I don’t understand, but I trust You

July 13 at the age of 46 years passed into eternity the pastor of Covenant Church of Novosibirsk Dmitry Ill. Until the last day he worked for the Kingdom of God. One of the results of his Ministry on earth was a whole generation of young Ministers, in which he invested all his heart.

His experiences from the incident was shared by Bishop Vitaly Maksimyuk.

“We stood with Dima shoulder to shoulder 27. He was a close friend of mine. One of the surest and most dedicated people I have met in my life. Sincere, loving, who became an example for many, he has gone to heaven in the Prime of life.

I knew him well, knew his dreams and love for the Lord. He had a huge dream to raise a generation of young Ministers, therefore, for many years we dreamed with him and raised the youth movement in our Church and in Siberia.

The pain of loss is very strong, but we derive comfort in understanding that our God is good and He knows what he’s doing. These days our whole Church in tears and sorrow. It was a surprise and shock to all of us. So I want to talk to him. My heart breaks, I want to run again and serve together! Cannot believe he’s not around. But we have hope and confidence in the Lord and surely will see you again.

On this day, I remind myself that He is a good God and He is love. God, I don’t know what You’re doing, but I trust You.”

Pastor Dmitry Ill passed away on July 13. Early in the morning he complained to his wife for the shortness of breath and asked for prayer. After a short time his heart stopped. According to doctors, the cause of death was detached thrombus. His last words were: “I am Yours, Lord.”

He is survived by his wife and three children. To assist the family with donations, card: 7600 4817 2023 7388.

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