I was expecting purulent ulcers, necrosis, sepsis – but a miracle happened: the burn healed

“I’m sitting with my friend Basil in the temple. Early morning, no people, only the watchman walking back and forth, jingling the keys. Vasily stopped at the Cathedral before work to share a miracle, a witness whom he himself was. I’m asking permission to record his story on video. Put the camera include…” From the book of the priest Konstantin Parkhomenko “About miracles in the Bible and our lives”, published by the “Nike”.

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The Priest Konstantin Parkhomenko

— We have gathered one day on a pilgrimage. Had to go and our friends Sergey and Olga. But the night before she called upset and said that most likely can’t go — just badly scalded leg, dropping the plate with a boiling kettle. It’s a pity, but what can you do! And yet, when we are already seated in the bus, there was Sergei, who was literally dragged to his wife. Olga was very limp, her face was distorted by suffering.

Joint efforts loaded her into the bus and made to sit down. Olga complains that on the road, the pain intensified. Fortunately, she grabbed clean bandages, and right at the bus we help her make the dressing. Looks scary: about the ankles is a big weeping wound. The skin peeled off, the edges of the wound a yellowish shade, a leg turned red and swollen. Doctors classify such damage as “3rd degree burn”. How did she dare to go? The reason is simple: the money for the trip is already paid for. For their family budget a lot. And Olga just conscience does not allow that because her money was gone!

The second reason is she made the decision to go, was preparing for Holy Communion… she and her husband talked and decided that fell on the foot of the kettle with boiling water is a temptation for both of them and the Lord must, therefore wants to punish them, to teach humility and patience. And they have to prove that the spiritual benefits are more important to them physical pain and difficulties. In principle, I’m not surprised: they listen, because the Lord only does that punish all of us, sending our heads all sorts of disasters according to our sins, because we deserve nothing…

I once tried to argue that if God sent us what we actually DESERVE, we would have all burned in hell, and the Lord in His mercy sends us just what we DESERVE. But it is useless to argue. Because as one famous comedian: “What will be worse — believe that it is better not.” I respect these sincere and consistent people ready to perform the feat in the name of faith, but their views on life always seemed too dark… which of us is right, the Lord will judge.

At midnight the bus moves off. Female tour guide talks about the purpose of our journey — put-Aadcom monastery. Under her loud voice, I fall asleep. Wake us up at dawn, half past four in the morning. The status of APB! June was very cold. We are in jackets, sweaters, and still very cold!

— Faster, faster! First there are the brothers, sisters — too late…

Strange… what are the rules? First thought: we have not yet arrived at the scene, we where in the woods let out to go to the toilet… But there is a clear field. Fog, pink from the rising sun, the dampness chills to the bone. And we ran on a country road somewhere in the fog… From conversations I understand that mother superior has blessed our whole group to take a dip in some Holy source…

What’s the source? First time I hear! Beginners ask each other, will anyone take a plunge. No, of course! In this freezing cold!

But suddenly, unexpectedly for himself say:

— And I will!

I do not know, worked to the effect of “freebies”, or just I thought I would never forgive myself that here was here was the opportunity, and I for a moment of weakness lost her. In General, when we approached the pond to take a dip was about all.

Introduced-Oyatsky convent. Photo: 1lines.ru

Quickly undress and, cheering himself shouting: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit!” the whole crowd rushes into the water. It is necessary to dive three times with the head. Ice water leads to some overwrought euphoria, but when you get out on the shore, waiting for us a new surprise: it turns out, the wipe can not be immediately dressed, too. We still have to pour three buckets of water that flows a thin stream from a pipe…

Bucket typed very slowly, we lined up naked, blue, trembling, unhappy faces, well, purely sinners in the painting of the last judgment! But the test is finished, you can get dressed. Walking to the monastery. Trying not to flinch, but it was useless. So, tapping teeth victory March, we come to the temple. Inside a little warmer, the teeth are not chattering, but I still run in the back with every movement…

Attached to the icons and takes a turn for confession.

But women came! I am ashamed that I forgot about Olga. She probably left on the bus. Cannot be that went to dive into the source! It’s crazy! Women tell you how they are all organized, and I regret that we didn’t think to do the same: they do not have to undress and jump into the pond all at once. Did the smart thing. While one undressed and bathed, the other got some water once in three bucket, doused the friend, and the third was already with warm clothes at the ready… So women, unlike us, was cheerful and not frozen.

But what is it? Among the group again included I see Olga! Her hair wet, face shining droplets of water, and face it — absolutely happy! But it’s not the most amazing thing… I notice that something is wrong, but not once you understand what it is. And then I realize: Olga is not lame! Gently ask:

— How’s your leg?

Oh, I forgot about her! surprised she declared. — Didn’t hurt a bit! And anyway, I feel so well…

To the source don’t remember how I crawled, the girls carried me, and then somehow forgot all about everything. And got — not bad! I do not remember what the moment has passed.

Does my lack of faith and materialistic upbringing made themselves felt immediately:

— Olya, a source, of course… But in the water the bacteria, they are not saints! Understand grace — it’s spiritual… And the material — the water is not very clean, you have a still open wound… Let’s just in case I cut your binds. Suddenly the infection started? And isn’t sore is because cold water leg is numb, you feel. Plus self-hypnosis. You have a cold after swimming a lot of endorphins in the blood, they also dull the sensation of pain.

Olga — the lady educated. And his education was received, as I did, in the Soviet era. So my arguments seem to be convincing. She also believes that miracles — the notion of “allegorical” and relates, of course, only spiritual insights, moral progress, etc. But much of the material sinful world God, of course, operates exclusively through the laws of physics and medicine. Really — what has she done? Not only that, I climbed into a sacred spring in bandages, which must not be thrown away but only to burn or bury it in a clean place, and lightly endanger their health. And now, if her leg is bad, someone will have instead of confession and communion to call her an ambulance or seek the car and drive to the hospital. Most likely, her husband… Olga is not so joyful, it starts to hurt the feeling of guilt for his carelessness and arrogance.

We go into a kind of vestibule, Olga sits down on a bench, and I begin to gently unwrap the bandages wet. Mentally preparing for what I see there…

I expected anything — purulent ulcers, necrotic tissue, sepsis… But where yesterday evening exuded lymph fresh burn, now there was a… scar tissue! Edema has not disappeared. The scar is slightly pink, but perfectly formed… it does NOT HAPPEN! Well, the tumor has, well, a crust was formed — well… No, burn it HEALED!

In my head something didn’t work out… Maybe we somehow fell into a time portal and since yesterday, actually it took ten days to twelve? After all, that’s how much it takes to protracted wound came to be this way.

And in the next few seconds comes the realization that I witnessed a miracle. Present, a supernatural miracle of healing! And first encountered the feeling of fear and confusion… Like what one experiences in a dirty working or traveling clothes, accidentally opened the wrong door and found themselves in the podium of some of the high Assembly. That’s right — as if I by mistake happened to be where it is not supposed to be! Because WHO am I to be worthy to see IT!

Olga and Sergey — Yes, they are good Christians, they follow all the rules, constantly monitor their spiritual development, to limit himself in everything, struggling with sin, shun entertainment, and generally perform miracles determination, patience and hard work, which I can’t and probably will never be able… Here, in this place, should not be I, but someone else! Funny feeling that I, as a servant in the Comedy of errors was included instead of the master who hesitated… And took me for him and handed over the documents of national importance, which I, at his dullness and limited can not even read, let alone deal with them properly!

Then I realize that once it happened (well, it happens that some student, rummaging in the earth, accidentally stumble upon the skull of a mammoth), it’s my duty to call “experts”, that is “good and correct” Christians… Well, at least because they are, if anything, probably rather believe than me.

Olya… we need people to call… finally I gain the gift of speech. — It’s a MIRACLE!

But Olga somehow very frightened and confused:

— No, I do not have anyone to call! There is a confession already… And generally, don’t…

Olga begins to frantically pull Golf on a healed foot, to hide in a bag of wet bandages… I don’t quite understand why she doesn’t want to show everyone what happened, but agree that it is her right. In the end, I agree that we are not worthy to be the first official witness of the miracle, confirmed by a large group of people. Offer to call at least her husband, but Sergei is the turn for confession, and all he deepened in the reading of the prayer book and is clearly somewhere else. Beth is not entitled to disturb the husband in such an important moment. She’ll tell him then…

After communion we go out from the temple to the Sunny day June sun space… Sky high blue, ultramarine. Elongated vertical Cumulus clouds like magic palaces, created with computer graphics. Poverty renovation of the monastic buildings only emphasizes the true greatness of the TEMPLE — the spiritual. All of nature is like a temple with the dome of the sky, columns of trees on the horizon, the endless road to the invisible altar, a miraculous manifestation of the will of God and the love of God in everything what we can touch. Like invisible for a moment becomes visible… And fear and uncertainty about my fading. Covering with a warm wave of gratitude to God — He gave ME the opportunity to see it!

There is nothing accidental. Every miracle has a deeper meaning. And it is important it is not only what happened, but those who were given the opportunity to see him.

Well, what if I can’t prove it? It’s true, I wasn’t made for the role of “witness of miracles”… But I saw something! I know what it was! God gave me the opportunity to see a piece of another world, another dimension. Came to me, the most sinful (I among those present in the group for sure!), because so great is His love, even to the very last of people.

And I understand that bottomless blue sky, and a huge space filled with clean air mixed with the aroma of meadow flowers, and the healing of Olga, and the ability to see and understand the phenomenon of the same order. Every breath we take, every step in the MIRACLE of the Lord! A miracle that our planet revolves around the Sun and keeps the fragility of nature and human life among the icy depths of space. The miracle of love of God. And in this miracle of the universal life there is a place for everyone and for me too.

After a few years, in conversation with Sergei and Olga, we touched on the subject of miracles. Olga sighed:

And my life wasn’t no miracles… just testing!

— Olya, what about the leg? Well, healing from the source, remember?

— Oh, really! — beamed Olga. — I forgot! And it definitely was!

— Forget it… — good-natured-grouchy said Sergey, — I have not forgotten how I carried you then to the bus… Thought, if back the same drag — the back is gonna fall apart!

Strange the way the human memory. Bad and unpleasant always remember. But joy quickly forget. Even if this happiness is the real MIRACLE!

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