How to deal with disappointment in a leader?

“I was disappointed in the leader” — how often that phrase, sometimes habitual, zips in the conversations of believers and even those who God is already a considerable number of years. And like the phrase — “do Not trust in man” is familiar to far and wide, but a situation of frustration in people, especially in spiritual leaders just at times knock many off balance. How not to succumb to frustration and continue to follow God, if the man who was once the example for you and your partner have failed?

Have you heard of the story, and, maybe, themselves faced with situations where a leader or pastor led a secret life, did wrong or fell into serious sin? Often, when people find out about it, it’s really baffling. After all, to go on and survive in life, to continue to believe, if the person who taught how to live right and inspired not to give up, he was in “the pit”? And does not it, that all he said was true?

Unfortunately, many people such cases are really “knock”. The example that forced them to stay afloat, he could not resist and failed. What then? How often do we see a situation when for this reason people leave the Church, I think that there are only lies and just depart from God.

The truth is, it really is a painful phenomenon for the followers of “fallen” leaders. But despite this, God’s desire is that we kept for Him, no matter what happens. The people themselves are imperfect. And any man how hard it was, can’t be sure completely that you will not fall ever. Because by nature everyone has weaknesses. And the secret of those who were able to remain faithful to God all his life that they continued to stand in the truth, even if there were some “storms”. However, there are not those who never make mistakes. Of course, any sin carries consequences, but somehow, God is able to forgive and to raise again the human.

When we understand this, we are in no hurry to rush “convictions” in person, and realize that he has weaknesses, and unfortunately, at some point it just failed with something to deal with.

The Bible says: “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:8-9).

When someone “fell”, remember that you too must have made mistakes. Continue to follow God, even if you were disappointed in your “example”. And please don’t put her hope in man, because he is a man. So it will be easier to perceive this world, and you don’t have to despair.

God is not in vain in the Scripture reminds us that in his heart we always put Him first and fully relied on Him, not raising people in a position of “God”. Otherwise you will always be disappointed, not having found ideal. Because they simply do not exist.

Only God the power of any person. And if he continues to take it from God, that he will be able to get through life, remained true to Him. Don’t let disappointment envelop you, also knowing that there are good examples. Just keep moving and be close with God no matter what happens.

Anna Sutorina especially for GOD.NEWS

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