of a lighthouse” the lead of Maniava told about his dream in his Facebook and a week later the meeting took place.

Photo: hospicefund.ru

Sergey met Igor in Moscow at stadium “October”, an hour he could chat with their favourite player and together they watched the team’s training.

“I lifted her head — and there Igor! Didn’t expect it to be! Thought will come, sign and leave. And he as a person, walked with us, talked”, — said Sergey later.

Artem Dzyuba promised to be a conductor, if you collect money for treatment of a teenager

Two years ago forward of the St. Petersburg club Artem Dzyuba has promised to work as a conductor, if they collected money for Alesha’s treatment Krinitsky, ward “Rusfond”. The boy with Fanconi’s anemia needed medication after bone marrow transplantation.

In April 2016, the money was collected and Artem after the briefing the real conductor came on the tram route №3. The road to the metro station “Sennaya Ploschad” and back to square Repin took 40 minutes. All this time Artem “objectival” passengers, signing autographs and posing for pictures with those wishing. Alesha had been with him.

Artem Dzyuba and Alyosha. Photo: Victoria Lamzina of FC “Zenit”

“In this case really need the mindfulness to remember all who are in the salon. But overall it went well. Was, it seems, only one hare, which we do not have time to cover, but the villain has traveled only one stop,” he said afterwards to journalists.

Photo: Victoria Lamzina of FC “Zenit”

In the framework of the joint action “Rusfond” club FC “Zenit” in the treatment of the boy has collected more than 800 thousand rubles. Unfortunately, a month after the stock Alyosha died.

Rehabilitation of a boy with cerebral palsy lacked 100 thousand – 2 hours Kudryashova transferred the entire amount

Russian national team defender Fedor Kudryashov helps children’s center in his hometown of Bratsk, where do the children from 3 to 7 years. According to Fedor, in his childhood, there was a lot of children’s sections (football, volleyball, ball hockey), and now they are all closed.

“A friend of mine with whom I played as a child on one box, showed me his business plan for the establishment of this center and asked for support. I looked, agreed,” Fedor told reporters.

And last year he and his wife helped four-year-old Pasha Kovalenko from Bratsk. The boy has cerebral palsy, in 4 years he can’t speak. Mama Pasha Kovalenko wrote a post on Facebook and asked me to help her family to raise funds for the rehabilitation of almost 200 thousand rubles.

Pasha Kovalenko mom

“I wasn’t even hoping to collect the entire amount. And then they called me a good man. His name is Rustam, he is a player. Did a repost in the social networks to help Pasha”, – said Olga.

So about the history of the boy found out the wife of Feodor Kudryashov Anastasia. She called the woman learned how much money was missing and within two hours transferred 100 thousand rubles. “I’m extremely grateful to them, as well as all the other people who also responded,” – said Olga.

Fedor Kudryashov with his wife and children

T-shirt Messi for 1 million rubles, Ronaldo – 2

Igor Smolnikov wife Catherine along with his wife, Oleg Shatov Victoria founded the project Play and Help.

Women engaged in the orphanages, then decided to hold a charity auction to benefit the Foundation “B. E. L. A. butterfly Children”. Then they were able to collect 16 million rubles. After that, Catherine and Olga realized that they could, with the support of his friends and colleagues, and spouses to raise money to support charitable projects.

Catherine and Victoria Smolnikova.

At the auctions of sold things associated with the famous athletes, for example, sticks Kovalchuk and Ovechkin. One of the most expensive lots were t-shirts signed Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Famous players was asked to sign specifically for the project. In the end, Messi t-shirt was sold more than 1 million rubles, Ronaldo – 2. One of the most expensive lots – a few times stuffed sweater Ilya Kovalchuk, cost of 2.1 million rubles.

Playground from Sergei Ignashevich

Sergei Ignashevich is included in the Board of Trustees of the Foundation “Hope for tomorrow” and helps to build children’s playgrounds across Russia. In 2013, thanks to his help, was constructed Playground for the pupils of the correctional orphanage in the Yaroslavl region.

The construction of the site cost more than 300 thousand rubles. More than half (190 thousand) was able to collect on the auction, which was exhibited the boots and t-shirt, Sergei, and jerseys of football stars from his collection.

Photo: hftw.ru

“The Playground has various small architectural forms for children of three age groups – around 6 to 12 years, – said the Chairman of the Board Paul Mozzhukhin. – The cost including delivery, installation and coverage amounted to little more than 300 thousand rubles, and Sergey made the entire remaining amount”.

Prior to this Fund, together with Sergey has funded the construction of soccer fields in the city Karabanovo (Vladimir oblast), a children’s Playground in the town of Safonovo (Smolensk oblast), as well as the construction of a universal Playground in the orphanage “Nest” in Smolensk.

Sergei Ignashevich in the project #FOTBALOVEHO in support of people with down syndrome. Photo: Ivan Kurinnoy

In 2016 Sergei Ignashevich took part in the flashmob Fund “Live” and made a donation in his favor.

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