How to live Love in a wheelchair, her husband and four children

Love Major of the city of the village of Telehany (Brest region, Belarus), nine years walking with a stroller. And she’s a mother of four children, for which even at the time left beloved ballroom dancing, which already became the silver prize-winner of superiority of the country.

Love with the family. Photo:

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The only daughter, mom, bride and wife

Unexpected shot of the older brother from homemade guns shared a childhood of Luba into two parts: before the injury and after. “Before” she remembers bad, too different was it, with long lying in the hospital with surgeries. Then – new life when you can only move on a wheelchair and to climb with ease on the hill. Not to ride on the swings. She didn’t want to be “special”, didn’t want to keep up with their peers. Although the mother tried to protect the girl from the difficulties – the only daughter among four children, Luba tried her best to help.

Caring for her younger brother, and then there’s the neighbors, seeing that she is the girl responsible, and at home, home schooling, and brought their children to Luba for them hip.

But as a child it was much easier.


– In my youth, I began to think about how I live, says Love. Often cried, fearing that will not be able to find a job, get married, I will not have children. And the children very much.

My school, where Love was attached, she did not go on barrier-free environment then was not the question, and to climb to the second floor, which hosted the festival, she couldn’t. It was limited only to the awarding of the certificate.

After school Love entered Baranovichi state University, but the study did not work: then my mom got sick and needed help. The girl began, after a three-month course to work as a shoemaker in the house of life. To go to work had on the bus in 12 km from the house. The bus climbed alone, and the stroller helped to make.

Love and Constantine

– Sometimes caught the pity looks. Even if all you know and know when I was injured, still look like the first time I see you. But I was used to. Before and turned away, sometimes openly, from insensitive attitudes, and strove not to look, now just do not pay attention.

Then there was the acquaintance with her future husband: Constantine then worked as a tractor driver. He also sometimes could not take my eyes off the bride, but pity it was not exact. Admiration admiration is a different matter.

Love was waiting for Constantine from the army, two years, then had a wedding. Parents of Constantine was not very happy about the fact that the bride’s son gets around in a wheelchair. But Constantine said firmly:

– Want to come to the wedding, we will be happy. If not, then not. I’m a grown and independent person myself and build my life.

Some Committee will decide to give birth to me or not?!

That the family is large, the couple decided, even before the wedding.

The first few months after the wedding, the time of adjustment, coincided with the beginning of pregnancy.

– Emotional instability, and I was cranky and offended without any reason, we fought literally on an empty place for nothing, but not for long. Soon after this period has passed.

The more emotional strength needed for the other spouse to prove to the doctors that Love can give birth to their child.

– Some analysis showed that I might have toxoplasmosis. The doctors said that it is necessary to have an abortion, the child will be born sick. Abortion is unacceptable for us. “What is born – it will be our child,” said the husband.

With each child, starting with the first, local doctors tried to send Love to a medical examination in Brest, to where the doctors decided whether she should continue the pregnancy.

– First I was shocked, how is some Commission going to decide for me, can I give birth or not? If I can’t walk – that doesn’t mean not able to answer for themselves and for their children – outraged Love, which is not what the Commission eventually did not go, and wrote the cracks.

All four children Love went to give birth in Minsk, there is a mother in a wheelchair look much more sanity and not implying that it would be necessary to interrupt the pregnancy. In contrast to the district hospital, where after the first birth hinted, says Love, what a good idea to wrap the pipe, so that children are no longer there.

All the children awaited the couple, so disputes about who gets to the baby, never was. If the child was acting out, up until everyone had a chance to relax.

The difference between a senior – year, and four, and, going to the hospital, Love had worried about how my husband would cope without her baby, who also misses her mom? Constantine reassured: “Yes, you can even to go abroad, everything will be fine”.

Love with the family. Photo:

It is now officially takes care of the wife, the invalid of the 1st group, he is awarded the funds, seniority. According to local laws, it is more anywhere can not work and even to earn some money, although Constantine – master of all trades, can do the furniture and will always help if someone of my friends need help.

With children walking or all together, or in succession, if the baby – Love takes in a cradle in his arms. However, down from the second floor is not so simple, Love yourself down gradually, legs, and the husband brings the stroller and child. Now to help pull the stroller can older child.

But soon the family must move into his apartment on the first floor in a modern house, where the accessible environment all right, so that problems with the release not quite.

Children middle of my heart, and when leaving husband – like piece of soul is not enough

The eldest son of Constantine, and love going to school – went to the second class, the eldest daughter in kindergarten.

– Children who go with our garden and school usually don’t ask questions why I’m in a wheelchair. Only once Vlad told me that a boy asked and the son said to him that mom’s legs.

In fact, I don’t see any problem here, even though I hope that parents raise their children properly. On the other hand, their own children will be ashamed of a parent in a wheelchair only if he himself is ashamed of his position. If a parent is confident, this confidence is passed and the child.

Love with the family. Photo:

Meeting in school and kindergarten spouses most often go at a time – someone needs to stay with the kids.

Constantine cooks well and does it with pleasure, the cooking is basically it. Except Breakfast – often they make Love. His task in the morning, during the school year is to raise children, help them to dress cooked in the evening and take to kindergarten and school.

Other household daily chores – clean, wash, Pat – mostly on love.

– Once the coast decided to load the car and linen is not sorted, a color washed with light that then faded, and I now he not trust – laughing Love.

Photo: Vadim Zamirouski / TUT.BY
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To visit or somewhere else Constantine and Love to go often with the kids. Two very rare. Love does not like to leave the children with someone other than her husband. Yes, even with her husband – only for a while.

– To be honest, I even my parents don’t trust children. Children are the center of my heart, I’m scared to leave them. So if you go somewhere, you better all together. For example, on weekends you can go to grandpa’s – he has his own house, and a Paradise for children – you can run in the yard. The house my grandfather waiting for their dog. It was brought specially and placed in the care of grandfather until, when the family will move into a new apartment.

It is not wanting to leave the children alone for a long time, while they are small, Love left his hobby – ballroom dancing in wheelchairs at the International center of dance therapy for young wheelchair users. She is a silver medalist of Belarus, but wants to participate and win in the global competition… When the kids grow up.

It is also planned to jump with a parachute.

– Many of the girls working with me ballroom dancing was already jumping and saying that the feelings are unforgettable.

Meanwhile, the mother remains home Hobbies when the kids are asleep. She cross-stitch, became interested in making hair ornaments, recently started to learn how to weave beads.

Hair ornaments

My husband favorite hobby – fishing. He fishes himself, with friends, and when the whole family gets out on the nearest lake.

Constantine also likes when they are together, at home.

I don’t know how to Express it in words – Love is trying to articulate what, for her family. – A bit of soul. We even if dad is going away, and I stay with the kids, feel inside some part, and got taken. Missing something still, a kind of void a little bit. And with children, even if you go to a school, kindergarten and home for no runs, not screaming, not crying due to the fact that someone something is not shared, it becomes boring. There is no fullness of life…

Photo: Vadim Zamirouski / TUT.BY

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