I live in a world of healthy people there beat the way mothers of children with disabilities

Is it possible to understand the journalist of the “Russian reporter”, why the mother of a special child embarrassed for publishing and thanks to whom we eventually will be able to count on the normal attitude towards people with disabilities and the world of healthy people – thinks Elena Kucherenko.

  • People with disabilities come into the world, so he was not killed
  • Ignoring the pain of others? Tomorrow someone will ignore your
  • Elena Alshanskaya: “Love, NIT, disabled” – where the author saw it?
  • You irritate “miserable” – but where you step you on their healthy limbs?

They were too intellectual for us

At first I wanted to write angrily. Very angry about the attitude of the individual parts of the population towards people with disabilities.

Remember the journalist “the Moscow region today” Anna Penkino, with the statements which I encountered on the Internet. She was calling disabled people “garbage”, “non-viable livestock”, claimed that they are worse than animals, abused parents of special children, who asked her to stop. Most of all I was shocked then that she explained that as a journalist received the prize for his article about people with disabilities. And knows what he says.

Elena Kucherenko

Remember how nick Zlobin who adopted a handicapped boy Rustam, launched a social networks flash mob called “I learn to see the soul.”

It happened after her son was laughing, the children in the playroom MFC – teased, poking a finger and scoffed. While their parents stood by, watched and said nothing.

A well-known Orthodox writer and journalist wrote about this post, which said a flaw is a flaw. And print inferiority, it is impossible to erase. So, there is nothing to do with inclusion and oligomerizate society. Healthy one way, the sick in another.

Later in the review he developed the theme in the extreme:

“The same scheme as with the “equality of opportunity” other minorities. Start with public mimimi around disabled, then learn to see the soul in “transgender”….

“Now we make disabled people security of person, crank “zero tolerance” to any reminder of inferiority”…

“Look at some who have adopted a disabled child and then become “stars”, take pictures, write without end. I think Yes, but… From what people are not satisfied with the piece itself,” continues the journalist”.

It’s all been discussed. One well-known priest praised the writer for his courage and lamented that they have in the Seminary are forced to make an accessible environment. And the man, positioning himself to be a Christian working in a Church publishing house, convinced me that the disabled need to hide because their flaws is a stain on the image of God and can be unpleasant for normal people. And best of all flawed to send to the monasteries.

Remember that the famous rappers have released an eerie video for “to Be down”. The question is, why should they? How rappers went the way people with diabetes?

What disabled children kicked out of pool because they spoil the aesthetics of leisure.

What special children refused to cut in the barbers’.

That Teens brutally killed a handicapped boy. Just for fun…

I remembered all this in connection with the magazine “Russian reporter”, which published the article of Igor Naidenov “Love, NIT, disabled”.

Magazine editor Vitaly Leibin, however, already apologized. Wrote that they would like better, but they just don’t understand. They wanted to say just the opposite, but, unfortunately, we were too intellectual.

I want to ask: “what’s this all About?”

I will try to retell.

“Now I’m kind of afraid of people with disabilities. In a broad sense. Rather, their numbers and ubiquity. Anyone with special needs and disabilities. Destitute, the maimed, the rejected, non-traditional…” begins the author.

He further tells us that Evelina Bledans was found with Khabensky and asked to take a picture with her son. The actor refused, the actress was offended.

“In General, love, NIT disabled.

Previously, it was a shame, now honorable. I haven’t abandoned the special child — celebrate me for such bravery. Before it hid, covered from strangers. Now, on the contrary, began to puff out..”

The author then complains that the media released large amounts of history, chilling is the poor and the needy, cancer, blue, pink, homeless, disabled, trying to help them. And this is not the case. All this led to the fact that he missed normality. And how long?

And remember, by the way, the text of Andrew Rogoznikova about the flash mob.

And the poor and crippled of this article, the are dependency: “Here, look, I’ve got a hunch, let’s feel sorry for me, and even better praise that I am, I exist.”

“Before it realized that in fashion among teenagers today bipolarity. Not goth, not punk, not rockers, and even, incidentally, is not Homo. That is quite understandable,” – concludes the author, however, in which this connection is not clear.

Then there is some Governor from the liberal democratic party, who did not like photos of retirees. Then Boris Yeltsin. Then I temporarily lost the thread…

Caught her “in rehab, and beside the bed was a lady by the name of the Olympics, with the joint disease. “You’d better be called Paralympics”, — once said a friend of the roommate — the joke, of course, hoping for understanding, because she was recovering from a serious. But there it was. First hung, bewildered pause, then the Joker hit the guillotine of political correctness: the complaint addressed to the head physician, the requirement to transfer her to another ward and so on in the same repressive spirit…”

And ends the article is the fact that all the benefactors of the mournful eyes, and only Dr. Lisa’s was hilarious.

I want to ask: “Well? What’s it all about?”

In General, first I decided to rebel. Because, really, dirty some article. And somehow and the disabled with disdain. Yes there is neglect. Just disgusting. And I as mother of girl with down syndrome is not very nice. And generally the people are not beautiful.

Why do I live in a world of healthy people

But, he made his way through the jungle of the author’s thought (and that was not easy), I realized what it was. About excesses on the ground. They say, so they all want to help everyone that has turned the world into a nursing home and not say a word to anyone, just help pink in the face. And sorrowful face. And with such friends and enemies do not need. And healthy places left.

You know, perhaps this is rational. Maybe someone really goes too far. Although I have not seen this. Nor met in real life penquin and those who believe that disability is a shame and this stain on the image of God. My daughter is disabled, and not once did I feel any negativity in his address. All this on the Internet, in some parallel world.

I live in a world of healthy people. Spiritually healthy. But this is my personal little world.

But if we hear a lot about different socially unprotected layers of society, not because we haven’t had most of these “orphaned and poor” that are so annoying “Russian reporter”? Personally I in the childhood did not see them. They were ashamed, they hid, they were afraid to get their “wretchedness”.

Is it because there are still pancini who call people with disabilities “unsustainable cattle”, teenagers, killing the weak and strange rappers? Is it because someone feels better only because it is not yet in trouble?

Is it because all these mobs to finally, mom did not ask: “why don’t you have an abortion?”

And not because my world is the normal world that my way to beat his mom have grown up disabled children? Beat, screaming about their pain. And talking about the joys that can be in the life of special people?

But the normal world should be shared with the world. And for this we need to talk, need to stop hiding, if you don’t like. To be disabled is not a shame. To get cancer – this is sad, but that’s no reason to hide in a corner. But if Igor Naidenov all this annoying, whether really the problem?

And you know what… I always thought that “Russian reporter”- is a serious and authoritative publication. And I was unpleasantly surprised that it has published a column not even with another point of view different from mine, and a weak column – with some meaningless series of phrases through which you need to get to the point. It has no relation to the talented journalism or columnlike. You raise such an important topic, why not just do it professionally?

And, reading it, you feel not even anger, and a feeling of embarrassment for the author and the publication. And editor Vitaliy Leybin with his vague apologies and explanations. Sorry. “Russian reporter” is a huge disappointment this year.

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