One of the cities in Oregon (USA) has still not recovered from last week’s shooting in College, which killed nine people. Many pastors are first on the scene of the tragedy, offering comfort and care to the victims and their families. According to them, there is evidence that the shooter chose his target, it is the Christians.

According to unconfirmed reports “People” magazine, the shooter left a Manifesto in which he revealed his intention. Quote: “the guy did so exclusively from satanic motives”, — said the source. “He did it to become a God in hell. He wants to be evil. Its purpose is to serve Satan.”

“I was told two of the witnesses, as he said, “Stand up Christians and those who have God.” They both stood up. He asked them: “are You a Christian? You have a God?” When they answered “Yes,” he said, “So you will not be hurt,” says Kurt crook of the Church “Garden Welly”.

The investigators found that the shooter was fond of the Nazis and the terrorist group the IRA. In addition, the social network, he wrote that, in his opinion, violence is a good way to ensure that you noticed in society. Pastors of Roseburg say that this tragedy made them more serious about their faith.

If those nine were able to stand up, profess their faith and take the bullet, the followers of Christ from the Church “Garden Welly” in Roseburg or anywhere else can stand up and live by faith from day to day,” says Craig Schlesinger of the Church “Garden Welly”.

Lacey Scroggins is the daughter of a pastor, who survived the shooting in Oregon because the dying friend covered her body with his. A touching story about the last act of a young man who saved his daughter’s life was told by her father, pastor Randy Scroggins.

“There was a young man named Trevin. They were all in the prone position. Lacey lay with his head in his hands in front of him, and Treven was with her, but at 30-40 inches above it. And in this moment gunner walked out in the middle of the room and just started to shoot people in the head or the back. He just started shooting. Lacey said, “And then I heard a gunshot, it sounded so close to my head that my ears rang. For some time I have not heard anything”. And then Lacey suddenly felt that the body of Trevena sat down on it. She told me: “Dad, I could feel his body getting heavier and heavier. It is partially covered me with his body.” And then she said, “Dad, I felt something warm, looked under his arm and saw his blood, it was flowing right at me, it was my whole arm, shoulder and whole side”. And the minute the shooter came up behind my daughter, stood over her and said, “get Up! Get up!” Lacey told me: “In that moment I had no choice but to pray.” And she added: “Dad, I knew I was going to die tonight”. He turned to the woman next to Lacey, from Lacey, in which he was shot, he asked her: “How is that? — referring to my daughter Lacy. — She’s already dead?” The woman said, “don’t know”. After that he walked away from my daughter and shot the next man, says Randy Scroggins. — We have not the slightest doubt that the shooter saw the blood of Trevena on my daughter, thought she was dead. His blood saved the life of Lacey that day. I do not doubt it”.

The pastor said that he had a sincere conversation with the family of Trevena: “it was a Saturday and I on that day was interviewed in the Church. Before that, I asked to transfer my number to the parents of Trevena. I thought I was not entitled to disturb them at that time, but tried to make sure that they had my phone number. Before the interview I said, “If I get a call on the phone, I will need to immediately interrupt the conversation.” When the phone rang, I actually interrupted the interview and answered the call. Called the mother of Trevena. We immediately began to weep and cry together. I started to describe what happened — how Trewen, in my opinion, made his last conscious act — covered my body my baby and his blood was shed right at her. I believe that his body and his blood saved my daughter’s life,” says Randy Scroggins.

On the website available the full interview with pastor Scroggins.

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