Husband called and said, “let’s take the children, and the grandmother will hand over to an orphanage”

“Once we went to the store and we were approached by the girl: “what’s your three? And you need help? Let us help you?” “Don three, I still have at home and granddaughter of the fourth”. And right there began to cry…” to Get out of a difficult situation alone is very difficult – but in Engels of the Saratov region for three years there is a volunteer organization “Spring”, which helps women and families in difficult life situations.

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Mom didn’t want to see me with a baby

– “Why are you so early to give birth, you on yourself will ruin everything! Go have an abortion!” – so my mom told me when I found out I was pregnant – says Oksana (the heroine’s name changed at her request). – I was 18. We lived with the mother alone, and to see me with a baby at home she didn’t want to. Dad Artem said to me – “try to prove that this is my child,” and disappeared from radar.

Prior to the birth of Oksana live one girlfriend, then another. And from the hospital was discharged with her son at the address where registered to the grandmother with the grandfather. In an old private house, where there are no conditions for baby – no water, no toilet. In addition, the grandmother with the grandfather hard drinking, occasionally forgetting that they have tenants.

– Sometimes we had one hour to stand in the cold, to knock, because they were locked, went to sleep and forgot that we left to go out, – says the young mother. – I even the toilet running back was afraid that they will again lock up, I stay outside and son is inside.

Julia Marina

Oksana with the baby in her arms knocked bureaucratic rapids, wrote letters to all authorities, until they finally got ourselves a Dorm room. The housing problem was solved. But how to feed herself and her son on the allowance for child care – four thousand rubles a month – that’s the question. Once the social network “Vkontakte” she found a group of the volunteer organization “Spring”. Oksana wrote its Director Yulia Marina.

– We met. Julia listened to my story, “Spring” began to help me. Every month they buy the diapers for Artema brought food. Sometimes there is nothing at all – the girls never fail to help me. Provide things of the son and of me. But most importantly they found me a psychologist. I now regularly turn to her for support, when it seems that I will not pull, will not stand, I will not be able to give my son what he deserves.

She studies at the Saratov University to be a psychologist. She believes that you can’t throw education just because life turned my back on you.

– The main thing now is to survive this difficult moment, then, when Artem’s older, I’ll find a job and help I no longer need. What is now doing for me girls is invaluable, for me, is a salvation.

About the decision – give birth to a son and raise him alone – Oksana does not regret a single minute.

– All this is possible to spare? This is my child, I love him and can’t imagine my life without him. But what is happening now, just a difficult time and he will be left behind.

Husband called and said, let’s take them to himself, and then grandma will put in an orphanage

Natalia almost 50, her family is also under the patronage of the volunteer organization. Natasha orphanage herself, her own children long grown. And current husband, who is almost ten years younger than her, their children do not. Now she lives three adopted children and native two year old granddaughter.

The story of how appeared in their home with foster children, addictive.

In winter, when the orders for the main work is almost there (Natalia’s husband works in firm on installation of plastic Windows), Vlad sits behind the wheel and “taxi”. In February last year, he took a “far” order of Engels in Ozinki (village on the border with Kazakhstan, 300 km from the city). In the car sat a young mother with three children.

– Lucky. There is a mess. There was not to go. Stayed overnight. The next morning mom was gone, – says Natalya.

It turned out, the mother of three children – the woman as it is accepted to speak now, with low social responsibility. Their children throws at grandma’s is not the first time. At the time they were very young – the eldest albino 5.5 years, Arseny, average, almost four, and the younger the Child, only six months.

Tells me: “Natasha, they had a fridge. She had me empty drink tea, even sugar is not given, do not have it,” Natasha recalls the words of her husband at the time. – “He said, “I have them in a children’s home will be given, has already passed: she told me they will bring, and throw escapes”. Come on we will take”. I ask – and you pull? “Pull.” So I took it.

Grandmother wrote a note saying that Vlad gives children with their consent that the new family is ready to accept them. Gathered all the children’s documents, put kids in the car and sent them to a new home.

To sit with the children, Natasha quit the job. In winter, the family was dominated by the terrible lack of money. Lacked not so much on diapers. Money was not always even for food. And before the “season” had still to live.

– Once we went to the store and we were approached by the girl: “what’s your three? And you need help? Let us help you?” – says Natasha. “Don three, I still have at home and granddaughter of the fourth” – they say. And right there began to cry.

Natalia and Vlad – a small private house in Engels (the satellite city of Saratov). Three tiny rooms, one without Windows, converted into a children’s bedroom. Kitchen in the annexe. Small, cramped, but very cozy courtyard, where the adoptive father made children toy well, gathered with his own hands the sandbox, and the new mom made a flower garden and laid a carpet on the tracks: children playing on the street in the constructor, crawling around the yard on his knees. Need to be soft.

Yard Natasha

All the toys that brought the family volunteers “Spring”.

– Every month they bring Danya diapers, cereal. Bring the whole family clothes “second hand”, in which philanthropists give. Sometimes even new comes with labels. And when the New year albino gave a completely new doll-a mermaid, she’s not herself was happy. “How is it? Me? Really? A real gift?”

Natalia and Vlad themselves become volunteers, your garage, they provide the volunteers “Spring” into a storehouse of things: here come sponsored and dismantle the necessary clothes. Vlad comes home from work until midnight holding the garage open. Natalie carries baby food and diapers for other sponsored families who live nearby.

– We have a lot of low-income families, – shrugged the woman. Inside you enter the house, and there are some floors and walls – even the ceiling. Here was one for the New year, brought gifts and stunned – they did not. Boy and girl go to the snow barefoot.

Vlad helps “Spring” the transportation of trunks and large items. Helps volunteers with pleasure. And teaches their children to work.

Dan, even though he was only two, he is watching his collection of toy cars, he wipes the dust off the shelf and puts everything in its place, Arseniy helps dad in the garage, being wielded by a screwdriver. In a rare free moment Vlad collects them birdhouses, making stools helps children to fix old, shaky table. Foster mom teaches Albina to cope with a sewing machine, in the winter they sew dolls. And in the summer children are taken to the grandmother in village.

– Of course, we want them to communicate with native family. Every six months I try to take them to grandma’s. Brought her some old furniture, beds, old TV, toys and books. Now they are in the village of al’binka helps grandma in the garden.

Natalia takes the phone and shows the photos: Albina here like a Princess in a ball gown, look photos of black eyes. Here daddy Vlad throws a fight with Arseny, but a small Child in winter Romper – Natasha raises above him and smiles.

As we speak, at me jumps two year old Milan – native, Natasha’s granddaughter. The eldest child in the family Natalino son’s health. And all the power and attention go to him. And the Girl is still living with her grandmother in a large close-knit family.


Life, of course, is a complicated thing. We would put them through to 16 years of age to endure, to teach love and mutual assistance. And at night you can roar in frustration that not enough money, from fear, that will not, – Natasha’s eyes are tears. But I think these kids need warmth and care, in the orphanage they didn’t get it. And now I have so many new friends, it became evident that so many good, helpful people. Kate and Julia are warm. Katya would come to me, hug, and immediately I want to live.

Lived quite happily – but one day her husband was killed

The volunteer “Spring” Katia Kokoreva two children and three dogs. In the volunteer movement she joined, in order not to go crazy from boredom while sitting in the second decree.

– Julia we are in the same grade, then friends are only on social networks, especially each other’s lives not interested. And then I found out that she had “Spring”, and ask – things needed? Well, have collected all that remains of his daughter, drove her and say – I need some action, and soon the brain will boil. “Well, dvizhuha we’ll hook you up!” – Julia laughed. And since then I have “the cage”. It is necessary for the diapers to go, for “soap-rylnye”, then mix to purchase. Once in a month and a half of the things in Saratov. On them I work too.

To get into a difficult situation very simple – believes Kate. One of her sponsored children, mother of two kids – Nastya, lived a very prosperous life. But one evening, when Anastasia was pregnant with their second child, her husband never returned home – killed him on a dark street. Anastasia was left alone with two children without means of livelihood.

Katerina Kokoreva

– I lay the tray for the baby, lay for a long time, everyone wanted her to pay for the shares and kept forgetting. And then Anastasia. Her and the baby are discharged from the hospital, and she has nothing. No Cribs, no strollers, no baths. That came in handy.

Of course, there are girls who know nothing about contraception. Or young orphans who love each other, want a baby, but at the moment they are confronted with the realization that the dowry for the baby they can not afford, not every father-to-be is ready. These children live a lifetime under the gaze of the guardianship. And if the future baby will not be conditions, the child can easily pick up in the nursing home.

– No, they are in an orphanage is not better. Better with my mom. And a better mother who loves her child and does not want to abandon it, to help Kate in this matter is peremptory. Says Julia, we collect them “gazelki baby” cot, stroller, first aid kit, baby bath, diapers, clothes. All formal about to take custody of the baby there. A difficult situation may not last a lifetime. This is the situation. If our help will be a step-by-step is good.

While our wards it is important that tomorrow they will eat

Three years ago, Julia Marina was born a daughter. In the first month they hit the Engels children’s hospital for examination. Every day on treatments Julia daughter walked past the chamber with the objectors. Behind the glass walls lay a baby who is carried all the necessary procedures and examinations, but no one touched, not comforted and not cradled. And then Julie stopped the nurse and said, “You need a diaper?” It turned out, needed. The necessary support is good, but better to have reserve.

Julia gathered in the hospital all that was in her – diapers, clothing, hygiene, photographed it all and posted a photo to Preggi (this social network for moms is now called Mom’s life) with the request to bring such things to objectors. At first it was a two pack, then five, then more. At some point, the Department head said long ago we did not have this, but the closet is full. And things all drove and drove. And then came the idea to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation. Thus was born the “Spring”.

First it was ward and orphans out of the Dorm at the College of industrial technology. Guys who don’t know how to handle money, not able to plan expenditures which grew up “on all ready”, because even the tea to brew not know how to begin to quickly build a personal life. But it turns out not at all. And children don’t want to give up. This hostel Julia came the first of the sponsored mom. Then a second, then a third.

Now in the “Spring” 65 mothers and 115 children. Plus it helps things three hospitals, two asylums, two orphanages in the cities of Saratov region. The backbone of the organization – five women who work with sponsored and national benefactors.

The girls are working voluntarily, they no money for this work does not pay. Funds that allocate benefactors, spent on assistance to families for the purchase of diapers, mixes, cereals, personal hygiene products, etc. Julia accountable for every penny spent in social networks.

– What’s the buzz? – laughs Yulia. – Who in the Department is not experiencing gratitude, we can much to get. Well, anyway, enjoy volunteer activities – part theme. First, to stop the train at high speed will not work. Secondly, I am interested to apply marketing tools to NGOs – the free market, untilled field, the audience is grateful. And a lot of cool emotions from philanthropists. They are happy to get involved in the work. People have a great need for mercy.

Julia believes that the charitable movement of its kind in Russia differ from the European or American. In Russia the benefactors of the close of the primary needs – to feed, clothe, help to survive. Abroad, such assistance is usually innovation: to come up with a new educational project, working with inclusive practices, engage in educational activities.

– What we are doing, in fact it is necessary, – says Julia. But educational activity is more important than money. A wide view of the world enables this world relationship differently. But while our wards is more important to understand – that tomorrow they will eat and they have a place to live. But in fact, the majority finds a way. Life displays itself.

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