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Most often, when the family, a terminally ill child, his mother is the one. Such mom as Ekaterina Konnova, actually, very much. We can’t see them because they rarely leave the house, unable to leave the child even for a minute. We’re not talking with them in line, not found in restaurants. Every day, waking up, they are a grueling struggle that their child was easy.

  • The mother of a disabled child was accused of drug trafficking for selling unnecessary drugs
  • Lydia of Maniava: “If Katya planted, Arseniy gets to the boarding school for disabled people, where very quickly you will die”
  • The mother of a disabled child: “I was asked how old I kolyus”

Katerina Gordeeva. Photo: Anna Danilova

Most often, the first thing, when the family, a terminally sick child, the mother offered to keep him in the institution and, thereby, to avoid loneliness. So in a society where we live, was made years. If the mother of such a scenario is not satisfied, it remains the same: gradually cease to call friends, there are other worries with relatives out of money, and finally can not share the prospect of a life of doom, goes dad. That is why, most often, all the stories of terminally ill children begin with the words: the daddy in this family there, to live and to treat a terminally ill child.

That society, the state, its social and health institutions offer in return? Yes, in fact, nothing: the battle for disability, which will result in a small pension (in Moscow – about 4500 rubles per month per child), uncomplicated medical support queues and indifference and all the same, of course, free doom. And the result is loneliness.

A six year old Arseniy tube stomach tube in the neck and cramps daily, several times a day. He is terminally ill child. Of course, the mother of Arseny, Katia Sergeeva Irina was alone with him. More precisely, it is one with two children, as Katya has another healthy child, Elisha. Him fifteen. And of course he is doing everything possible to mom was easy. But 15-year-old can’t replace a father and the state, and physician. Teens need a lot of attention and care. And Katya for it has neither the strength nor the time. Elisha suffers. He understands that their Arseny mom around the clock to be around younger brother: follow the tubes to buy and change diapers, give medication, which, besides, does not get it.

Best cramps Arseniy removed microclysters with diazepam – it’s such a relaxing ugg boots. It is used worldwide to relieve seizures caused by epilepsy. Drug, at first glance, kind of pricey – 1000 rubles for mikroklizmy. But if the attacks several times a day, no money will not save enough. Here we must also keep in mind the fact that Katya all the time with Arseniy and cannot work. But that’s not all: diazepam in microclyster is not registered in Russia, and it means, simply do not buy.

These mums like Kate, actually, very much. We can’t see them because they rarely leave the house, unable to leave her sick child even for a minute. We’re not talking with them in line, do not meet in restaurants, not to celebrate football victories and not sing the chorus of the winning song in the streets of Russian cities have no such opportunity. Every day, waking up, they are a grueling struggle that their child was easy. Not for full recovery and a return to the old happy and peaceful life, you know? And they fall asleep with the same thought: what else to do to make it easier, not so.

Hidden from society for their trouble, these mothers meet each other on forums for the sale of unregistered, and therefore technically not available in the country, medicines, buy, sell, trade. In fact, knowing that diazepam in microclyster maybe a little to alleviate the condition Arseny, Katya bought on the forum a twenty enemas, brought someone else, too, for sure, fighting for your child, smuggling from abroad. Twenty enemas is twenty thousand rubles.

A foul of last hope, most likely. Because the other twenty thousand to twenty other enemas Katie was not. And how to deal with cramps son further, she did not understand.

In a children’s hospice that helps Arseny, Kate was advised to go to the clinic and get put government free diazepam ampoules. Of course, diazepam ampoules is worse than diazepam in mikroklizma: it must be administered intravenously (IV) or intramuscularly (injection). And this is the pain, which in the life of Arseniy and so much more than it can withstand ordinary person, especially a child. But there’s no money and nothing to do. Kate passed all the circles of permission, and referrals to the district hospital and received medication.

By this time they Arseny was five unused mikroklizm that may be useful to someone who still were not free of medication or still had money for more convenient to use the drug. Mom did. Returning to the forum, where recently bought the drug, Kate posted the ad that will give the remaining 5 mikroklizm for 3,250 rubles.

What can you buy at 3250 rubles? A few packs of diapers, a few packs mixture for feeding through a tube, just food for himself and Elisha, finally. And maybe even movie tickets or aquarium to go together, they do not people, in the end. In short, Kate sold these microclysters because of the money she had, and the necessity of the drug she knew like no other.

But instead of the same need as her, near the metro station Prospekt Mira Ekaterina Konnova met operative. Turns out she was “in development” and “operatively-search event” in its “expose” successfully completed “test purchase” and detention. Now Kate faces four to eight years of imprisonment.

The investigator’s Meshchansky district, Lieutenant of justice S. A. Ivanov saw in action Connoway E. A. criminal intent. It turns out that “to implement their criminal intent, Konnova, E. A. illegally kept specified psychotropic substance for the purpose of illegal sales for a cash consideration of 3 250 rubles, there are sufficient data indicating signs of a crime”.

What will happen to Kate, while will be the consequence? It will have to go in for questioning, that is, to absent himself from home, and will go crazy thinking every second about what all of them will happen next: what the next nightmare will turn to a life if she can’t be with Arseniy will not be able to be with Elisha. One will go to a boarding school for people with disabilities and will quickly die. I remind you that this terminally ill child that still care for my mother. The other will be in a shelter and become a “state” of the child, with all the consequences.

What would happen if Kate will judge at least tentatively? It is unlikely to find work is unlikely to get a passport, which, if necessary, would allow her to take Arseniy treatment abroad. Mothers of terminally ill children need a passport for this purpose, not to to travel, see the world or to sunbathe with their children to the sea — there is no money.

That could be, for example, with the addict suddenly decided on the forum moms of terminally ill children mikroklizm to buy diazepam? Nothing. The drug is considered to be psychoactive, even at a dose five mikroklizm at a time, does not give narcotic effect. That is why the world and its release in this dosage. It is a relaxing drug for epileptics, it is not suitable for “getting high”.

In a popular Russian telegram-channel readers asked what to do with Katya? 18 percent said that can not be forgiven, but you need to give the minimum punishment. 5% – Kondovo should be judged in General terms.

These figures are frightening, almost more than this very wild story. It turns out that one in five of us believes that the mother of a terminally ill child should be law-abiding to see her son or daughter writhing in agony and do nothing.

It turns out that the state not long ago registered existing drugs in the world to ease the suffering of terminally ill children, in no way to blame. But mom, this medication extracting all possible ways – criminals.

It turns out that it is easier to hunt for mom than to create conditions for care and minimally bearable life with a severely affected child.

It turns out that it is more comfortable to ignore than to find the strength to look into the eyes of the child, which is not cured, and his mother, doing everything to make both of them easier to cope with illness and pain.

In fact, these cumulative 23 percent of respondents, that is us, is the answer to why the first thing when the family, a terminally ill child, his mother is the one.

There are, however weak, the hope is that in the case of Kate Connoway it is not true. A petition to against Katie, a criminal case was initiated, signed for 37 thousand people.

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