“I was often compared to van Gogh, and I’m not flattered”

Create pictures thread peterburzhenka Faith Shimbireva began three years ago. Now her colorful landscapes-miniature book lovers from all over the world, paintings compare with the works of van Gogh and the Faith is called “a Lefty with a Hoop”.

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I don’t like it when you write: “Want to embroider like you”

Vera, on the Internet call you “Lefty with a Hoop” and your embroidery is “hooligan”. You are close to these definitions?

– No. Don’t even understand why. People generally, it seems to me, I love to do about me any insights, but I disagree. I think my embroidery art. About “lefties”: I started with an even smaller format, probably so.

I don’t have the patience for a larger format, so I embroider the little pictures. The little work is one square centimeter, a necklace with poppies. A “hooligan”… Yeah, I’m not a classical surface, especially not with a cross. Here’s how I paint and embroider. Apparently, it offends people.

– On the Internet, I saw that in your works may occur, for example, van Gogh. But examples are not found. Is it true or speculation?

– No, it is not found in my works. And honestly, I hate it when I am credited. When I first started embroidering and people began to refer to me, were all asked to embroider them van Gogh. “Please, can I embroider “the Starry night”?”

I don’t understand why, if I have my own vision of the world, their artistic features, people want me to copy someone else’s work. I have big strokes and threads, and small. Of course, it’s like brush strokes of van Gogh. But, you know, and Manet wrote, and many other artists. But as the people in the majority do not know very many other names, compare me with van Gogh. And I’m not flattered.

– What would you flattered?

I feel good when I write that I’m someone inspired. Not to embroider the same thing: I don’t like it when you write: “Want to embroider like you.” It is rather offend: why do you need to sew like me? Why don’t you want to embroider, how are you? Better, more beautiful? I and I, embroider on his own.

From instagram of the artist:

“If you measure your success by the measure of other people’s praise and censure, your anxiety will be endless… Anyone know of working ways to get rid of this scourge?”

I like when people send in their work or begin to draw, to embroider, say, “Thank you.” What am I to someone something in this life did not knowing. Understand that every day so many people waiting for my new work, and, of course, very nice. Try to build on it. Thanks I write a lot of foreigners. Russian, mostly, I want to tell them how to do something or other in my embroideries to reveal, roughly speaking, their secrets.

Sometimes boring to answer the same messages, which I use threads, where and how made. Like I have the Golden recipe, after which people will begin to embroider as well. But most people write: “Thank you for your creativity, for what you do.”

At first I thought that in General it is necessary to nobody. With instagram realized that someone interesting. I had low self-esteem in terms of work and creativity. But the social network just forced to believe in ourselves. But from the very beginning, when people began to follow me, I immediately started to prepare yourself for the fact that this is temporary all of this popularity. At the time someone else, more professional, will be interesting to people. I don’t know what I want to do after. Never thought about it. Understand that like you need someone to teach. This right arises because people are interested in. But I, for one, do not see that she is a professional, and I’m not ready. Now, I think people rush someone to learn something.

Outline only of the skyline, not quite crooked was

How long have you been embroidering?

Three years. In childhood, embroidering schemes, cross. Of course, that any comparison is not. It all started when I was doing albums. And every page was a stitch, worked with threads. At some day have posted another work on Livemaster and saw the competition, dedicated to the fall with some autumn colours. I realized that I wanted to participate in it. I came across the usual painted button, I thought, “Why not embroider?” Embroidered brooch the size of a button and sent. There was a Bridal bouquet with a ribbon, somehow I he came. So it had begun.

From instagram of the artist:

“Today I thought about how easy it is to love something beautiful, or to love when all is well. How easy it is to give thanks for something nice. How easy it is to apologize when nothing in it is not investing. How easy to judge when not faced with it myself. How easy to give advice when you don’t follow them. How easy to be brave when there is danger, and to be sure, when behind support. How easy to lose when not love. Well, the work was appropriate.”

– You have an art education?

– No. I was enrolled in an art school, but there had to pay money, but we did not have them. I painted since childhood, in all the fine arts circles, where it was possible for a free lesson, I always did. And my mother in kindergarten was a teacher of drawing, too, liked me to draw. But professionally I was not engaged never. And now all come with practice. Initially I had a simple work. I believe that my strong suit – the color, not the composition. Perhaps if I had education, I would know more about it, it would be cooler.

– You said that for you embroidery like canvas. When the artist on the canvas something goes wrong, he can paint, lay on top of the paint. What do you do with errors?

– Struts. When this happens, several layers of thread, and if one on another overlaps ugly, you have to strut. It’s very sad, but I every time calm, that will be better. I’m pretty nervous about this, try the first time, all long to consider, colors to choose from. Sketches in advance do not only plan, sometimes, the horizon is not quite so crooked it was.

But mind you the picture is already there when you start?

Often I do not know what embroider. Just start to do it and then I wonder what the result came.

I didn’t and it proved that it can shoot

– How much time you have spent on one painting?

– Depends on what is considered time spent: time with the thread or the time that I’m working on embroidery. This is necessary for each to choose the color. I think I spend about a week until it’s all come up with. And the work itself takes a couple of days, maybe three. Sometimes I put it off, and then again begin to embroider.

I had a painting that took three months. Could not finish it. I embroidered the mountain and realized that I absolutely do not like how it is color, and if I do it like this, then I will not like this landscape. And I ripped, altered, the result was what I wanted. This painting is very dear to me. She walked with me through time, any thoughts on it I changed my mind. I think all it shows. Another landscape is very dear to my heart. He’s a good man now, and I for this work a relaxed.

– What do you mean “quiet work”?

– Immediately clear when the man fell in love with the work. This girl, by the way, was one of the first who called me an artist, not a seamstress. And kept doing it until I don’t believe it. We never saw her, but she’s got seven of my works. Even when a man is in love with something, he protects it so as not dusty and shows everything is happy, and it makes me feel warm inside.

– What did you do to embroidery?

I tried to work in the police or in forensics.

– Unexpectedly.

– Yes, it was interesting to me. I practice it passed, I wanted to see ready to go to work professionally. Probably, the dark side of my soul was drawn there. But understand that you will not be able to be there for a long time, is hardened, and completely leave myself a good, kind, nice. And embroidery brought me to a more peaceful track, very found. The way was long.

From instagram of the artist:

“Not to decide is still a decision. Not to change is also a choice. If you make this choice, be with him, receive him, get bonuses, enjoy it. Admit it: you’re where I want to be. Yes, Faith?”

I didn’t and it proved that it can shoot, I can make it that it might be someone interesting. In the first place, the Pope argued. Although it is still not very persuaded. And then I realized that it is useless to someone to prove something, and then it happened. You know, I’ve worked very hard since January, recently met with friends who have not seen. And they said that I became much more confident talking about yourself, about what you’re doing. It is with pride that Yes, I embroider, I am an artist and this is what I most wanted.

Photo: Instagram / shimunia

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