Last week the leaders of North and South Korea held a historic meeting (27 April 2018). For the first time since 1953, the North Korean leader visited South Korea. Meanwhile, Christian leaders are called its primary task of combating crimes in the sphere of human rights in North Korea.

In a joint statement, both leaders agreed on the establishment of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, but did not provide any specific details of achieving this goal. In his Twitter President Donald trump welcomed the meeting, writing: “good things Happen, but only time will tell.”

Meanwhile, Christian leaders are called its primary task of combating crimes in the sphere of human rights in North Korea. Susan Solti, from the Coalition for freedom in North Korea said that the situation will change only prayer and fasting: “the statement was made in January at the Congress on international religious freedom. It was then that the chief expert on Juche in fact religion North Korea — said that the struggle with the demonic in this country we need not just to pray but also to fast and to cry out to Almighty God on behalf of the people of North Korea, which suffers from the most brutal dictatorships in modern history,” she says.

MHN: IN North Korea there is a great revival in anticipation of the upcoming summit between President trump and Kim Jong-UN. Do you think this is an answer to prayer?

Susan Solti:

With God nothing is impossible. But when it comes to Kim Jong UN, we should at least demand that he freed the Americans, which keeps behind bars. We must demand that he stop torturing his people, when they try to escape. There are certain things that, in my opinion, would be obvious signs of change in the soul of Kim Jong-UN. But I simply can not see.

MHN: Last week of April was declared a Week of freedom in North Korea. Tell us what happened and what is the significance of this week.

There is one idea that is often heard during the last Weeks of freedom in North Korea. This is what was said by many defectors: “the Truth will make them free.” One young woman who was part of the elite, lived in Pyongyang. And his mother ran a restaurant frequented by the elite. According to her, the brainwashing there was so strong that when he died, Kim Jong-Il, it seemed to her that she dies. Her whole family thought they were going to die because he is their God. And she said that when she learned that Kim is not a God, and learned about the one true God, then everything changed. And so we decided to make this the theme of the Week of freedom North Korea: “the Truth will make them free.”
During the week this year we focused on the work done by North Korean defectors through the radio. We have a daily radio broadcast which is made by the North Koreans. This is the partnership between American churches and North Korean defectors. This radio program is broadcast daily to North Korea. We will continue to launch balloons to distribute leaflets with information, and to smuggle across the border flash drives and hard drives that contain a lot of information for North Koreans. So they can learn about the outside world. That is why we want to focus on activities of North Korean defectors — to change the heart and soul of the people of North Korea. The truth will set them free.

Keep praying about freedom in North Korea. By the way, the organization Solti conducted the Week of freedom North Korea in Seoul. For change in the country, favored by many religious and human rights organizations. You can help them — information on the website “CBN News”.

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