The movement “Territory of responsibility” of the Association “Emmanuel” continues a series of educational Pro-family activities. With great success in September held a seminar on “transfer from childhood to adulthood. What you need to know the parent of a teenager”, organized with the support of the Alliance “Ukraine for the family”.

Mack Ogren, Director of “Outback International” — an international Ministry focused on adolescents and their parents told how to fulfill the main goal of parenting: to bring the maturing of the child from under his guardianship and placed under the protection of God.

“When children come with challenges, the Pope wants to solve them. Because he became successful by solving problems. But the father is precisely the moment to leave them, so they got the experience. This is a revelation for many fathers, in fact. And it was a revelation for me,” — said Steve Weber, President of the Association “Emmanuel”.

“Outback International” organizes special events (the”JH Ranch”), during which time adolescents spend with their parents together for a few days. The family learns to overcome obstacles, to listen to each other and new ways to access the value of the relationship. The service has for many years successfully works in several countries.

“The question is not whether to accept only information, but to do something together, says Mack Ogren, Director of “Outback International”. — On a ranch a lot of territory, which hosts different events. Created an atmosphere of fun, recreation. Children in such a situation it is better to listen. And we adults, too, better listen.”

“We already hold events and now want to “Outback” arrived in Ukraine in full. In order to influence, to help the families to have a quality Foundation in my life that will give blessed fruit in generations”, — said Vitaly Orlov, the head of the Alliance “Ukraine For the Family”.

Mack Ogren is clearly explained that the role of parents in a child’s life needs to change over time, giving children greater freedom and responsibility. To five years children need guardians, five to twelve parents in the role of police, with 12 to 17 — trainers, and the majority mother and father should become the child’s consultants.

“This is a very practical tool, it starts with a deep understanding and awareness of who I am as a father, says Peter Dudnik, pastor of Church “Good News” (Slavyansk). — When I heard it the first time, they saw their mistakes in the upbringing of their children. I saw that if it concerns me, and I can apply this in the education of the youngest of their children, you can help other people who really suffer.”

“I have four boys – the oldest twelve, the youngest four will be. And I’m glad I got here. I just need it, I feel it, — says Anna Malyuta. — It would be great if this message were joined in a Church. In the Church’s teaching on the family, because we have very little say about it, and I would like to have talked about this more. Because that’s the truth, salt or jewel which will help to raise our family in Ukraine. Christian marriage in the first place”.

Citing examples from the life of his family, Mack told how to survive the biggest fears and problems in adolescence, how to build or establish a relationship with the child. Special response from the audience raised questions on the transfer of moral values from the older to the younger generation and help parents in finding the future spouse of the child.

“We have in the Church a lot of Teens and really have a problem. And I think that this seminar will answer those questions,” — says the coordinator Ludmila, Arkalyk, a Minister of the Kiev Church “Grace”.

“Understanding what the adolescent has needs, fears, expectations, helps to the process of teaching. Secondly, any advice to give to parents, to tell-to tell you in which direction to go. And in General, very bright information in accessible interesting format. Thank you, very nice to listen and watch,” says the instructor of the course “Lessons of independence” of the project “School life” Andrew Luginin.

The questions were so many that the organizers promised to continue the theme in the following seminars, and to download a recording of the meeting on The seminar will be useful to those hundreds and thousands parents who want to understand how to provide their children with a safe transfer into adulthood.

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