“I believe in black cat” – who makes the signs “work”

Archbishop Jonah about why a black cat brings misfortune, that is when the devil takes over man force and why we don’t sink if you paddle back.

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When the Lord removes Their caring hands

Obukhov Bishop Iona (Cherepanov)

One day in Greece I met a man who was familiar with Saint paisios the Athonite. He spoke about his conversation with the elder.

— Do you swim far in the sea and lie on my back, bobbing on the waves? asked the monk.

Yeah, that happens.

Under you great depth, do not you afraid?

— No, I’m not. Because I am sure that you know how to swim and hold on the water.

And if you were in the same situation, not knowing how to swim? If I didn’t believe in your abilities, your strength and your skill?

— Of course, I immediately choked and went down.

— You know that the Lord holds you in His hands? Holds over that abyss, that terrible world that lies in darkness. And yet you believe that God is holding you back, It continues to do so. But once your faith grows cold and you begin to believe in something else, the Lord removes Their caring hands. You’re drowning, choking, and well, if, as the Apostle Peter exclaims: “Lord! Save me!” Then God comes in and holds you tightly again…

The Lord always works miracles on the faith of the people — or those who are directly addressing Him, or friends and relatives, who care for a needy person and beg the Lord to help him.

Remember, when two blind men began to Christ, they cried, “have Mercy on us, Jesus, son of David.” He is directly asked: “Believest thou that I am able to do this?” and they are very firmly and confidently said, “Yes, Lord.” He touched their eyes and healed, adding the beautiful words which I think should be in every human heart: “According to your faith be it unto you.”

Continue reading the Gospels, we see that the silent man Christ healed by faith led him. That is how we believe, so the Lord gives us.

“I believe in the black cat…”

Interestingly, you can believe not only in Christ. Plenty of people around who believe in anything: that there is no God, in omens, in some political ideas. And this faith is not focused on our Creator is also often given to them.

St. Ambrose of Optina, calming coming to him, said quite simple but yet profound sentence: “do Not believe in omens, and they will not be fulfilled.” Really, it all depends on our faith. As Dostoevsky wrote: “Here on Earth, the devil is struggling with God, and the place of battle — the human heart”. If the heart is filled with God, the Lord gives faith this heart. If God is pushed out — either fully or partially, superstitions, — then connects God’s adversary, the devil. He also has a certain power, also has power but only over those people, whose hearts are not filled with the Lord.

We only let in the heart of the vain, futile faith (sue-Veria), as immediately begins to work the devil.

For example, a person believes in crossed the road a black cat “unlucky” numbers or anything else, and the devil through others, such as subject to his influence, people adjust the situation supposedly proving this sign. He is the Creator of evil, the source of evil, and therefore signs, as a rule, is directed in a negative direction, warn of any alleged risks.

And people, like Pavlov’s dog begins to associate causal relationships: light is on — will soon feed — drip saliva. Such a primitive way born of observation: crossed the road a black cat — there was some trouble — so the omen “works”. So people are even more imbued with superstition, and the devil more and more gets power over them.

You should always remember that our power to choose between God and the devil, afraid of the wiles of the devil or believe in God, in His omnipotence and His all-powerful help.

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