How to prepare your child to work that does not yet exist – 3 main skill

The world is changing in unpredictable and possibly for our children technology and artificial intelligence will become a daily part of life. How to get it to work, which does not yet exist – the journalist tells Fast Company Ruth Reader.

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Ruth Reader

Due to the complete domination of robots, it seems, is waiting for us in the future, preparing the younger generation for the future seems to be a lost cause. But fear not, the future could be more interesting than we think.

According to Professor of marketing in the business school at the University of Toronto AVI Goldfarb, in the future there will be 3 main employment opportunities. He identifies the people who build artificial intelligence, people who tell machines what to do and determine how to deal with the results of their work, and finally celebrities. In the latter category he included actors, athletes, artists, writers, and other luminaries of the entertainment industry.

In 2017, experts from research company Gartner came to the conclusion that artificial intelligence will create more jobs than destroy.

In particular, they identified healthcare and education as areas ready for such growth. A huge number of jobs will be created in the processing area of artificial intelligence. Experts believe that even positions in education and nursing care specialising in working with a person will require a professional understanding of the tools of AI, because the technology will become more routine aspect.

For example, will create little robots, which should remind the elderly about medication, or need to go for a walk. These machines are being developed, but it is easy to imagine a world in which nurses need to understand how to help patients to set reminders for them or how they can work with these devices remotely.

“The most valuable combination of skills will have people who are trained in the field of information, who know how machines work and at the same time understand the needs of society, versed in Humanities and social Sciences,” says AVI Goldfarb.

Engaged Humanities

So, how to prepare for the arrival of AI into the new world? Ironically, the best antidote automation can be Humanities, says AVI Goldfarb. Although most will need a basic understanding of computer science, he believes that the study of art, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, and neuroscience can prepare us for the future. This knowledge will give young people a broad range of knowledge that is useful to them for the best use of artificial intelligence.

Experts who study the future in the field of employment, I agree that our biggest asset is the wave of automation is our ability to make sense of the world.

Artificial intelligence works well in narrow, repetitive tasks, people are able to come up with creative solutions. Anything you do to your child to think creatively will surely help prepare him for the future.

Forget about specialization

In addition to the study of the Humanities, children must have a good knowledge in different disciplines, the Executive Director of programs for the analysis of complex data Sisense Amir Orad.

“Our tradition of education originated in the industrial era, make us professionals, but only in one area,” he says. “I think it will be dangerous for future generation”.

Parents should encourage the children to develop in different areas.

Choosing interdisciplinary courses, children are not just developing different skills, they also gain knowledge in more than one subject area, which gives them some adaptability in the changing workplace. Another way to think about it?

Try to do different things. According to him, the presence of a different experience will be useful in the future.

Stay savvy in technology

Another tip from Goldfarb and Horadada. – expect the unexpected. “Fifty years ago it seemed unthinkable that people will advertisers in social networks,” says Goldfarb.

No one knows how artificial intelligence and automation will change the labor market. Children should be engaged in culture and the latest technology.

Allow children to play with technology, regardless of whether it is involved in the development of new social networking applications or video editing for fun.

As the technologies are becoming cheaper, more people will have access to technology and tools that prepare them for the future, says AVI Goldfarb. However, this does not mean that all children are equal at the threshold of a technologically advanced future. According to the FCC, the United States, approximately 24 million Americans lack access to high speed Internet, and 11% did no broadband access.

“We are moving towards greater equality of opportunity,” says AVI Goldfarb, noting the ever-increasing access to technological tools. “But that does not mean equality of results.”


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