I injected, visited a beautician and did not notice how bad it had become

An article on the junkie of the Feasibility study in the journal “Friend” sparked outrage and discussion on social networks. Can the years “hanging around beautiful” – without consequences for the health, appearance and social relations and whether to believe those who say that addiction is simple? Says Julia Lisnyak.

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The dream of any addict is to hang around without consequences. This is all explained in the article on “the Friend,” heroin addict Teo. It worked for her. I read an interview and feel nausea. Girl prisalivaya Feasibility study on the background of drug addicts that hang around “ugly”, she herself “seductive rustling dress, wasiwasi in the groin” and incidentally assuring the journalists, how cool she planned her life. The feasibility study is very fashionable, knows how to pose, it’s got a cool instagram. Her life revolves around heroin, as the Earth around the Sun. Few people without experience stuck understand what actually is a tunnel.

I narcotraficante in long-term remission. The famous phrase that former addicts do not happen. But today I do not use drugs for seventeen years. Most of my circle of those years have died, three people do not stick out, there are those who continues. They look like characters from the movies about the living dead.

My friend periodically sticking out, he is very confident “sounds” to the audience, for all he is doing great. But to me it says what constant terror of living, because I know it. It is especially honest when drugs end. He began also “harmless” still drives a car and works. But I can see how everything gets worse and worse health, communication with people disappearing and all the power goes to keep face. Addiction is a very costly thing. And not only in terms of money.

I was at the time really summed up the propaganda. Adults said that drugs kill that once and you’re hooked. And then I met drug addicts that looked fine, was not going to die and said the speech, similar to what broadcasts the girl from the article. They say, well it’s so simple, need only time to break. They listened to unusual music and exchanged interesting books. Jim Morrison, Timothy Leary…

With adolescent finality, I decided that all that talk about drugs “ordinary people” – a complete lie, or misleading.

Our use is a little different from what happens now. Was not variety of synthetic drugs, there was no Internet. The HIV epidemic was just beginning.

Like Teo, I’m not going to quit. I’m proud that I’m an addict, I thought it was so cool, just “white bone” among cattle. I turned up their nose at the drunks from the porch and visited a beautician.

This went on for several years. I didn’t notice when things got bad. If you can do it: sometimes reducing the dose using the medicine again and its catching up? Depends on the initial health. I’ll tell seditious: and for a long time. But it will take all your strength and resources. And not the fact that the body will allow. My rejected very quickly: veins become fragile, constant bruising, severe exhaustion and mind on edge. Immunity dropped and I began to have purulent rashes on the skin. In General, a typical picture of anti-drug leaflets. Once my hair fell out overnight, not completely, but the pillow was deluged with them.

Sometimes I talk about some wealthy people who sniff on weekends, and a week and plow in the gym. Well, but how many of these millions are dying of weird shit? I don’t know anyone close, but nodding acquaintances I see how man is changing and not for the better. Even in the photo, sometimes markedly.

In my memory there were cases when people were hooked from the first time. Not physically of course. It’s just pretty hard. Especially if you are not a happy and positive person and there is oppa, euphoria. There were people who stuck out the years with no external signs and apparent losses. But those and other exceptions. Most passed with different speeds the same way: “pink” consumption, problems, full ad. Drugs are Russian roulette, only the number of bullets the other way round. May be lucky but probably not.

There is a famous expression, “All the addicts no longer used, some of them succeed in life.”

I continue to read the article and remember that life in which everything is subordinated to a Drug. To get, to use, again vymutit. It really takes a lot of time and effort. Not sticking people already seem boring what to say to them? Friends on the sly to do something. To be honest, you’re just in another frequency. Especially enrage those who’s advice to quit as it gets!

Criticality is lost very quickly. In this insidious addiction, because that’s a M it at the track is, hair doesn’t wash, and I work! But do not work, but still look fine. And then I don’t look pretty but it doesn’t matter, what’s the difference? The main thing else: if I have drugs in the morning? The brain of an addict is a tricky thing, he continues to justify the use, you can’t imagine without this in my life. Nothing else matters except the next dose, and it is not fun. You can reduce the dose, but your hell can wait. Therefore, I do not believe the pretty picture that was presented to the guys from “my Friend” Theo.

By the way, while I was writing this answer, the article removed. I’m actually against blocking such material, if you read carefully, it becomes

it is clear that the life of the FS is not as beautiful as she wants to show journalist and photographer. Prison, possession, the impossibility of relationships. In General, as they say, “better not try this stunt on your own.”

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