Suppose you learn that your body is struck by an incurable disease. How would you spend your allotted time? People, faced with such a choice talks about it in a new section dedicated to the Christians who quietly do God’s work. We called it “Beyond the radar”. These are the stories of believers beyond the Church walls, which serve their fellowmen, not for attention, but simply because I love people, like Jesus.

In 2007, a movie came out called “not Yet played in a box”. The two men learn that they can live only a few months, and together they decide to enjoy the time that they left. This story reminds us about the Art of Bi Merrow, who lives with Parkinson’s disease.

“The doctors gave me about five years bearable life a couple of years ago. So, according to the doctors, I remained another three years, says Ar Bi.

The disease gradually robs Ar Bi Marrow ability to walk, speak, and perform normal daily functions: “I Have a very sore spine and back. Every day I had to sit in the dental chair in the morning and after lunch, and take many different medications,” he says.

Despite all this, the Ar Bi decided to go on a missionary trip to Ecuador.

“I work here as active as never before in life did not work, running hills up and down, talking to people. We work from morning until late evening. And here I haven’t had any problems associated with Parkinson’s disease. God gave my body so much energy, and gave me so many new opportunities! It’s a miracle!” says Ar Bi Marrow.

He has become a miracle for someone: “a woman was dying. She was lying and could not even get up. She had such a huge tumor that we thought she was pregnant,” recalls Ar Bi Marrow.

After the missionaries prayed for her healing, the woman got up and came to the class to study the Bible.

“She would not have been able to get up, walk down the hill and walk to our classes, if God would not touch her and didn’t heal”. claims Ar Bi.

This event gave the Ar Bi a new hope in the struggle with his own disease: “I will do everything I can for as long as I can. I will serve all the forces, and I believe that I can be healed and continue to work,” he says.

The same Ar Bi tells other people experiencing difficulty: “the Essence of the Kingdom of Heaven — in the dedication, and the Kingdom of hell is selfishness. If you remain selfless, God will support you and give you strength,” says the missionary.

So if you don’t know what to do and where to go, follow the advice of Ar Bi Marrow and find freedom in service to others.

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