Bob Goff is a writer, speaker and professional encourager. And he wants to help you get back to the creation of a “rocket ship”, which was supposed to be your life.

Several years ago Bob wrote a book titled “Love works. Discover secret incredible life in an ordinary world.” Recently Bob told CBN News about this incredible life to which God calls us.

MHN: Bob Goff, what is your definition of love and how we can better love?

Bob Goff, the writer:
I don’t know the dictionary definition, but I remember when my daughter was going to go on a date with a particular guy, I gave her one tip that might be useful to someone of your viewers. Just ask the man: “what is your definition of love?” No guy will be able to respond immediately. And then send him home and say, “think about it, and when you know what love is, you will have to ask me on a date”.
If its definition is not self-sacrifice and loyalty, then it is not love, but just dinner and a movie. So no need to confuse love with anything else. If he says that he has “butterflies in the stomach” he probably just ate a bad pizza!
So the main thing is self-sacrifice and loyalty. These words could be simple, though not easy, to describe what Jesus said.
The most meaningful relationship that I had, was characterized by sacrifice and faithfulness. If you just want a good time, you can just buy an Irish setter and get him a lot of fun. But if you want to have a real life partner, you must treat him with sacrifice and faithfulness.

MHN: What events in your life have shaped this world?

It is important to understand who it is God made us. And I think that we were created for love. I know this sounds very melodramatic. But I do think we should literally turn into love. So, in my opinion, teaches us the Scripture. And it is impossible to turn into love, just sending someone a bouquet of flowers. You become love when you take care of the hungry, the thirsty, the sick and all rejected. So I think Jesus showed us an example that we have become. All my life I avoid people who I push away because I don’t want to be like them. And I think the simple message of the gospel is to attract people.
People that turn into love, attractive to others. However, they often remain misunderstood. They strive to ensure that they did not understand the other. But it happens by itself. I think this has happened with you and this does not mean that you are a victim. It just means that you misunderstood.
While you’ll sometimes be wrong. People who try to love well, often wrong. You’re always learning. Yes, it is a troublesome thing, but it’s worth it.

MHN: let’s Talk about the practical side of things. What you do every day? Is it true that every day you sneak a tear a rose in the garden for his wife?

Yes, until now! It is! However, I never gave her a Daisy, which would be more than three petals! You know? At first she thinks: what could it be? And then begins to pluck the petals: he loves, loves, loves!
The main thing to begin. If you take simple things and use them not in order to draw attention to themselves, but to draw attention to his beloved?
This is what God did with us, and that’s what we can do for each other. And not only with those we love. We are looking for people who are easy to love. And although I am a very loving person, I think God also loves justice, it is also necessary. So we are involved, for example, in court proceedings against those who mistreat children. We have a court system. Other countries also have the judiciary. And we just use them.

MHN: One of my favorite quotes from your book is when you say that if you love those who are difficult to love, it is proof that Jesus in the manger was not just a decoration.

This is what we should do with the people we meet in life. It is very important determine what you achieve in the first place. Decide what you want most. For example, I want to save someone’s life. That person need not even know about it. It would be better if he does not know. I make such a conclusion, in reading the Scripture. You’ll talk about this later with Jesus. If you’re going to talk about their good deeds at every corner, it will spoil everything, so keep it quiet. That’s what I call “the incredible secret” life. Don’t do anything for me. Just do it, because then you will have something to talk about later.

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