“I wanted to slap the dice to see where lymphoma”

Vladimir Vladimirovich – doctor anesthesiologist-resuscitator, for many years he saved people’s lives, including cancer patients. 11 years ago I learned that the disease itself. He has diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is a tumor of lymphocytes that develops in the lymph nodes. Now Vladimir Vladimirovich needs an urgent bone marrow transplant from a donor-relative with the processing of the stem cells, to avoid “graft versus host”. To purchase the system for depletio (cleansing) T-lymphocytes need more than half a million rubles.

Vladimir Zhuravlev

  • Pill for all the diseases that will be cured dad from cancer
  • While doctors could not diagnose – Anya learned how to read lips
  • Cut the chest, closed back and cancer “woke up”
  • Severe pain, opened fistula is to wait for help from nowhere
  • And all of a sudden breaks down oxygen concentrator, and a lung transplant is still far

The teachers at the school said: “to Be a doctor”

Moscow. Center of Hematology. Department of bone marrow transplantation. Box 834… Now Mr Putin may withdraw from it only in the company of colleagues and just the mask, if he had another examination.

In the Center Hematology he came to work in December 2006. 12 years treating people here. Now treat it. By his colleagues.

Mr Putin in the house at the SSC, where he works as a doctor, and is now in as a patient. Photo: Alexander Gubin

“I since the childhood dreamed to be a doctor. Perhaps influenced by his father’s stories about how he saved people during the war. He was called to the front from the second year of medical school. He participated in the battle of Moscow – as a paramedic. In 1943 he was wounded, the shrapnel remained in his lung the rest of your life… After the war, dad learned to be a dental technician, taught in medical school. Mother was an agronomist by profession, but is also taught in the agricultural Institute.

Remember my brothers and me in the childhood bought a medical kit: a bag, syringe, stethoscope. We pulled on the head of the medical cap and treated each other. Could even mom and dad to “listen,””, – says Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Photo: Alexander Gubin

Kind, calm, thoughtful… He was always ready to help. The teachers at the school said: “to Be a doctor.”

And he really has gone. Entered the medical Institute in Perm, wanted to work as a surgeon.

In practice, birch met his future wife Tatiana. She studied at the same Institute. Only I chose a different otolaryngologist. They married after the 5th of the course and have been together for 36 years.

Mr Putin with his wife Tatiana, daughter Elizabeth and grandson Maxim

“After graduation my wife was sent to work in the small town of Nytva in Perm region. We thought: a forest, a pond near the house, will walk, enjoy nature… But we have to the parents of the guests to go could not. All time worked. Us and night caused. Specialists in the area lacked. Had in the clinic work and hospital duty. But we were young, it was interesting. There my wife gave birth to a child,” says Mr Putin.

First year and a half he worked as a district surgeon. But the emergency team was in desperate need of anesthesiologists-resuscitators. And Vladimir Putin went back to College to help and to heal. As he admits, his “impressive when people become healthy after an illness.”

Photo: Alexander Gubin

At night while on duty he wrote a thesis

From the city he and his wife and little son Nikita moved to Kirov. Vladimir Vladimirovich worked as an anesthesiologist-resuscitator in the hospital, then moved to the research Institute of Hematology and blood transfusion, Department of bone marrow transplantation.

“In my childhood many times I was with dad at work. When mom was off somewhere on business, he took me with him on duty. I’m in the hospital and do lessons. Once or twice, even the New year met there. I’ve seen cancer patients – adults and children. And I was very upset. Any cancer is scary. It is especially hard when a child is sick. Dad tried to help everyone. I am very proud and I am proud”, – says the son of Vladimir Nikita.

In the Institute of Hematology and blood transfusion Vladimir Vladimirovich practically lived. During the day he worked, and at night, during duty, was writing a thesis. A topic that he wanted to find out – processing of the concentration method thrombocytapheresis (separation of platelets from donor blood).

“When I came to work in the Kirov research Institute, no separators (machines that are isolated from the blood levels of platelets, and the blood is returned to the donor) we had. Affected by the lack of funds. And we needed to treat patients. When a person has lymphoma or leukemia, the platelet count in the blood falls. This means that there may be bleeding in the brain and vital organs. In the 1990-ies with the donors was a problem. Therefore, it was necessary to develop such type of containers to receive the therapeutic dose of platelet concentrate from one donor rather than two or three. In General, the two donor is the immune load on the person”, – says Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Vladimir Zhuravlev. Photo: Alexander Gubin

The technique of harvesting his platelets with colleagues to develop managed. In 2005 he successfully defended his thesis and became a candidate of medical Sciences. And soon with the family (he already had two children – a son and a daughter) moved to Moscow.

Six months worked as an anesthesiologist at city hospital, then moved to the national research center for Hematology. I studied day, again mastered the new specialty doctor-transfuziolog (responsible for the transfusion of blood components), working in the evenings.

No one still knows the origin of cancer

In August 2007, Mr Putin suddenly fell ill. The temperature rose under 40, have a fever, was enlarged axillary and inguinal lymph nodes. “I thought I had a viral infection. He passed the examination in his own Hematology center. Eventually took a bone marrow puncture and was diagnosed with “diffuse large B-cell lymphoma”. I was shocked, of course… No one still knows the origin of cancer. Dozens of reasons to call. Maybe a genetic predisposition. My dad is gone from cancer, mom from lymphoma, my aunt had chronic lymphocytic leukemia. My twin brother got sick, and now I have emerged”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Lesions, as shown by the survey, were in all the organs – lung, spleen, liver, retroperitoneal space. Malignant cells were not only in the bones and brain.

Colleagues-doctors appointed Vladimir Vladimirovich 8 courses of high dose chemotherapy. After the first courses, the lesions disappeared in all organs except the spleen. It, unfortunately, had to be removed.

Photo: Alexander Gubin

Remission lasted 6 years. At this time Mr Putin, as he says, he lived a normal life. Strength came, and with them a small garden where they grow fruit, berries. But in 2014, another relapse. “I had such bone pain that I could not walk. I wanted to do the operation, “batter” dice to see where the lymphoma originates… But then fibrogastroduodenoscopy (examination of the stomach and duodenum) showed two ulcers. Having simfonie cells,” says Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Photo: Alexander Gubin

Again it was transplant to treat his bone marrow and new remission for two years. At the end of 2016, Vladimir Putin began bleeding from the nose, pneumonia, fever, decreased hemoglobin. Colleagues-doctors made the diagnosis “acute myeloid leukemia”. Their bone marrow autotransplantation to Vladimir Putin to do more was impossible. To destroy the leukemia cells, and transplanting the donor’s bone marrow.

To see grandchildren grow up, and a little work in the garden

Surgery in April this year, the results are, unfortunately, not brought. The graft from the donor is not a relative did not survive. Now the only way to achieve long-term remission is a bone marrow transplant from a donor to a relative.

“When dad asked me if I were a donor, I never doubted. I’m sure I will be able to help him. I was his last hope. I have the best dad. And he’s the best grandfather. He has three grandchildren (my daughter and my sister’s kids). My Mache 3 years. She is very fond of his grandfather, always asks when he will arrive. Sends him a voice message: “Father, not pain!”, tells how the day went. Sometimes they communicate on video. Dad very carefully with Masha talks, averting her camera from catheters. When he coughs much, Mary, surprised shouted: “Grandpa! What did you do?!” He sheepishly replies that just coughed, apologized,” says Nikita.

Mr Putin with his wife Tatiana, daughter Elizabeth and grandson Maxim

Bone marrow transplant Vladimir Vladimirovich need treatment with stem cells – deprecia T lymphocytes. Such operations in the heart of Hematology is 14. Of these, 13 were successful. In one case there was a complication, but it was not associated with graft rejection.

“My son is “haploidentical”: it has half of my cells, half female. So I wouldn’t have the rejection of his bone marrow, he caught on, didn’t hurt me and there was no reaction “transplant against host”, you need women’s cell to clean, do depletion. Deletion of T-cells want to produce using a special system. But it need a lot of money”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Photo: Alexander Gubin

Procurement system for Deplete alpha-beta T lymphocytes, which is necessary during surgery bone marrow transplant from a donor family member, you need more than half a million rubles. The family has no such money.

The past few months, Mr Putin is not working. Wife retired. Son and daughter already took out loans for the treatment of the Pope.

Vladimir Putin now needs our help! In periods of remission he continued to treat patients and really wants to work again, to learn, to save…

And he wants to see his grandchildren grow up, and “a little work in the garden.” Let’s help him!

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