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How sinful man can come to Holy God?

Many people ask the same question that was bothering people in the day of Pentecost, when, realizing their sin, they asked: “What do we do?” The first response of the Apostle Peter was the word “repent” (Acts 2:38). Another time, shortly after that, he said, “Repent and turn to zaladilas your sins” (Acts 3:19).

Many do not understand the true nature of repentance. People regret your sins, and even seemingly change their behavior because they are afraid that their wrong deeds they will be punished. But this is not repentance in the biblical sense. They mourn the effects of sin, not sin itself. The Greek word “metanoia”, which means repentance, literally translated as “change of mind”. Repentance involves contrition contemplating the co-operating in sin and abandonment of him. We will not give up sin, if not realize its seriousness. As long as our heart does not turn away from him, our lives will not happen this change.

Not good enough to come to Christ?

In the gospel of Luke there is a story about two people who went to the temple to pray. One of them, the publican, not daring to raise his eyes, asked: “Lord! be merciful to me a sinner” (Luke 18:13). He considered himself a very sinful man, and the people around me were of the same opinion. But he felt the need of God’s forgiveness. The second man was a Pharisee. He smugly said to God: “I Thank Thee that I am not as other men are, robbers, unjust, adulterers…” (Luke 18:11). He was far from God and therefore not aware of how he is a sinner.

If you have realized your sinfulness, do not wait until you feel better. Many consider themselves not good enough to come to Christ. You hope to improve your efforts? But “can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil?” (Jeremiah 13:23). Help for us only in God. We should not wait until you have more convincing arguments, more Holy disposition, yet we will have a more favorable opportunity. We can do nothing we can. We must come to Christ just as they are.

God have mercy on all?

But let no one deceive himself with the thought that God in His great love and mercy will save even those who reject His grace. The extreme filth of sin can only be understood in the light of Calvary’s cross. If someone claims that God is too good to cast off the sinner, let him look at Calvary.

Christ took the blame for his sinful people and suffer for them just because for the salvation of man was no other way. Without this sacrifice, humanity would be rid of the damning power of sin and to restore fellowship with the Holy beings. So that people could again begin to live a spiritual life, Christ took the blame for their disobedience, suffered for their sins. Love, suffering and death of the son of God testify to the enormity of sin and what to get rid of the power of sin and to live a more sublime life is only possible because of Christ.

Procrastination is dangerous. Don’t delay confession of your sins before God!

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