“I can not have in the intestines a huge metastasis”

Kate 24 years. For the last few days 24 hours a day it is close to the mother at a private clinic. Her mom has cancer. The disease was discovered in 2010. The doctors said: “not long. With such diagnosis not live.” And they are together, mother and daughter are struggling with cancer for 8 years.

Elena Bretl

Suddenly grow a stomach like a pregnant

“My mother all my life believed in me and was always there. Now he’s had a very difficult time. But I also believe in the mother, as she was in me for many years. I really need it. I have no one except for her. Help me save my mother!” – in the voice of Katie, thin, similar to the children’s, pain and tears. She can barely speak…

“The new, 2010, year, we celebrated outside the city, in nature. I did not feel well. This unpleasant weakness. After a month I noticed that the belly has grown a lot and I can hardly pull pants. And after 3 days the pants did not zip up. His stomach was like a pregnant woman in the last stages. They called an ambulance. I was taken to the hospital. There for a month was examined, showed different doctors. Was diagnosed with ascites (abdominal dropsy). At the cancer center near the hospital passed the tests for tumor markers. The analysis showed ovarian cancer. 4th stage. Metastases to the umbilicus. Did the chemo. Hysterectomy with appendages. The doctors gave me the I group of disability.

Since my only daughter was still very small and she has, except me, only old grandmother – my mother – I decided to survive. I tried very hard. Read and tried all methods, all ways of eating. That only did not try: juice therapy, wheat… Read the literature. I thought I get to fight with the disease!” – says Elena.

She was sent home to die

Remission lasted a year. Elena was under the constant supervision of an oncologist every 2-3 months – ultrasound, tumor markers. The condition was stable. And suddenly a relapse. Metastases in the retroperitoneal and inguinal lymph nodes. After several courses of chemotherapy, again remission. It lasted until 2013, while in the retroperitoneal lymph nodes have not found new metastases. This time to remove them using the “chemistry” was much harder.

Elena and her daughter Katia

In 2014, her condition again deteriorated sharply. “Mom every day walking, morning and evening. And all of a sudden could no longer walk. She had lost feeling in the leg, then arm, then half of the body. And soon stopped to open my eyes and get up, – says Katya. – The MRI scan showed a tumor in the brain of four centimeters. The doctors said that the mother was left to live a maximum of 2 weeks. They sent her home. To die.”

But Katya decided to try to find a doctor who’d operated on Elena. All who were addressed, refused. Only in the Center of neurosurgery named. Burdenko agreed to help.

“I had to write a statement that if something happens during surgery, the entire responsibility will be on me. Before surgery the doctor has prescribed her a drug dexamethasone, which was supposed to remove the swelling around the tumor. After the injections the swelling really started to subside. Mother gradually recovered, but because the tumor affected brain areas was crazy… She threw mugs, tomatoes, slurring his words. I could feed her, and she told me a few minutes: “you do not feed me?”” – says Katya.

Then Elena did the surgery. Everything went well. In the hospital she spent 3 weeks. Learning to walk again, to speak. With it psychologists work. She fully recovered, remembered everything. Elena conducted a course of radiation therapy using the apparatus “CyberKnife” to remove all the cancer cells. And she returned home.

The doctors discharged her from the hospital “in a satisfactory condition under the supervision of a neurologist and oncologist at the place of residence”. Watched as Helena and in the cancer center im. Blokhin. Every three months, MRIs, monitoring of tumor markers.

After an hour of “chemistry” tears for two weeks

In 2016, Elena began to feel pain, as it seemed, somewhere in the area of the rectum. She passed the examination all doctors, handed over analyses. The level of tumor markers was elevated. Developed new metastases. This time in the lumbosacral region. The operation to remove the educational roots of the horse’s tail spent in the hospital Burdenko.

“I tried to survive, – says Elena. Almost none of those who started with me to be treated in 2010, did not survive. “Chemistry” is not always and not all help. And helped me, maybe because I really wanted to live, couldn’t leave daughter alone. And somehow, miraculously, every time it turned”.

Last chemotherapy at the cancer center im. Blokhina, Elena did on 6 June. “I was warned that it is complex, gag, but I didn’t think I would be so bad: after hours of chemotherapy been vomiting for 2 weeks. From any meal. Absolutely nothing can eat. The intestines as if contracted, there is a huge metastasis. I’m very skinny,” says Elena.

Elena’s condition was rapidly deteriorating. The Federal cancer center there is no format of emergency hospitalization only plan. It was decided to put Elena in a private Oncology clinic. Hospitalization, resuscitation and parenteral nutrition for Elena cost 450 000 rubles. The family has no such money. Let’s help Elena to live.

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