Hostage of the North: “Volochanka – Russia, probably”

To leave, residents of the far North are forced to queue in the night once a week to walk to the village administration to sign up to the secret lists and to declare a hunger strike. And the road can still take weeks and cost tens of thousands of rubles.

Denis Terebenin. Photo: Facebook

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Life on the Taimyr Peninsula (Krasnoyarsk territory) were always extreme. Cold, snowy winters with the polar night and the snowstorm, when the frost reaches 60 degrees. Short and cool summers, during which seizes the midges. Therefore, leave the northerners tend to fly to the mainland to rest, recuperate, stock up on products. But, put people in harsh conditions, power from year to year does not solve the issue of transport. Comes to the absurd – most of the time people spend on the road to a place of rest.

The map of Krasnoyarsk Krai

This year, with flights was even worse, the only major airport of Taimyr “Alykel” there is a repair of the runway and number of flights from the Peninsula to the mainland was less at times. First take out students who need to do and organized groups of schoolchildren on vacation. Fly armor for officials and travel expenses, as well as those who have an emergency – the funeral of relatives, health problems. Ordinary holidaymakers forced to wait for departure for weeks.

Photo: Facebook / Denis Terebikchin

“Volochanka – Russia, probably”

Wait dad! Our dad is in jail and doesn’t fly into space, but to come still can not. He’s just a geography teacher in Volochanka. But we will definitely wait for because Volochanka – Russia, probably“.

It is written in social networks NASU Terebithia. From late spring it with a three year old Michaela and ten-month-old Dylan lives with relatives of her husband in the country near Rostov-on-don. As a rule, so do all northerners – in the summer of trafficked children to the sun and fruit. Denis Tarabykin, headmaster and geography teacher in the village of Volochanka, (the Taymyr district of Krasnoyarsk region) was supposed to fly to family on vacation at the end of June – immediately after the Commission of the CPS will decide whether to open in Volodarskoe school a branch school of the arts.

To leave Volochanka in two ways – by helicopter, which flies once a week on Wednesdays, or SUV at the impassable tundra (method is suitable only for extreme tourists). In the village live about 500 people. To fly away on vacation in the early summer I want most. A ticket for the helicopter can only be purchased immediately before departure. As there is no 100 percent guarantee that he will be going – bad weather, flight is cancelled.

Airport Volochanka

Traditionally, the villagers on the flight are recorded in a week. This summer in the lists of two-digit numbers – 48, 53. If you did not get on the flight, your turn is not saved – come back in a week and sign up for a new one. No way to book the ticket in advance either. Denis, enrolling for the first time, got to the line 38. Given that the capacity of the aircraft 17 out of Volochanka he “threatened” to come soon. However, after a week he was 43.

“Hunger strike”

This situation on the Taimyr Peninsula. Last year Denis was away on helicopter of the Ministry of defence, the delegation which arrived to the village on a business trip. But it can do so not all. The majority of residents, especially indigenous people, the just and silent suffering. For example, last year an employee of the local meteorological station of the 40 days of vacation 25 days of waiting, when will be able to fly to Dudinka.

Being pregnant wife of Denis NASA could not 3 weeks to get home. First long rang administration of Volochanka to join the queue, then turned it on the 40th place. Fortunately, in Dudinka her mum lives and is where to wait. And those who have no relatives, what to do? The situation escalated to the limit. And Denis went on a hunger strike.

I declare a hunger strike. Require the execution of Articles of the Constitution 27 (freedom of movement), Article 37 (right to leisure), Article 41 (health care) for themselves and their fellow villagers. We live for children, women and the elderly. Personally, I earned a vacation and want to use it. I need it. I want to see my family. I have to deal with health. I have to see my elderly mom should not see my children grow up. It is my right“.

This post on his page on the social network posted the next day after fasting of his wife, caused a flurry of comments. Northerners, tired of this situation, supported by a bold Director.

Denis Terebenin. Photo: Facebook

– I’m not fighting for myself, and for the people. How much can you tolerate this. To this year to send students to Anapa, where they have never in my life was, I was forced to appeal personally to the head of administration of Taimyr Sergei Tkachenko, he gave the command. Every day people come, the look in his eyes and ask for help or to Board a child, mother. But it’s not my job, I finished school, the delivery of coal for the winter, I’m just a Director. Why people in no work, not soothing, not explains?

People stand at night in some natural queues to get the right morning to go to the office “great recorder” to record in a notebook.

Anyone with children should go to the hospital, to state agencies for references. My older colleagues grandchildren in the shelter of Dudinka, and she can’t fly to pick them up… It’s a shame and a tragedy! Four years ago I took a school emergency, we all the forces managed to recover. And there is a vacation available to go. Therefore, another way that the hunger strike was never seen again. I’m going on an extreme measure, since the solution of these issues people who are not familiar with the concepts of human rights.

Helicopters add

The authorities tried to dissuade Dennis from such radical actions and were asked to wait in parallel by sending to him a paramedic so he fixed the condition. The village is small, everyone knows each other, officials hoped to persuade the principal to abandon the hunger strike.

– Of course, I had the opportunity to use the armor. The very next day after the announcement of the hunger strike I got a call from the village administration and said that they are ready to land the helicopter is someone. I refused. My number is 43, so for me there are people. I’m not going to take someone else’s place, not in climb. I am the Director of the school, not the weasel.

Helicopter flying in Volochanka

After two days of hunger strike in Volochanka arrived two helicopters at once. And the Director flew the second plane. And with it all other interested persons. How did you manage to solve the problem. Most likely, in order not to aggravate the situation, the district administration used the reserve, which adhered to for the fall.

– Indeed, the tension of the mission is the place to be, says the head of the Peninsula Sergey Tkachenko. – There are several reasons. First, in early June there is always ice and flights suspended for a week and a half. As soon as the break ends tend to fly all who were waiting for all this time. Second, it was at this time on the Taimyr Peninsula starts summer sale campaign. And third – this year we have reduced rates on tickets from 9 000 to 5 000 rubles, so the increased number of people willing to spend summer vacations “on the continent”. We have made every effort to ease social tensions, efforts are being made to increase the frequency of flights. For the past two weeks, in addition to the main flight, are two additional. This week will be three flights. Will try to follow this approach as long as everyone leave the village.

The helicopter, which flew Dennis and all of the remaining comers

And what’s more, local officials have now promised to personally call residents and tell what is their place on the flight at the moment.

Without a higher power, not cost

But as it turned out, to fly out of Volochanka was half the battle. The next stage in the quest “out on vacation” – out of Dudinka. Buy a ticket in advance it is impossible – it is not known what number you get to Dudinka. When Denis arrived at the airport, tickets in cash desks was not to one of the directions. Neither in Krasnoyarsk, nor in Surgut or in Moscow or in Novosibirsk or anywhere else. You can sign up on a waiting list. But there’s also already a month in advance.

The Director continued to write about their movement in social networks, someone in the comments suggested to go with the Yenisei. Turned out the next day to Krasnoyarsk leaves the ship “Valery Chkalov”. But… the ticket is closed.

Dudinka from the ship

I went to the pier. Looked around a lot of passengers with infants, and also not everyone has tickets. All we are waiting for information from the cashier about availability. I then offered to do all the thinking for months about tickets, and those who six months ago gave birth, and was just the ticket to book? A week with babies “hang out” on the Yenisei…

I was ready though a sailor, though the deck wash just to get on the ship. Yes, the price as on the plane, but to go more than 5 days, but somehow moving.

To pray is not learned, but without a higher power, has not done. At the “Chkalov” was a place. Thanks to hegumen Agafangel (White) for a blessing.

The Ship Valeriy Chkalov

Why no tickets from Dudinka? The authorities rely on the repair of the runway, which is now in its second year and asked to buy tickets in advance. But even those who tried to do failed.

– With me in the cabin lived a family – a mother and son is a trumpet player. They went to Moscow, to the master of music for a consultation. Was planning a trip in six months. Six months ago, ticket was not there. I have the feeling that someone is artificially holding them back. Tickets somehow miraculously appear on one site, on the other. And prices are totally different. Sometimes the cost of a flight from Dudinka to Moscow comes to 72 000.

Sunset on the Yenisei

German boat along the Yenisei river

The trip from Dudinka to Krasnoyarsk, the ship took 5 days and 10 hours. Denis got a ticket second class for 14 000 rubles. First grade – 22 000 rubles, the third is 11 000. Conditions depending on the class are not particularly distinguished, the second – similar to the compartments in the train – compartment for two people. The third is also the coupé, but six. Plus, every day need to feed.

The restaurant ship

Lunch in the restaurant (other options are not available) cost about 400 rubles. But the ship was legendary, almost a Museum piece, 1953 year built, birthplace – Germany, in Siberia it was distilled on the Northern sea route. With toilets, showers.

Denis organized on the boat improvisitory concert

– Go to Yenisei, interesting, the original village, the old believers, only in two places we moored to the Wharf and the other passengers landed on the boat, who swam from the shore. But time, of course, sorry, pieces cut from holiday, will not return.

Conservatives on a boat trip to the ship

On the way to Krasnoyarsk, it became clear that the ship is delayed – due to fog had four hours to stand at anchor. And instead of the planned scheduled – 20.00, he arrived at the port of Krasnoyarsk at midnight. And after five hours he has already had the plane in Rostov-on-don – ticket, as he walked along the Yenisei, NASA bought on the Internet.

On the banks of the Yenisei snow

Denis managed.

In the end, all the way from Volochanka in Rostov-on-don took him 8 days and cost 50 000 rubles. Although he was traveling either in a five star hotel in Turkey, but just for Russia.

As a family will return home in August to Volochanka nobody knows. The school principal may be late by 1 September. Most likely they will have the next quest “return from vacation”.

Family Turbinyh was found

Syndasko not let go

In other settlements of Taimyr situation is similar. Although everywhere has its own nuances. For example, with the beginning of navigation (this year it started in early June) do not fly helicopters in the “lower” villages Khatanga district (Novorybnaya, Popigai, syndasko). Only special flights. People get to the major cities where you can fly to the mainland on boats.

Passengers boarding a boat in Syndasko

The boat of syndasko (one of the northernmost settlements in the world, located on the border of Krasnoyarsk Krai and Yakutia) to Khatanga is approximately 12 hours, back – 15. The boat people are “on each other”. If, rose in the cabin, immediately losing him and then sail standing passengers sit or sleep in turns. The boat stops about three kilometers from the village, no Wharf, no pier, no shelter, no transportation to get there, we have to go with children and bags. There is a boat every 10 days and then in the presence of weather.

Passengers boarding a boat in Syndasko

Despite the fact that the authorities are trying to point to solve the problem and to respond to critical moments, it is clear that the forces of only one of Taymyr and the Krasnoyarsk region even it is not resolved. Volochanka, and the North is still Russia. And if the country needs that in the North people lived, the conditions of existence there must be human.

Photo of Denis Terebithia and from the family archive

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