“I never had his grandmother. But in the Church of Christ I found it”

Photo Raisa Ilinichna and her husband, Ivan and daughter Tanya, 1959

I never had his grandmother. Both my grandmothers died during the war, so I always felt deprived. But in the Church of Christ I found it.

How I got into the Church

Time was vague. It was the second Chechen war. My friend, a year ago, quickly moved with the family in Volga, came to visit his mother. This year Lyudmila has changed a lot. Previously, she was fascinated by the esoteric, UFOlogy, and psychic, and now began to speak about the Bible, that Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, suffered and died on the cross for all people. I’m very impressed, I even thought that her zombie. She invited me to worship. I happily agreed as I was curious to see where so professional “brainwashed”.

When we with Lyudmila on Saturday came to Church, I decided that I would be very careful not to fall into the same “hook” that Lyudmila. At first I thought I got to the stage where represent the loving and lovely people. But after talking with many after the service and attend the common meal, I felt I was in a large, close-knit and loving family.

Familiarity with the grandmother and her granddaughter

I was particularly touched by the little girl who came to the service with her grandmother. The girl held her hand and told everyone that it was her grandmother. And when praying for needs, with faith and childlike she pleaded with the God of Jesus Christ, to heal her dad, who had a head injury. The girl asked him not to drink “bitter waters” where the grandmother scolds dad and gets very upset. After preaching I met this wonderful grandmother and charming girl. My grandmother’s name was Raisa Ilinichna, and the girl Valya.

Way of life Raisa Ilyinichna

Raisa Ilinichna was a native of Vladikavkaz, although its roots were from Tambov province.

Her ancestors were from Molokai. During the reign of Catherine II because of the “apostasy” they were moved to the Caucasus, where they tried to live as communities. Parents Raisa Ilyinichna settled in Vladikavkaz. The family had strict rules, especially for young girls: communicating with boys from the world is not frowned upon, to marry only for the guy from Molokai.

The great Patriotic war has made fundamental changes in the fate of each member of the community. Almost all the guys of military age went to the front, and Raisa Ilinichna has mobilized to dig anti-tank ditches.

After the Victory in 1945, she entered the medical Institute at the Department of obstetrics and gynecology. After graduation she was sent to work in the Kirov oblast. In 1954, while on vacation in the sanatorium, she met Ivan, who immediately fell in love with. He was a man of resolute. Former soldier, athlete and gymnast, Ivan immediately offered her hand and heart. She accepted his offer. After a while he took her to his home in the city of Makhachkala. A year later they had a daughter Tanya, and after 10 years, son Alex.

In Makhachkala Raisa Ilinichna was in great demand as a specialist. Women were drawn to her because she was sincere, loving and very competent person. To each patient Raisa Ilinichna had an individual approach.

In 1992 to him in the clinic came the young boys and girls offered books and invitations to evangelistic program. Raisa Ilinichna began to attend this program. Everything to her was unclear, but the words of the preacher sank into the soul. Therefore, after the program she began to attend Bible study, and then were baptized.

I felt the kindness and love that person. This year’s Raisa Ilinichna was 96 years old. And that little girl Valya, who was holding tightly the hand of his grandmother, now a mother of three charming children, who also hold fast to the hand of her great-grandmother.

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